Saturday, February 7, 2015

Removing guns, one child at a time

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Removing Guns, One Child at a Time.

And of course I got the obligatory snark (in the comments) along the lines of, "Removing children, one gun at a time." Typical.


  1. Spot on, Patrice.

    This is very much for real, and folks of every age would do well to take this threat very seriously.

    It's unfortunate to think of how many parents won't be aware or informed enough to prevent their kids from taking part in these slow sweeps.

    Here's a special hat tip to poster 'Santa Clause' in the comments on wnd, who has it right. Here's his post:

    "And, by the way, in regards to old people. I am old and my doctor's office is forced by the federal government to ask old people a series of mental health questions at each visit. Examples: Has anyone hit you within the last 3 months? Do you ever feel anxious? Do you sleep well? Etc. So far, I am the most mentally fit old person on the planet-meaning I will never, ever admit to the federal government my thoughts and will never answer these intrusive questions in any way except a positive light."

    This troubling trend threatens a great deal more than just our rights to bear arms, and we'd all do well to make sure we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from it.

    Thank you for spreading the word, Patrice.

    A. McSp

  2. Thank you for this great, great article.

  3. Great article Patrice..just another example of our governments sneaky ways to take away our rights one "grant" at a time!! And as for the snarky because you clicked twice to read this and that was your choice!!!

  4. I'd say, sadly, at the end of the day taking away our Second Amendment rights one person at a time is only the beginning.

    At the end of it all, they're conditioning us to accept being screened, and told who is fit to breed, who is fit to live, and who is fit only to die (as in immediately).

    All, of course, to protect us. Of course.

    What can you do??

    When your friends show up crying, brew up a cuppa and take the time to listen. Don't shrug your shoulders, frustrated with their negative emotions, and tell them to go see a therapist. Don't tell them that "they make pills for that."

    It's too late for me-- I'm already "on the radar."

    Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your friends. Take the time to listen.

  5. It would be insane NOT to depressed/disturbed/uncomfortable with todays insane world.

  6. In support of your assessment

    -Old Soldier