Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stay-at-home moms

I must apologize for how quiet things have been on the blog lately. This week has been full of deadlines. I had two magazine articles due, as well as one podcast, one column, and my daily NaNoWriMo word count. Additionally we've had numerous away-from-home commitments as well as our usual cadre of at-home obligations. In short, it's been a loopy week!

Here's my WND column for this week entitled Do Liberals Hate Stay-at-Home Moms?

My WND editor sent me a link to his daughter's blog post on the subject as well.

Last but not least, I received the obligatory incoherent criticism from one of my progressive readers as follows:

Patrice ,you're just setting up straw men here. Obama didn't "insult" stay at home moms. If you think he did, you've totally misconstrued what he said.
In today's incredibly tough economic times, it's IMPOSSIBLE for many married women to be stay at home moms.
Theur families would be broke and starving on the street . Many married couples are having an extremely hard time even with both parents working .
Who caused these horrible economic conditions ? The GOP ! And will you pleasestop accusing people on government assistance of being "lazy "? They're not ! They're down on their luck ! Obama is a good , decent and honorable man struggling to govern America in horrendously difficult circumstances . Don't believe the vicious lies about him !


  1. I'm commenting before clicking, but do want to say I think it's really silly for michelle obama to be writing to you whining about her poorly understood and hugely put upon husband.
    I wonder if it's something in her diet that makes her sound so delusional.

    The lecture on economics was a real eye opener for you, I'm sure.



    Praying for snow in Ferguson
    (aka A. McSp)

    1. Too funny..good one. I was wondering about that snow thing myself. Give the Grand Jury decision when its snowing then no one will be out. I had to laugh when they announced the community leaders wanted the decision before it became public so they could put in measures that would quell the up

    2. First I take exception to the "Who caused these horrible economic conditions ? The GOP !, the value of farmette is 50% less then in 2008. Have you checking Ira or savings interests rates?. There are no 1st time home buyers to buy homes to move the market. Why because of Obamanamics! I guess your meaning of welfare is food stamps which the majority goes to those on Soc Sec, SSI, women w/child, illegals(ya they do get them) and then those unemployed. If one person is working and the spouse in on unemployment mostly likely they wont quality, The lazy, those who do layback and don't even look for jobs, scam the system. He(POTUS) did insult women. I worked, went to school and raised 6 kids, I for one appreciated the Moms that could stay home because they did the school parties and daytime things that I couldn't attend. His progressive plan is to make women feel guilty and put the kids in state run preschools. Exactly what jobs would they go get? Since he made is sound like women who leave their job for parenting are dumb what kind of job would be available to them?? Factory, McDonalds?...kinda like sounds like China..hmmm. He needs to keep his mind on cutting regulations and let business do its business. Question for the progressive person..what do you plan to do with all the undereducated illegal aliens that cant find jobs when you make them citizens? Can't hire them all to cut the government's grass or sweep the streets..those are Union jobs.. Remember Unions support your movement. You probably live in a gated community and don't deal with the problems your so called Progressive Politicians heros create, like the rest of us do.

  2. HAHA. That's one of my favorite things about your blog Patrice. The liberal femocrat facebook bloggers only see that you are a Woman and they come hoping for stories of grrrrlpower and modern day liberal ideas around a prepper theme. Instead they get a healthy dose of reality and feel betrayed.

    If that person thinks our shrinking jobs market is exclusively because of the GOP she is delusional. The Femocrats scream bloody murder if we don't spread the wealth and jobs around not only in the US but to foreign countries as well.

  3. It defies belief how blind some people can be toward the truth, calling the truth "vicious lies" and vicious lies the truth! While the GOP no doubt has been involved in many of our problems, that is because it is gradually being taken over by liberal-progressive politicians. (Some of them even call themselves "progressive Republicans.") It's not just the GOP that has been causing our economic collapse, it is the progressives, and they're in BOTH parties! Sadly, those same "progressives" are anything BUT progressive. They are destroying the greatest nation on earth. Sad, too, that so many Americans have been "dumbed-down" to the point that they can no longer think rationally! --Fred in AZ

  4. A "straw man" is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent's argument.

  5. "will you pleasestop accusing people on government assistance of being "lazy "? They're not ! They're down on their luck !"

    She says with one hand on her iPad and the other on her EBT card...

  6. MICHAEL DEAN MILLERNovember 8, 2014 at 11:58 AM


    The Mindset of Government Dependency is an ugly thing to see, read or have to pay for with one's taxes.


  7. I would also argue that most jobs are NOT career-advancing style. The moms, after seeing most their paycheck go to somebody else raising their kids, AND recognizing that situation is not going change because their paycheck is not going to change either, then decide to raise their children themselves and work for the family.


    1. i know of a lady who, when she sat down with her husband on a rare weekend off to appraise their lives, discovered that they were both getting up at six and not getting home til seven or later in order to support a house they only saw after dark.
      the grandma had the kids at her house after school and they were bathed and pajamaed before their parents picked them up at night.
      everyone was exhausted and family togetherness wasn't.
      after figuring, they consulted with grandma, a widow with a big house.
      they sold their house and moved to grandma's.
      the mom quit her job, started homeschooling the kids and they were essentially making more money with one income because the car expenses alone for her job were tremendous.

      another family made the same transition when they simply moved across the river to a state where their money went farther, enabling the mom to homeschool and otherwise contribute to the family when she quit her job.
      this is not possible for everyone, but sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees.
      you don't need a mcmansion for happiness.
      i once had a high pressure job but my husband worked from home. at the end of the day i came in, showered, and sat down to the meal he had cooked.
      depending on stress level i had a rule--no talking until i was ready. i had to simmer down.
      i told my husband that i now understood why a man likes to come in the door to peace and a decent meal.
      you need that support at home if you can get it.
      much healthier in all ways.
      deb h.

  8. Oh puleeeze! It's rather embarassing that someone of your own gender can be so ignorant. The GOP is not TOTALLY responsible for our problems, the Democrats are not our saviors and Obama is not an honorable man. Fred is right. Both parties have their hand in our national ruin, but as a very smart man said, "The Democrats are running off the cliff at 100 mph, while the Republicans are cruising along at 50 mph. Either way the end result is the same and it's gonna hurt."

  9. I am a married, stay at home mom. My husband and I have five children ranging from 4 to 15. My husband makes a wage which most would turn up their nose at. Because we live simply and frugally, grow and preserve, make do or do without, I am able to be home. We do not go on cruises and we do not have cable. We do have chickens and dairy goats and bread from wheat I grind myself. I could go on. Any money that I made from working outside of my home would go to childcare. Seems kind of counterproductive to me.

    About eight years ago, I was at a women's group at a church. It was mostly women with school-age children, like myself, but a mix of SAHMs and moms who worked outside the home. Every non-SAHM said that their primary reason for not being home was because they would "go crazy" and "couldn't do it." I was gobsmacked. And sad.

  10. I'm a stay at home mom. I've been home for 15 years now. It really irks me when people say (and Mr. Obama said this exact thing about Mrs. Obama) "we don't have the luxury of having "mom" stay home. Luxury??? We give up luxury so I can stay home. I guess people think I am just incapable of making a wage that could significantly improve our families bottom line. Sexist really when you think about it. :) The truth is I stayed home, and continue to do so even though are kids are in school all day, because we feel it makes our lives easier, calmer, more manageable. Could we have more vacations, nicer shoes and fancy cars if I went back to work OUTSIDE of the home? You bet we could. I could TOTALLY provide that for our family. Would we have time to take a breath and enjoy those things? Not likely.