Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feminism has slain our protectors

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled Feminism has Slain our Protectors.

It seems to have attracted some interesting attention. I also note how people are interpreting the column through the lens of their own biases, interests, and strengths.


  1. Patrice - Thank you. Any article quoting Cicero gets high marks in my book. Interestingly enough, I was interpreting it through the recent events of the NFL football player hitting his wife from the title - not at all what you had written. I think protectors have been slain in more than one way.

  2. One of the significant steps in this is the ADHD diagnosis of every boy who is restless and inattentive in school. A lot of this is actually caused by the loss of recess in public schools. Boys need a chance to run off some of their energy. If they don't they fall into the ADHD trap and are drugged into the zombie state required. Girls tend to be quieter by nature although that is changing also. As a result of all this more girls are going to college and fewer boys get a quality education. I'm all in favor of girls getting a quality education, but without the education that Ritalin prevents boys often don't qualify for trade schools. So we get a lot of wonderful women doctors but no plumbers or electricians. Now they are starting on day dreaming as an illness! Where will the inventors and writers come from? I WANT my children to day dream. It gives inspiration.

  3. Right on the money as usual Patrice. You are about the only person I can count on to reflect my own feelings of Feminism I have found on the net.

    Keep chipping away at it!!!!

  4. Hmm... It appears only far-left, foul-mouthed, snarky liberals read your current column, Patrice. I'm going to wade into the WND site and add my 2-cents worth, which is that you were 100% correct in everything you said! What is alarming is how many Americans appear to be totally brainwashed by the lying left. however, I know they are in the minority, so I can only determine that they are ganging up on you and your articles. This is good! Shows you must be saying the right things! God bless you and keep up the good work. --Fred in AZ

  5. At the age of 53, I didn't get the choice to stay home as a homemaker, raise the children like I would have liked too. It took both of our salaries to afford our home and the necessaties. I blame the Gloria Steinems of the world.

  6. Amen, sister!

    For a long time I've lamented the fact that there aren't any MEN around. Males, yes. But real, manly, capable men? Nope. Which is why I'm almost 42 and never married. There simply aren't any males around who want to stop playing video games long enough to hunt, garden, build something, or otherwise be a producer -- in other words, be a real man. So that means that a lot of us women aren't able to be what we should be, either. Frankly, I get tired of having to be the woman AND the man around the house, because it's quite exhausting, but what to do?

    1. Pam - my feelings exactly. I bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan - because apparently all of the real men are...well...where exactly are they? Because most of the men from the military I have met are also mostly interested in playing video games.

      Kind of like Bruce Springsteen, I didn't start this fire, and I am exhausted with trying to fight it on my own.

  7. Patrice,
    I couldn't find a link to your email. So I'm sending you this wonderful video in this manner. Since you like classical music, you'll be sure to like this little boy.
    Keep up the good work,
    PollyS - Northern Nevada

  8. I think today the only "manly men" are being raised by the home schooling families of the country. At least that is my hope.... as the public schools continue on with their p.c. curriculum. Boys do need the natural outlet for energy release... and often! To continue to deny nature is foolishness.

    I also think there are many who want a return to the normalcy of what was the differences in male and female roles. You are one of what I am afraid few women dare talk about.

    I too am shocked at the role some of the males display in their attitudes toward women in the NFL. THIS is NOT the way to treat women either and perhaps we men bear some responsibility in making corrections to how these sports stars are given a pass on this behavior. These "stars" should not be role models. Unfortunately, this is not just the NFL but also the NBA and MLB.

    Even so, how to retake the ground as it were. We saw some beginnings of it in the Promise Keepers movement in the mid to late 90's. I had hopes this would catch my fellow men on fire to reclaim the ground, but sadly no. The constant drumbeat of pc and feminisms' major spokesperson of the mainstream media we have a culture that is way too wimpy for me. Public education is a strong contributing factor in that once the children are "trained" to this they also become the parents of the next generation. And on it goes.

