Sunday, October 5, 2014

Homeschooling is evil

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Homeschooling is Evil.


  1. Amen Patrice. Chaos is coming and the trigger (oops, I'm flagged again) is often catastrophic such as an EMP, nuclear war, biological attack, deadly virus etc. However, it could be something much simpler such as anything forced on homeschooling families.

    George Washington warned us when he stated, "Government is force". Disobeying virtually any government command can bring an unconstitutional warrantless SWAT team bashing through your door, followed by possible violence, fines, incarceration and even death. A tyrannical Police State is now in place. Every day it destroys more of our liberties. Only a fool or accomplice would deny it.
    Montana Guy

  2. The Connecticut "gang" is w-a-y out of touch with reality. Hurrah for you telling it like it is. Homeschooling is successful; public schooling simply is not when outcomes are compared. I grew up in Connecticut many years ago.... things were different then. When I retired I made the conscious decision NOT to retire in CT ...the handwriting was on the wall. But, I ramble... congrats on an important commentary.

  3. A homeschool is a place where your teacher actually loves you and is 100% invested in your doing well in life.

    Well, we can't have THAT, can we ?

    - Charlie

  4. So.... shall we dress up as some of those scary old homeschoolers and go trick-or-treating or what?


    A. McSp

  5. By their logic, public schools are evil since the perpetrators of Columbine, Aurora, and other mass shootings attended them and didn't get the help they needed - but of course they only bring it up when it helps their position.

  6. All 5 were homeschooled. All 5 can think for themselves. All 5 are counter-cultural and the parents are proud of our 5 free-thinkers now that they are grown. The govmnt can't control our minds or the minds of our children (as long as we keep them out of the indocrination centers...aka public schools).

  7. They are seeking an avenue by which they can control the population.

    Since people react to the stereotyped image of "the mentally ill" without stopping to consider that the smiling neighbor could be fighting depression, the mad down the street with the perfectly landscaped yard could be fighting OCD, that loud uncle they remember from childhood could have ADHD, and his very quiet wife could have Asperger's...

    ...not to mention that they themselves have about 25% odds of being diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetimes (take more than six weeks to get over your mother's death?? that's called 'adjustment disorder,' a diagnosable mental illness under the DSM-5), and they power-mongers WILL take control of all of us.

    In the name of "mental wellness," of course. After all, Hitler was only interested in "racial purity," right?? Best of intentions.

  8. Home schoolers need to rise up and defend their rights and the misinformation that continues. I fail to see how these "so called" gifted people that run our public schools can not see the flaws in their logic. These are supposed to be our most educated? LOL!

    Their defense of the education establishment is found wanting. These continuing attacks on home schools must stop. I am a grandparent and former parent of home schooling. They will take my home schooled grandkids over my dead body. Get your weapons ready America.