Saturday, September 20, 2014

Feeling good about being unemployed

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Feeling Good About Being Unemployed.


  1. I understand where they're coming from-- someone who thinks that they're a stupid, retarded dog turd who is capable of nothing will (trust me on this) achieve and accomplish NOTHING.

    That's where they were aiming with the "self-esteem" movement, too. Too bad they only half-understood what they were doing. I guess all those government experts, highly trained educators, and brilliant psychologists could have benefitted from a strong dose of "hillbilly good sense."

    I DO wish we could foster a more inclusive workplace-- not so much one that smiles on baggy pants, sloppy timekeeping, and foul language, but one that sees a man in a wheelchair looking for a job as a draftsman as "someone who needs an extra-large cubicle near the elevator," not "a liability we need to find a legally acceptable excuse not to hire." One that sees an older HVAC salesman with congestive heart failure as "Someone with thirty years of experience who knows the business and needs a younger assistant to do the running to the warehouse" instead of the aforementioned liability (the story that made my FIL unemployable at 59). One that sees a socially awkward woman who's not too good at chitchat and makes eye contact that 'feels funny' as "Someone who knows her material and will work hard, but won't be much fun at the holiday party-- Hey, I guess it's good that she's here to work, not to socialize" instead of as "Another potential shooter, a lot of expensive ADA accommodations, and a liability who's not 'likable' enough to hire" (also known as the barrier I expect to encounter when my kids are bigger and I hit the old job trail).

    In that vein, anyway, a peppy reminder to look for the good in people who aren't like oneself really could do a lot of good. Too bad almost no one will bother to take it in a useful way, and it will end up being, as you so adroitly put it, stoopid.

  2. I worked for the Job Corp teaching youth business skills. There were hundreds of high school and young twenties at our facility.

    But only a small fraction were willing to complete the programs successfully and move on to a productive life. I tried my best but I was SO glad to leave that sad and frustrating place.

    Each kid was receiving about 30K of our tax dollars for their educational/vocational experience.

    The administrative philosophy was 100% government -nonsensical, hive mentality.

    1. Most do not want to work for a living, not when they can receive 30K for an "educational/vocational experience" (sitting around doing nothing and playing video games). This is the mindset our liberal educators have been instilling in our youth for many decades now, from kindergarten through college. Things continue getting worse and worse, yet Americans keep right on electing the same politically-correct, lying politicians in BOTH major parties, time and time again! And then they wonder why nothing ever changes! It's all liberal-progressive, so of COURSE it's "nonsensical"!

  3. I once attended one of these motivational meetings where a chubby little woman donned a pair of "wings" and imitated a bluebird leaving the nest. I was NOT motivated and only remember that the whole thing was bizarre and a total waste of my time and the time of my fellow attendees. We would have been better off spending the time doing work on the actual job.

  4. Our Founders' Republic has been squandered and it is NOT coming back. The Police State needs to keep its subjects dumb and impotent. This program (like government schools, entitlements etc.) does just that.
    Montana Guy

  5. Yes, they're still putting on these clown shows, and I'm still finding ways to avoid going to them :). Kinda reminds me of HSE departments, which can find unlimited money for laminated posters and notebooks full of rules, but can't afford to apply non-skid to wet, slippery weather decks (my number one pet peeve offshore).

    My buddy calls these policymakers "people who don't actually do work", and it seems that there are more and more of them in upper ranks as the years go by.

    Bluebird wings... Oh Lordy, I can just imagine that one...

    - Charlie

  6. So sad, but true.... The one size fits all seems to permeate the govt. mindset. I do understand the kids/ students who come to these facilities lacking many, many basic social skills but we have become enablers of the lowest forms of life on the planet.

    I know this because I am related to one of these contract employees at an agency run center. A couple of problems do exist in that the DOL & the USFS run the centers and are constantly at one another on who knows best on doing the right things to get these students "out the door and into a working environment". I don't think they REALLY know how to accomplish this task in other than a PC environment. In fact, employees are strongly discouraged from anything but PC thinking. The other factor is the amount of b.s. that goes with the basic job actually hinders them from getting it done. Morale is not high when the team/ staff are not working together and mostly working against one another.

    There are multitudes of the job programs that the taxpayers pay for that are in many ways duplications. It has also become harder to find students to attend these centers, so they start taking even lower qualified students and adds to the problems. Many of these drop out or are shipped out because they can't handle the program. The cost/ benefit is slipping beyond any reasonable standard. Even if they get through it, the successes are becoming lower and lower with each passing year.

    Employers are begging for the trade workers... but if they complete their requirements and lack the skills and desire to show up (on time), become proficient, work well with others then we need something new that maybe the employers themselves should pay for. Better yet, let's bring back shop to high schools and stop pushing college or universities for everyone.

    You can dress up a pig and put lipstick on it but ultimately it still is a pig. Sorry!

  7. I was an educator for a good number of years. I learned quickly that education as the average person defines it is not the same definition that the government defines it. Education, after all, is big business.

    I, and several other people, got stuck running one of those workshops! It was and experience that try to forget about.

    My one son works for a very large company. His experiences are no different than mine. The real goal isn't to accomplish anything, but to have a record, that they tried.

    Some of the programs were more toxic that the ones cited. The last program introduced to the teachers was so pernicious, the entire faculty was depressed. The administration was out to look great with the implementation of their program, while the real goal was to pummel the teachers in all sorts of insidious ways. And they did. Common sense was out and re-education workshops were the MO. It was all about money; the district had a high level of special needs children as well as a large number of kids who got free lunches. Both were indicators for the almighty dollar.

    During one team meeting, the assistant principle brought in an administrator who was working on her PhD in education (what a useless degree) wanted volunteers for her "Emotional IQ" research. While she was explaining how she was going to develop her data, it turned out that she was only going to use about 10 teachers. Ten teachers? She was only using ten teachers? To my credit I did not flinch or make a comment. She justified the number for lack of time. She is now comfortably in a very high administrative position in another school with a bogus data degree. It is a good thing she did not major in science.

    1. she couldn't major in science or she probably would have done. science takes brains.
      on the 'special ed.' and the $$$;
      the son of friend was put in remedial reading. why? $$$ for the district. his mother wanted him out but the remedial teacher said,'oh, no! he's my best student!' meaning he could read well!
      he is grown, married, and an architect in demand. so much for needing remedial anything.
      the whole thing is a scam but it is the kids who suffer. as boring as school used to be i shudder at the thought of being imprisoned in the schools nowadays.
      deb h.

    2. p.s.;read 'the graves of academe' for a detailed glimpse into these issues.
      you can only have so many fleas on a dog.
      deb h.

  8. I spent over 40 years working for major corporations. During that time I watched the workplace detiorate( sp) to something unrecognizable and to untenable. I retired early and placed myself in Galts Gulch mode. We as a country are in serious do-do.