    I have no quick answers. Keep saying what you say. Perhaps some of it will have an impact and pray for an awakening and revival. We desperately need divine intervention on this!

    a "Manly Man"

    1. I agree with you that home-schooling supports traditional ways, including the proper roles of men and women. I see it in the MANY home-schooled family here. Even here in The Redoubt I would never give government schools access to our children for their nationalized indoctrination.

      I too have no quick answers. I spent years trying to find a wife who cherished traditional values, including the desire of having a husband who will provide and protect his family. I would slay dragons for the woman I loved. I finally moved to the Redoubt where God still reigns. And there I found 'her'. A coincidence? I think not.
      Montana Guy

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  10. The following was originally sent as an email and sent back as spam, so I decided to post it here. If it reads more like an email than a post, that's why.
    After reading the horrible (and mostly inaccurate) comments at the end of your article, I chickened out of responding on WND. Sorry! Not for anything would I willingly enter that hostile environment where too many of the commenters completely missed the point.
    But I did want to thank you for your article. You stated, quite succinctly, what my husband and I have been saying and noticing for more than 33 years. You were articulate in a manner that frankly, I wish I could claim, about a subject matter guaranteed to start as many online wars as talk about abortion or conspiracy theories.
    I read you on, as well as WND and on your blog, and have yet to find anything with which I have a major disagreement. I always look forward to reading your stuff, so please keep it up! And, I love the humor you inject. You reinforce one of my favorite sayings, "So, Thee is human! Thank God for thy humanness!" Too many do not get that, anymore.
    Btw- read your latest post about raising kids. I, too, grew up reading Heinlein (and Clark and Asimov) and couldn't agree more. Raising kids these days is tough, but raising them RIGHT is even tougher. I wouldn't go back to that, not no way, no how. I never thought I would say this, but thank you mother nature for menopause!
    I would be very interested in hearing your feelings on the following subjects: The Air Force deciding to remove "So help me God" from their oath, as well as the Army refusing to allow "God" to be used in barracks, on the battlefield or during a burial or memorial service.
    Hint, hint. Might make a good commentary on your blog or on WND!
    Thanks so much for your refreshing moments of sanity in an increasingly insane world.

    Chelli Garrett

  11. I didn't see all the 'hate' in the wnd comments. I saw a lot of men trying to explain, ( mansplain lol) to you females why they are not interested. There are plenty of manly men around, they are invisible, ( by choice), to you. After 40 years of relentless assault from females, media, gov't, education and culture, they have wisely left the plantation. Even in this article and comments, misandry runs rampant. You don't notice it because you've normalized demonizing men. The problem is not men, but females. Spoiled, entitled princesses who worship the religion of man hate and perpetual victim hood. Yes, 99% of America's daughters are feminists, varying in degree, but man haters none the less. Females have bought into the demonic religion, it's lies and propaganda. Feminism is one sister, her twin - tradcon females. What is it you are trying to conserve ? The idea that men are utilities, only worthwhile as their labor and lives benefit females. You have successfully removed Christianity from America, replacing it with churchianity - the cult of estrogen, where Jesus is your boyfriend and after having slept with 20 guys, you become 'born again virgins', lol.
    Both sisters engage in misandry, one openly hates men, the other tries to keep it a secret.Both view men as disposable utilities and desire to use men for all they can get. Which sister is which ? Reread your comments and answer that question yourselves.
    MGTOW, men say, " I'm not a disposable item for you or your disgusting culture". " My life has meaning and is important to me"." You - females are nt a treasure worthy of my sacrificing life, assets and children".
    With the nation, media, schools, courts, culture and females themselves being liars, hypocrites and blatant misandrists, why would any man sign up for that ? No, better to go your own way, maybe find an Eastern bride who hasn't been contaminated by this.
    Here's something to ponder; Bok Harem kidnapped 200 girls. It was broadcast everywhere. Before they were kidnapped, 160 boys, their brothers, were slaughtered, burned alive. I don't recall reading about that in the msm, or on your blog, for that matter. Thanks for the 'offer' of coming back to the plantation, I'll pass and enjoy the eminent collapse of this disgusting, perverted nation and it's vile inhabitants.
    I doubt that you have the courage to post this, instead I bet it never makes it through moderation. Which further proves my dissertations concerning tradcon females.