Saturday, May 16, 2015

A generation of Peter Pans

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled A Generation of Peter Pans (originally titled "A Generational Storm is Coming").

If the comments at the end of the column are anything to go by, it looks like I managed to tick off everybody.


  1. Pat,
    well i liked your article so i am posting that i liked it!
    we really like your website keep up the great work!

  2. I think you nailed it! There are so many incentives to NOT work that working is becoming endangered. Sad really, glad that I am old enough to not see the end game. Equally sad that my son will!

  3. There is no good reason that the federal government is in the business of loaning money to college students. It is stupid. Worse I suspect that those politicians who pushed this stupid plan knew all along that they would eventually stiff the tax payers with the debt. I know from experience that many/most college students borrow the max regardless of their actual needs for books and tuition and spend the excess for a car, spring break travel and for an apartment rather than live at home. This is just another scam on the American taxpayers.

  4. You go girl! There is one more possibility as I see it: In a few years as the economy gets worse the government will have a ready made pool of man power for a CCC type program hoeing beets and turnips. They will all ready have a list of the names and addresses for conscription.
    JW M

    1. it makes me giggle to envision these folks living in tents hoeing vegetables. i suspect the $1 a day pay wouldn't make them too eager. it seems plantation days are ahead for many.

  5. LOL!! Another great piece, but I had to laugh at some of the comments.

    It's OK Patrice....those posting their rants over in the wnd comment section are raving on about something you didn't even write, and it's a pretty safe bet that it would be a waste of time and effort telling them reading comprehension is their friend.

    Some, if not most of the presently posting commentors there do seem to get your point, as do I, and I think you're spot on.

    During most of my lifetime the term 'self made man' carried a definite meaning, and it was a positive one. Today that's not so. It's become something of a pejorative term slung around by the educated elite to denigrate anyone who doesn't have a degree, but thinks they're as good or as smart as anyone else who does. Many elites don't respect anyone who's not like them, and they seem to feel entitled to disrespect and discriminate against folks on that basis.
    I think you're right, that it's gonna come with a high price tag for our generation and the next one.

    Having an advanced degree in raging purple frammerjammitism might make someone feel superior to others, but it won't feed the chickens or change the oil in the tractor.

    Too many Americans feel entitled to live on credit and in debt.

    It won't work for long, either on a personal or a societal level.

    A. McSp

  6. I think that loans should only be available for fields where there are many jobs like accounting, engineering, or medicine. Some fields require college degrees. My son just graduated with a degree in English and I worry about him making a living and paying back his student loan debt.

  7. Truth is now hate speech. Thanks for being brave, and telling the truth. Plenty of us out here, know the sad truth. Bless you darlin' as we say in the south.

  8. Didn't piss me off, too much truth for some? Just stopped by with an interesting link. This young lady nails it.

  9. Patrice, your article was excellent. But the comments were priceless. It is amazing how the 'victims' of useless college degrees and 'victims' of the Failed Feminist Movement are still defending their poor choices.
    Montana Guy

  10. When you consider that "The War on Poverty" has already placed almost two plus generations of poor and under educated citizens in their financial bondage it is not to far a leap to see that it will not be difficult to do the same to the 'educated' idiots.

  11. Dear Patrice,
    Tick me off? NEVER! Some of the comments following your article sure did, though! You were spot on, as usual. A big WAY TO GO, GIRL! from me.
    On a more serious note, I wanted to say I'm going to have to access your WND articles from here, NOT at WND. I have had many, MANY continuous problems with that site. I thought it was my old computer, but two months ago I bought a new computer and I'm still having the same problems. I thought it might be my ISP, but it recently provided those of us who live in the boonies with a much faster DSL.
    I finally went to a computer tech in town and he asked me what the heck was WND? I told him basically what it was and he said he had never seen any site with so many ads! He advised me to avoid WND, but I did not. It's where I get most of my news!
    It has gotten so bad that I can't even type a comment because it is so frustratingly SLOW! I have to type my message first, then copy and paste it to the WND site. At times my computer just locks up when I'm on the WND site. So I'm going to have to do as the tech advised me and avoid WND. --Fred in AZ

  12. I agree. Everyone feels they are victim and here is another example. Oh.,.. I only wanted an education so I could get a high paying job. Why do I need to pay off loans now that I got a job but it pays so little? Responsibility? Work ethic? Honesty? That alone should make you feel You have the responsibility to PAY OFF Your loans. You filled out the paperwork for them and signed that you would be responsible. Where is your honor? Your integrity? I know I could not sleep at night feeling I had stolen this much money...which they have if they do not pay it. It is another dumbing down thing when the government is saying there is a big 'out' and make it sound like you are stupid if you do not take advantage of it. The curve like the learning curve is getting lower. Sad. Our grandchildren are in college but paying as they go with cash and scholarships. It might take longer but they are fee of loans when they start in the job market. Keep saying it like you see it. There are those who read and think and realize they were wrong and change. You have probably open some eyes whether they write and tell you or not. Sarah

  13. I don't know whether to wish you weren't so on the mark, or wish I'd listened when I was a young stupid product of liberal feminism. Oh well, I guess wishing up late is better than wishing up never. I've seen the products of the "college culture"'(as distinct from people who saw it as a means to an end and worked hard to get a meaningful degree like my hubby), and they're not pretty.

    Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be liberal arts majors. If that's their bent, they can figure it out on their own (and be better writers, musicians, artists, and historians, without getting their heads stuffed full of poison garbage) for a lot less trouble and money-- all the while getting life experience to inspire them.

    Funny, but since I finished that degree in English, I haven't had the heart to write more than comments on boards and blogs...

  14. Today’s segment in ‘Dumbing Down of America’:

    Sacramento State University will now allow an anthropology course to fulfill the school’s general education history requirement. The “history” class doesn’t even mention either World War (and 1.4 million Americans killed or wounded), among other important topics.

    Of course the anthropology class will reportedly focus on “the intersection of race, class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality; the political economy of institutions and ideas, such as racism, classism, sexual stereotyping, family, religion, state, color blindness, multiculturalism, etc.; and, discourses of cultural diversity in the U.S.”

    Their web site lists an abundance of loans available up to $57,500 and payments plans up to 25 years.

    Montana Guy

  15. Everything depends on the person. Also on how they were raised. I'm a single dad USMC grunt veteran going to school, but it's for engineering. As with today you have to work for a degree that pays $$. Anything else and you "Might" get a job with the state if your lucky. Like my Liberal GF her masters degree is great for a state job, why you ask?
    Because Art History pays nothing!! You might as well get a degree in "Underwater Basket Weaving".
    I also agree that a proffesonal trade is great too! I was a welder, but I have the opertunity to go back to school and "debt free" and be paid to do so. All I had to do was go to war 3 times. But that was my choice and it wasn't for college money.