Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our economic house of cards

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Our Economic House of Cards.


  1. Recovery? What a crock! 90+million people not working. Many don't want to work but they're still eating, driving watching TV etc. paid for by someone else. The someone elses are becoming fewer and fewer. As far as that fat dow is concerned, the guys with the ties have been cooking the books for years. Who knows where we really are? I'll bet it aint good.

    I've heard of someone calling a spade a spade but Patrice calls it a bloody shovel. This is great work Lewis.


  2. Twenty years from now someone will surely write about this coming crash and point out the obvious warning signs. What amazes me is that good people in our politics, MSM, and others in public life are either blind or intentionally deceitful on this. very few are agonizing over the troubles we face. A crash today along the lines of the 1929 crash and the great depression that followed would be ten times worse today then it was then. But wait! It gets worse, because our situation today is so much more grim then it was then. We can't use manipulting interest rates to moderate the crash because interest rates are already as low as they can get. We can't borrow money for great society projects to help the common man because we have already borrowed so much when this crashes no one would lend us money. We can print more money but we have already created so much phony money that creating more after a crash will most likely be counter-productive. All of the political and monetary prescriptions for dealing with a crash have already been used to prevent the effects of the defacto crash of 2008 in a vain attempt to kick the can down the road out of ignorance and fear. But there is good reason to fear; Our populace today is ten times less prepared to endure a long depression then they were in the 30's and this depression will be worse because we squandered the political and economic tools that can mitigate a economic depression. This will be world changing when compared with the great depression. It is likely/probable that it will be so bad and cause such great sufferring and anger that we will lose our nation to it either from internal pressures or external meddling taking advantage of our malaise. It will probably result in people dying from hunger, sickness, violence, social unrest and quite possibly war/revolution. Is this absolutely true? I don't honestly know, I do know that it will most likely be far worse then the '29 crash and the great depression and that was bad. I do know that the nation and the people are less prepared then they were in the 30's and our population is 4 times greater.
    So where am I going besides spreading gloom and doom? I cannot understand how and why intelligent people in the media and politics who can see the signs and the signs have been obvious for years can calmly tell us it's all OK. We are in trouble, approaching the abyess at 100 mph and there are things we could do today to mitigate the disaster that is coming and we do not do any of those things. Worse we continue to do the very things that wil make it worse and the very things that got us nto this mess. Did we just see the Republicans agree to fund the government for $1.1 trillion in a bill that was LOADED with pork and croney payoffs? Are we increasing the amount of food turned into ethanol rather then stockpiling food at strategic places around the nation? Have you noticed that with the increased oil as a result of fracking that the oil companies want congress to allow then to export it rather then use it here to grow our economy? The list of business as usual is endless and yet good people who can see what is happening are sitting on their hands. This I do not understand.

  3. Well written Patrice. I think the reality for many is that something does not seem right and does not add up although they are told that it should. It's the feeling that raises the hackles on your neck when there is seemingly nothing there to fear.

  4. Ditto, Anonymous 1:07 A.M. This article is great work.

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