Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to bring down a republic

Here's my WND for this weekend entitled How to Bring Down a Republic.

Predictably I heard from Robert, my "favorite liberal reader" as I call him, as follows. True to form, he introduced endless accusations on subjects I never, ever brought up in the column:

Sorry, Patrice, I couldn't disagree more with you more. The problem in America is not that Christians are being "persecuted " – they aren't! The problem is that America is too close to becoming a Christian theocracy – a totalitarian Christian police state which would not be much better than the Islamic theocracies of the middle east.

You have to realize that America is a highly diverse nation religiously. There are millions of people who are Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and who knows how many other faiths. And there are now more ATHEISTS in America than there were people at the time of our founding, and many agnostics, of whom I am one. What about THEIR rights? We need freedom FROM religion more than we need freedom of religion. We're all in it together, and we've got to repsect each other's religious beliefs, or lack of them.

You don't have to be religous to be a good person, and being a Christian is absolutely no guarantee of being a good person.

We secular people aren't opposed to people being Christians per se; we just don't want Christianity or any other religion shoved down our throats. We don't want narrow-minded, intolerant & self-righteous Christians, of whom there are too many here, trying to interfere with our private lives or violating our rights.

The founding fathers are turning in their graves today because of the horrible people in the religious right. Most Christians are nowhere near this extreme, and they are not the problem. But the Christian Taliban is much more dangerous to America than Muslims, because it operates right in our own back yard.


  1. Oh! I sat down to enjoy a quick bite of lunch and to read your column, but almost lost my appetite.
    Dear Robert,
    There is no Christian in the USA who will demand your conversion or threaten you with death, there are no Christians that will stone you, kill anyone for being homosexual, or take little girls as wives.
    We are not a threat to you.
    I challenge all atheists and agnostics to put together hospitals, charities, and disaster relief agencies to rival those of the Christians. Secular organizations do not count, as even those take money from Christians. Put together a strictly atheist and agnostic organization that helps ALL as the Christian organizations now do, and put your money where your mouth is.

    1. Outstanding post, Susie.

      Thank you.

      A. McSp

  2. I'll pray for Robert. I can only imagine how terrifying it would be to go through life immersed in a material world, only to discover that you lacked an 'exit strategy'.

    Americans have long forgotten, “For 150 years prior to the birth of America, citizens had been schooled by pastors and church leaders in self-government.” Most churches today are government 501c3 corporations. Their pastors dare not speak out against government tyranny for fear of losing their IRS tax indulgences. In Christ’s words, they are hirelings. (John 10: 12-13)

    But there is hope. Quoting Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief. April 10, 2015, “Pastor Chuck Baldwin is the greatest religious champion for liberty in America!”. Baldwin started his first liberty church in Montana and is now assisting others across the country to start their own liberty church. You do NOT need a brick building or the blessing of government. Liberty-loving pastors as well as videos of Chuck’s messages are listed on his web site at

    Montana Guy

  3. Patrice, the article is superb and right on!!
    Thank you, for sharing it!!!

    "To your favorite liberal reader":

    Dude, you are so off base; it's almost not even worth responding.

    One day, you're going to wake up, and see the world as it really is. And only then, will you realize the huge error in your analysis of Christianity.

    Even, if I were an atheist or agnostic; I would not have a problem with Christianity. Christians try to live by good and decent standards.
    Do they fall short? Sure, everybody does. But for the most part, those standards have been good for the community at large.
    No Christians I know, FORCE anyone to do anything. They do not go around threatening people, in anyway, shape or form. They may have strong opinions about issues, but so do YOU!! Christians, aren't going to chop your head off, if you disagree with them...and YOU-KNOW-THAT!!!
    They may have different standards than you, but those standards do not infringe on other peoples' rights...though I know you will claim otherwise. Your rights HAVE NOT EVER lessened because of Christianity; if anything, they have improved under it. And if you had any brains, you'd trace the roots of your "rights", and find out just where they come from.

    Why in the name of all that is decent, do you and your ilk, insist on snuffing out Christianity? Why can't you see beyond your own petty, selfish, claims & desires? Maybe the day your are really stripped of all your rights, and Christians are gone from your midst, will be the day you finally wake up and realize that YOU, have been the intolerant one. And that YOU have been the one trying to force YOUR humanism down other peoples' throats. And that YOU, are the secular taliban, that has been operating in YOUR own backyard.

  4. Respectfully, Patrice, you are only feeding a troll here.

    His preoccupations with us 'evil' Christians to the exclusion of the true and present menace of Islam and the Muzloids only demonstrates that he is a paranoid obsessive compulsive and disturbed individual who is seeking his 15 minutes of fame at your expense.

    People like him are only slightly less dangerous than the Islamic radicals they are trying to protect and make friends out of.

    He is a useful, but dangerous, idiot.

  5. I quit fooling with the "Roberts" of the world several years ago. Wasting time on argumentive, ignorant people is a perfect example of casting pearls before swine.

    1. I was one of those arguing ignorant people (however very well read) and it only took me 40 years to wake up and open my eyes to the TRUTH !! Many did stop casting their pearls my way , however God never stopped ! The Roberts of this world MAY awaken one day and find they are the strongest believers in Jesus Christ !!! Proof miracles do happen!!! Then we will be sure to hear from him again, singing a new song !!! Praise God. Hoping for that day for Robert! Karen Jones

  6. I made the mistake of reading Roberts comment before reading your column. I was already angry when I got to WND. Your Article is spot on. Robert is just another lost soul spewing leftist garbage. They will only find out what the logical conclusion to his alleged "beliefs" are when the only religion left is the Government and its petty dictates. when he is under their jack boot heel will he cry out to God to restore his lost liberty and this country under the original Constitution and Bill of Rights. He will beg for Christian charity because he needs and deserves it. I will bet that Robert has a government supported job, He has never done anything on his own. He went to a public school, his parents or the state paid for his higher "Education". He supports and marches with his socialist brothern for minimum wages, He has never risked anything.. He is probably on food stamps because he needs and deserves them. He is a looter.

