Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why smart technology is dumb

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Why Smart Technology is Dumb.

When she heard the subject of the column, Younger Daughter introduced me to this hilarious YouTube clip called Get Off the Phone. Very apropos!


  1. I "love" my cell phone. We got rid of the home phone and now all have cell phones. I keep mine turned off all the time. It is so quiet and no more drama from the in-laws and friends. My wife's "smart" phone is always on but I play stupid and refuse to answer it or use it. She seems OK and even to like the drama so she is welcome to it. TEXT!? I don't do text. I'm not sure my phone will even text (it is over 10 years old). I usually don't have it with me it sits on the end table by my chair. Technology is great.

    1. I'm with you. My wife and I got cell phones many years ago for one reason: to communicate when she drives 22 miles to town to go to work. If she breaks down or has any problems, she calls me and I go to her aid. Our phones do NOT take pictures, videos or play games. My wife texts (I do not) Monday through Friday before 7pm because our free calls are before 7am and after 7pm during the work week. No restrictions on the weekends. We do not walk around talking, texting, listening with ear buds jammed in our ears or doing anything else all the new gadgets will do nowadays. We like to know what's going on around us in this day and age!

  2. Technology is good when you need it, but I think the vast majority of manufacturers create the "need:" in consumers' minds.

    I would hazard to say that instead of a Luddite, you are more Amish. The Amish are not anti-technology, as people suppose, but refust to allow technology to overtake and dominate their lives, each group choosing how "high tech" they want to get. I saw some Amish harvesting wheat with a gas-powered combine mounted on a horse=drawn wagon.

    The really frightening thing to me is that our society in general has become so dependent on technology - especially virtually EVERYTHING being run by computer - that a single EMP attack will bring our country to its knees, killing virtually everyone in the large cities.

    Keep banging the drum for simplicity and independent living.

    Steve Herr

  3. Here's a really good YouTube clip my son showed me - and I'm always the one telling them to get away from the computer and go outside! It's not humorous, in fact it brought a tear to my eye, but I think you'll love it.

    It scares me to death hearing a young mother talk about how her child loves hearing the Kindle read "Madeline" stories to her....or when I see children pushed off onto iPads for a parent's convenience...or even when people are looking at their phones in church, of all places. Maybe they are reading the Bible on an app, but really - the Book is right in front of them in the pew! I'm a homeschool mom who spent the time to read to my own children and have reaped the reward of seeing them both love reading. Although I can see the advantage to a Kindle (when travelling, for instance, a situation in which a pile of books is heavy and awkward to lug around) I infinitely prefer to HOLD A BOOK and TURN THE PAGES. I ENJOY the process of turning the pages and carrying the book. I also much prefer looking at a map to using a GPS. If you're a Luddite, I'm right there with you, Patrice. - Pamela

  4. I clicked on the link and got "An error occurred. Please try again later." I tried again later, same thing. Maybe the makers of all the smart phones and other gadgets didn't appreciate the video? Just wondering...

  5. UPDATE: I checked the link to the "Get off the phone" video:
    Then I compared it to your link:
    Notice, your link has an "s" after the http. I'm no computer whiz, but I think that would be the problem why your link doesn't work?

  6. An interesting article. I like that Mrs. Lewis always backs up her claims with examples in her articles. It's never an endless stream of angst. It's always backed up.

    Sidebar: I literally uttered an audible "awwww" when I saw the new header photo - the little chipmunk. Until I saw what he was eating. "Hey, wait a minute...that little guy is eating a contraband strawberry!"

    'Wascally' chipmunk.

    Just Me

  7. Rhett and Link are quite funny. My teens have been following them for a while...on their smart devices, of course.


    Copy and paste into your browser, I'm sorry it isn't actually a link. Very much worth seeing. - Pamela

  9. Patrice, your comments on technology's effect on kids reminded me of a book I read not long ago - The Mind Readers by Margery Allingham, first published in the late 1960's. A bit of a political thriller, a little sci-fi and a mystery thrown in (Albert Campion, if you're a fan of the genre). Some very prescient ideas on how young minds are especially susceptible to become dependent on new technology, to the detriment of their own development. And a whacking good story, to boot.

  10. Patrice, excellent article. You are absolutely right that "The government doesn’t want smart people. It wants dumb slaves."

    The only point I differ on is that there IS a conspiracy. Powerful evil globalists, commonly referred to as the New World Order, need dumb slaves who will gladly give up their sovereignty for imported gadgets.

    Of course most of today's zombies are too dumbed-down to even know what 'sovereignty' means. They know nothing of those who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bequeath the blessing of sovereignty to them.
    Montana Guy