Saturday, January 17, 2015

Leave us alone!

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Leave Us Alone!


  1. Patrice, you were right to be concerned! 30 years ago I was working as an eligibility worker (social worker w/o a degree) in a welfare office in a large city. I had a client/family of a mom, dad, and 9 of their children, Hispanic. I got a call from a "real" social worker with a degree. She stated that she wanted me to get the whole family in my office for an appointment so she would swoop in and take the kids from the parents. Their crime? Worker felt that their home was not clean and seemed disgusted that such a young couple could have 9 kids. I knew and liked the family, told the worker "NO." In the course of her trying to go around me and do it anyway, it was discovered that the worker had spied on the wrong house that she had deemed unclean. She had definitely judged the family by her own limited values - what is clean anyway to a family of nine kids, five under school age? It was chilling that this young, single , suburban ninny could have such power over a happy, intact, close family.

  2. During the winter months of 2012, my husband had lots of Dr appointments. His Dr practices in a group of medical care buildings and sitting in the lobby every day was a lady at table. She was surrounded by pamphlets and information packets and sign up sheets. Everyone that came through the door was marked down on a tally sheet. She also invited everyone to sign up for food stamps and any other aid they could get. We refused her offer but many others did not. I found that to be horrifying.

    1. The infuriating part of those tables (to say nothing of the intrusiveness) is that our tax dollars are paying someone to sit there and give away more of our tax dollars. ARGH!!

  3. Oh Patrice, you are making a terrible assumption. It is not an ever-intrusive government that is our problem. No, you need to get yourself over to Survival blog post haste! Here you will learn that it is the LDS, the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholics that we should be concerned about. Get in the now babe!

    (sarcasm, of course)

  4. FANTASTIC article Patrice! we live in Central Illinois and are in the midst of a big battle with the Illinois dept of Public health about our right to produce and sell raw milk. So intense that government officials have been monitoring my blog and using things I say (in jest) to deny a loan to a couple seeking an FSA quaranteed loan to buy our farm. They got smart and went somewhere else for their money but I too am TIRED of them using my tax money to spy on us. Our goal is to get away from this too big and well known farm to a little farm where we live under the poverty line free and clear of debt and completely self sufficient.

  5. Great article Patrice...I love your writing and photos of your farm/family..I live about 50 miles from Goochland VA...this was very scary and this is why we need to vote but also stand together and fight together on these issues near and dear to us!!!

  6. Interestingly while I was reading this article of yours an add came on my screen to say "Hello visitor from Australia you have won ........" They even know that I am reading your blog from over here. Yes it is scary. I would love to just close my computer down and turn off my phone, however I would not be able to read your amazing blog and others like it. Your article is so true. Blessings Gail.

  7. They wont leave us alone until the
    nanny state is IN our houses raising our children-- when they are not kidnapping them -- or until we make them stop.
    i heard on the radio recently a woman was shot point blank in the head while waiting for a bus. She was a CPS "child advocate". I guess maybe she kidnapped the wrong kid.

  8. I grew up in a situation that one would think would foster an attitude of independence similar to yours, but it did not: I'm an Army brat. Living on base you don't have ownership, the government owns everything. We wore dog tags and had ID cards (I still have one), we were lined up and all given shots (seems like whether we needed the or not). I remember the mass physicals we had to endure, everyone in the underwear with a small white towel (yes, boys and girls in the same room).
    We had no privacy, no individuality, no say. We were trained to conform. Rigid compliance with rules was expected; fathers would be subject to demerit if a dependent was in some kind of trouble, and I'm not talking serious trouble like we read about today, just being rowdy, would get your dad called on to the carpet.
    It took me years to figure out why I both loved the Army life and hated it. It took me years to figure out I could CHOOSE to let someone be in charge of me or be in charge of myself and make my own decisions.
    I am thankful I wasn't having my babies back when hospitals had programs where they automatically followed women and newborns, interfering at every opportunity, whether the mom/baby needed help or not. I am not sure I would have been able to send them packing, as I wasn't over my inclination to always bow to "authority".
    I am now.
    Thank you, Patrice for another great article.

  9. I think the goal, honestly, is to cultivate a passive class of captive consumers a la Brave New World.

    It's depressing.

    I wish they'd give us credit for some measure of intelligence and GO AWAY.

    I realize that some of us are just that dang stupid-- I've met plenty of people who couldn't get by without assistance, without interference, without someone telling them how to clean their house and how to raise their children right.

    Some of them are good people who had a piss-poor example and merely need to be taught. With a few years of compassionate education-- say, an older woman or a competent peer willing to spend the time and energy to "come alongside" and empathize, tell a few embarrassing stories about their own learning process, and show them how it's done.

    I've been on both ends of that equation-- as a young mother and as a middle-aged woman in the grip of depression, and then as an older mother and a survivor of the state's "help." IT WORKS.

    If Nanny State really wanted to help us improve our lot, this is the kind of help that would be provided. Not useless, judging busybody interference. And not a lifetime of ever-expanding dependency.

  10. Speaking of "leave us alone," here's one I'd like to see you address, Patrice. If you want to touch it with a 50-foot pen.

    Personally, I take my kids to the doctor when I can't get to the bottom of it and fix it myself. I take them to the dentist, and I get them their vaccines. It's one of those things I am grateful to have the luxury of doing. Not having a mortality rate of 20% before age 5 is one of my favorite things about living in the developed world.

    But-- To shove it down someone else's throat?? To make it a crime to believe otherwise?? They say, in this (IMO anyway) biased, sensationalized, and manipulative piece of reporting, that they're just trying to protect the children (who are, so tragically, under their parents' authority).

    Who else's authority should they be under??

    Who's authority do I want to be under?? God's and my own?? Or the State??

    Yeah, I guess that's a rhetorical question...

  11. Standing O for this one, Patrice. :)