Friday, November 14, 2014

Stupid women and the men who hate them

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Stupid Women and the Men Who Hate Them.

(Thank you to reader Rob for bringing this material to my attention.)


  1. I don't think the woman is entirely wrong, but she's probably no better. Society in general is not what it used to be. (Not that it ever was! lol)

  2. As a woman who was married to a mama's boy for nearly 20 years I have to say some of what Rebecca rants about is true. But what is more true is both sexes have gone off track.

    Feminism has made marriage and family making very unattractive to men. Once married with children the woman has the right and power to leave the marriage for any reason and clean the man financially out for years to come.

    What's the incentive for a man to take a chance like that? Bless their hearts, many of them still do, but still...

    Having said that, the men who make the laws should have had the manhood to tell these harridans no when they were demanding laws to be changed to benefit them in the case of divorce...or frivorce as one blogger in the manosphere calls it. Most divorces are instigated by women and if women want it they should be willing to make the sacrifices that come along with the decision.

    They should not be rewarded hundreds of thousands, millions (or a billion) dollars because they married poorly or have decided they like someone else.

    I have become very disappointed with women over the years. They want to bring home the bacon and 'have it all' and then cry that men are bad and take all they can from them cuz he was mean and hurt their feelings.

    Please spare me stories about the men who abuse, yell or whatever. Most of them are not like that and a rare story does not justify the abuse that has been shouldered by men by lousy divorce laws.

    I'm glad to see men forming groups and sticking up for themselves.

    1. i agree mostly, but abuse from men isn't rare at all and has existed for all of human history. what is being done to men is sad, but it in no way, shape or form compares to the oppression men have done to women, not even close.

    2. I agree! Just look on the news about those 200 schoolgirls that were captured, forced to convert to Islam and married off, or that women in many countries are denied birth control, education, jobs, health care, and aren't allowed out in public without a male relative or a burka. This is all about men (who are physiclaly stronger) controlling women. What about female circumcision or the killing of female newborns because boys are preferred? Porn, prostitution, and sexual slavery exist because there is a demand from men for it. I could go on and on....

    3. Oh here we go with the bad old days and now these feminist shills want to use current Muslim and Sharia practices as proof the "Bad old Days" were fact. Guess what if Western Men had ever treated Women like that you wouldn't be making up your myths today.

      The truth is it wasn't the Men who kept Women from "being all that", like Men could if they wanted to. More often than not it was the Men who were hoping the Women could get out. It was the Matriarchy that imposed social restrictions on Women and we are seeing the results after they stopped.

      As for abuse well that's a two way street with two sides to the story no matter how much you want to play the victim card.

  3. Your headline would be more on target if it said "Stupid women and the men who hate them but date them anyway"

  4. It seems that this woman CHOOSES these grown-up boys.
    Nobody is forcing her.
    Makes about as much sense as a guy who picks up girls in bars complaining that girls drink too much.

    - Charlie

  5. She spent the night with him! DISGUSTING.

  6. Hey hey Matt Walsh!

    Quite the dynamic duo, you two! Who knew??

    I'm glad y'all wrote this stuff. I deserve it.

    ;) badabing badaboom ...

    A. McSp

  7. Miss Lewis, I printed off and sent this article to a few woman I knew and you should have heard the diatribe and plain nasty coming from these women. Oh, I would have never guessed they would react in this manner... So, I won't be dating them or consider them marriage material. I appreciated this timely article and that it was written by a responsible, respectable woman. I look forward to all your efforts. Kevin

  8. People need to remember that “The only consistent factor in all your failed relationships is you.”

  9. I almost always find most men courteous and helpful, and by the way, I always express profound appreciation when they are courteous and helpful. Having been married for 52 years maybe they realize I appreciate men by the fact of my age, and act accordingly. Just saying. Linda in Louisiana.