    Sorry to go off on this pond scum, I should know better.

    Carl in the UP

  7. What is the Christian Taliban? Any idea what he meant or was he simply trying to be as insulting as possible? What in Christianity even comes close to the Taliban

  8. Robert must be confused, for he writes

    " We're all in it together, and we've got to repsect each other's religious beliefs, or lack of them."

    Yup. The Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

    Got your head out of your butt, Robert.


  9. OT...

    I follow your rural off-the-grid blog.

    I thought you and your husband ought to be aware of this...

    1. Considering the tone and content (or lack thereof) of what's on the other end of the link, it's not surprising that you don't put a name on your post.

      IMO, one-sided and hyped up stories like this don't serve the interests of anyone who is concerned with protecting the rights and safety of the legitimate homeschooling community.
      And if the poor quality of the "report" isn't enough to support my opinion, a look at its accompanying comment section should suffice.

      I will go out on a limb here and say I feel absolutely confident the Lewis family is in no danger whatsoever of such an event.

      A. McSp

    2. Are you implying this report is fraudulent? It is being supported by legitimate sources including Brandon Smith's Alt-Market (link below).

      If you think government tyranny is not homeschooling families' greatest then what is? Seriously, this is not a rhetorical question.

      Today is Mother's Day. Take a moment to think about those Mothers not here thanks to evil government tyrants; Vicki Weaver, all the Mothers at Waco and the list goes on.

      Montana Guy

  10. Robert is a silly, silly man. Let us waste no more time with his extremely silly comment.

  11. Sheesh, what glue has Robert been sniffing? What an out of touch individual.

  12. The Ancient Liberties of the English-speaking peoples. Those are our rights and though the honoring waxes and wanes, they are not 240 years old, they are a thousand or more years of tradition. The culture of representative government, private property, rule of law and individual liberties is what they are seeking to usurp.

    They don't teach of the ancient liberties anymore and haven't in any of our lifetimes. Curious that. For some reason a century or so ago, they broke off the American Revolution from its historical roots. Our forefathers were informed on structure by the ancient Greeks and Romans, but their belief in the ancient liberties came from the Anglo-Saxons. They were steep in this belief in the teachings of their Protestant sects that had left England when passions for the liberties were high to worship as they desired. Those passions waned in England but the fire burned in the diaspora. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights came not as a new concept but rather as yet another attempt to contain the overreaching executive then and in the future. We must wonder now, 240 years on, are we approaching another Anglosphere civil war. Not against a tyrannical king but against an increasingly tyrannical regulatory state that has usurped representative rule, routinely violates private property, undermines the rule of law and violates individual liberties?

    As for religion in America, America is a Christian Protestant founded nation. The freedom of religion was established to permit the various sects to form a union without risking the conflicts of Europe and England over the "official" religion. All religions can find a place within that fold, even no religion. But freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion. No particular religion is required to gain favor with the government, but it is only a belief that government has a right to impose that causes someone to think that any consideration of religion is an imposition. It is not reflective of someone who believes government is subordinate to the People.

    I recommend Daniel Hannan's 'Inventing Freedom' for a very good history of where America's freedoms and ideas, the ancient liberties of the English-speaking peoples, came from in time immemorial.

    Also, a talk given by Professor John Robson available on Youtube under the title, 'Magna Carta presentation by Professor John Robson'

  13. Happy Mother's Day, Patrice.

    A. McSp

  14. Whether the values emanate from traditional religious beliefs like Judaism or Christianity or from quasi-religious beliefs like humanism and atheism, everyone has a value set. And everyone endeavors to govern society with that value set. Quasi-religious people like Robert like to claim that their values are best for society since they don't emanate from a traditional religion. The fact is, however, that Robert is "guilty" of the same thing he convicts Christians of: He wants to force society to follow HIS rules.

  15. “We secular people aren't opposed to people being Christians... we just don't want Christianity or any other religion shoved down our throats. We don't want narrow-minded, intolerant & self-righteous Christians, of whom there are too many here, trying to interfere with our private lives or violating our rights.” He says there are too many narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous people “here”? Does he mean on your blog, Patrice? If he feels that way, why is he reading your articles? Of course, we “narrow-minded, intolerant, self-righteous people” know exactly what he means. He isn’t content to just let us alone to live our lives as we see fit. No, he wants us all to cater to his wishes, while never allowing us to have our own. Then he’ll claim WE are doing that to HIM! Typical brainwashed liberal-progressive! And saying Christians are shoving our beliefs down his throat? Please! I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, and I’ve attended many different church denominations. I have seldom had anyone try to shove their beliefs down my throat. Everywhere I went, people were kind, thoughtful and extremely tolerant. Radical liberals have been called insane by noted psychiatrists. I agree. And trying to reason with an insane person is impossible. We should pray for these misguided souls, but we should NOT try to reason with them. It would be a total waste of time. –Fred in AZ

  16. I'm going to dive right here, without having read the other comments yet....

    Contrary to Robert's assertions, THE most militantly religious people I've ever known, people who self-righteously shoved their religion onto anyone who stood still, were ... wait for it ... liberal leftists.

    I wish people would stop stereotyping. It's cheap and lazy.

    Just Me

  17. I took the time to read the article that you posted. I think my blood pressure went up at least 20 points. I am a Christian. Nothing said here would change that. Robert, thank you for your letter. It's good to know how others outside my circle of beliefs think. I certainly don't understand you. Nor would seek evil to befall on you. Killerwales