Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free stuff or freedom?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Free Stuff or Freedom?


  1. An eye-opening post, Patrice, as usual. I'm a bit of a nit-picker, but I could find nothing you wrote that I disagree with!
    A question: I don't swap e-mails very often, and then with only a handful of people. Over the past 5-6 months, I have sent two messages to you. One I thought you would find very interesting, the other very informative. Both came back to me "undeliverable." I know you're a very busy person. Are you no longer accepting e-mail messages from your readers? Or are you so far behind that your In Box is full? Whatever the case may be, perhaps you've been spreading yourself just a tad too thin. Ya think? --Fred in AZ

  2. "It’s about complete government control." B-I-N-G-O!

    Benjamin Franklin warned us when he said, "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

    "Why can’t people SEE this?" I think the fact that 99% of them were 'indoctrinated' by government-controlled schools, get their news from government-controlled media (including Fox News), and get their pastoring in government-controlled 501c3 churches has something to do with creating these sheep.
    Montana Guy

  3. This might be a bit long (or inflammatory) to publish in your comments, so I won't be offended if it doesn't appear.

    I found the below near the middle of the following website :

    The website author quotes :
    “It is not an endlessly expanding list of rights —the “right” to an education; the “right” to health care; the “right” to food and housing. That is not freedom. That is dependency. Those are not rights. Those are the rations of slavery – hay and a barn for human cattle.”
    - Alexis de Tocqueville

    The website author goes on to say :
    They believe the impossible dream that they have the right to live their lives at the expense of others and will vote for the people that tell them this is so and use a government gun to make it happen. Most of society today does not know: where money comes from, what it is or isn’t in a historical or practical sense, how wealth is created, the virtues of capitalism and wealth creation, why it’s important to stay debt free and live within your means, why they should work hard and never give up, why save money, why it’s important to be self-reliant, what the constitution is and why it’s important to protect our freedom and future, nor economics of any sort but socialism and Keynesianism (central government control of all aspects of life also known as Marxism).

    - Charlie

    1. Your website author is right, Charlie, and it's all a big part of the liberal agenda. Has been for quite some time now! This is why it's so important to homeschool our kids so they have an open mind and don't spend the rest of their lives as zombies.

  4. A most honest and poignant article. About time more people spoke the truth about what is going on.

  5. That was an incredible piece of writing. In fact, you may have even kept it short enough that the people who NEED to read it actually CAN read it.