Saturday, June 28, 2014

We the People are NOT the enemy!!

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled We the People are NOT the Enemy!!


  1. I have been ridiculed and scorn for the fact I have felt an uneasiness over our nations course over the last 30 yrs.Now it seems the uneasy queasy feeling I have had is being shared by many more people.Americans are being pushed into a corner and the time has come where it is getting very close and uncomfortable.There is no fence sitting on this folks.None.Either you willingly take a knee and allow tyrants to use and abuse you or you take a stand and rise to the challenge by standing on your feet and meet it head on.The future of your sons and daughters,your grandchildren all ride on your decision.Does it make you feel uneasy that your generation can be the one that loses this grand experiment of freedom because of indifference?
    It does me.

    had enuff

  2. Yup!!!! Enuff said. NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! We are going to need them. Not a question now of if, but when.

  3. Just so you know those immigrants that are flooded my TX border aren't all children. Most are over the age of 14, are gang members, repeat crime offenders, illiterate and disease ridden.

    Thankfully we don't live on the border but we are now making the decision to not travel to major cities or visit thrift stores etc where illegals regularly shop. Why you might ask?

    Because 2 out of 3 of the "latinos" here in TX are illegal and if they aren't then they often hide illegal family members. These folks are bringing in smallpox, measles, HIV, TB etc and outbreaks are happening down south.

    So now I have to be concerned about the health of my small child and myself (I'm 6 months pregnant) when going to Walmart. This is crazy and is going to become a huge health problem for other states.

    So if you see an influx of latinos in your area please BE AWARE and protect the health of yourself and your family.

  4. Take a look at what the Republicans have done to the tea party candidate in Mississippi. The tea party is a grass roots organization of people who want smaller government, less spending. lower taxes and fewer regulations. You would almost think that the Republicans would welcome them with open arms. But no, they welcome illegal immigrants with open arms and demonize and marginalize the tea party as "radicals". It is the state of the state that our leaders no longer care about the citizens they are not fighting to represent us they are fighting to be in the majority so they can bring more pork back to their cronies. We need to fire most of these professional politicians regardless of party.

  5. We the people are not the enemy. That depends on your point of view. If you are one of the ruling elite we are the enemy, of that have no doubt! Whether you are one of the politicians or one of the members of the other ruling classes we are in fact the enemy!

  6. Excellent Article!!! You spoke for a very large majority of people and I applaud you!! Diane

  7. Yes, it's good to have guns, but the ptb are making sure we won't have the ammo!

  8. You have touched on a subject that I hear talked about a lot, yes people are becoming quite upset about what is happening in the government. I agree with you that whether it's the right boot or the left boot of tyranny that is on our neck it won't matter in the slightest. Sadly there are too many people who continue with business as usual voting these crooks in no matter what and then complain about how bad things are and yet every single election they continue to vote for the same crooks they were complaining about.
    One thing is certain, unless these people are changed, even if we have a revolution things will continue to go back to business as usual when all the shooting is done and over with. There truly are some people that consider themselves to be we the people who are definitely the enemy and they need to be rooted out equally as much as the government goons who have duped them into voting for them at all cost.