Monday, September 15, 2014

The Estrogen Messiah speaks.....

Whoa! Go take a look at this link...!

The "Estrogen Messiah" -- hee hee, what a hoot. Thank you very much!


  1. Looks like he got the "baloney" part right......

  2. I took some offense at that other blog, I am not by any measure a "beta men" to pander and gossip. I am a alpha male and read your blog because it has good info and you have the right attitude regarding women and men.

    1. You read my post wrong then Cederq. I never implied for a moment that a Man who read Patrice's bag was a Beta Male. Just that some Men of that ilk will read her blog and be as surprised as the Feminist Women are when she does an anti-Feminist post.

  3. BA HA ! Thanks for the link! That writer really is a hoot.

    I saw this comment over there: I think it would make a good sub-title for your blog.

    "Rural Revolution..... the blog where Beta Men have been living vicariously though a woman for years!"

    And speaking of beta men in the comments..... What do you want to bet that this Jambaloney dude secretly has a photo of you over his mantle?

  4. I'm just stunned that your article about man-hating feminists brought out so many women-haters. Stunned that they read something written by a woman, their hatred is so intense. And if they are a "man going it alone", why bother reading?
    Are these men on some kind of alert system that lets them know where to go to attack a woman? And why bother using their time and energy for such a means?
    All rhetorical...I guess.

  5. My sides hurt...seriously...estrogen messiah is priceless!