Saturday, June 21, 2014

Do men hate women?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Do Men Hate Women?


  1. Bingo, you have captured what is going through the minds of most american males. Please, have your husband response posted here. I would love to hear from Don on this.

    I am so sick and tired of the feminist mantra. If we get Hillary next all males had best watch their (&*&*&). You know what I mean. Welcome the Feminist United (sic) States. Traditional marriage and relationships are headed for the the dung heap as it stands now. Look at the TIDE of same sex relationships inundating every state that currently bans these relationships. Our young people would best wake up as we are about to lose our country as we know it.

  2. There may be a generation gap. I am a 70 year old male and I certainly do not hate women. I do think there is a feminist cabal that is controlled by lesbians and far left feminist who do in fact dislike if not hate men. I think they depend upon a very large segment of the female population who may know who the latest hollywood romances are and who is cheating on who but are for the most part clueless about international, national and local events and who are seduced by the feminist propaganda. They will gladly vote for Hillary without any knowledge of what she has done or what she believes in simply because she is a woman. I do think the same reasoning is what is driving the womens groups at colleges to demand more onerous punishment for men because they are men. I truely do not think American men hate women and their thought processes don't facillitate that belief. Most men like to work and like to solve problems. This leads them to treat lifes difficulties as a problem to be solved and usually the solution involves work. They generally are not caught up in the "hate studies" victimization approach to things that go wrong. Therefore even if the LGBT alliance and feminist try to cause them problems they simply do what it takes to compensate for it rather then develop a grudge. We tend to see the quotas for women, minorities and LGBT as self defeating and just another bump in the road to personal success. If our employer discriminates against us because we are men we look for another job and go on with life. Sure, it's not 100% true, some men resent the discrimination but for the most part we just work around it. No hate, no anger we just keep our focus and do what it takes to succeed. BUT, there is always a "but", I think men tend to be realist. You know as in the tire is flat and it isn't gonna fix it self or we are broke and the government isn't going to give US welfare, etc. And the reality of the affirmative action sycophants is that you have to assume that those who qualify for this "fast track" probably are only where they are because of their particular "minority" status. Therefore would you actually go to a doctor from one of these groups? Would you expect a police man or woman from a protected class to be "good" at their job? Can a woman be as effective in combat as a man? I always assume that affirmative action has succeeded in placing an incompetent minority and act accordingly.

  3. One of the biggest lies is that a woman/mother can "have it all": A career, children, husband, home, and attend to all of it without skipping a beat. Come to think of it, maybe they do have it all... ALL of the work! I have no idea why any woman would want to bust her buns all day long at a job outside the home and then come home to all the housework that she will either have to do in the evening after the kids go to bed, or on weekends. A thought just came to mind: remember all the fuss about men not helping out around the house? Well, if the woman was working AT HOME, the husband wouldn't have to be doing dishes or laundry. Sad thing is, our economy is in such stinking shape that it takes 2 adults with full time jobs to be able to pay all the bills and put food on the table.

    1. And why is that? I submit that it takes two incomes to provide for our families is because of this stinking feminist agenda. When the "provider" of the house was the norm they usually had enough that the "caregiver" of the home could do just that. Whatever happened to the term "homemaker".... My mother, God rest her soul was proud to be a homemaker for our family.

      I learned to cook, sew, do laundry, clean up, etc. because my mother taught me those things from an early age. Yes, most bachelor males sadly lose some incentive in that regards but that is the nature of the male mind. We find other things to occupy our time.

      I for one try to help out around the house with those chores that were "traditionally" female chores. Have I lost any "masculinity" due to this? I really don't think so. In fact, my sons have told me they have learned from my "male" example to help out around the house. I think they are now better men because of it.

      The feminist doctrine (yes, it should be called for what it is) as a religion had sold us down the river in our culture such that our young girls and young boys are confused on gender. We are not biologically the same. Face it. Get over it. This gender neutrality crap is just that.... Crap!

      Let's get back to what is in the Word of God. Start there. You will not go wrong with that. It has a very dim view of homosexuality and other such deviant behavior. One man, One woman. Many have just marched on Washington to uphold that point.

    2. I find it interesting that it is too difficult for a mom to be a stay at home mom. I have been a homemaker going on 5 years now and although we don't have a fancy house, car and what not, and yes we wear used clothing from thrift stores and yard sales, we have more food than we can possibly eat ourselves, warm clothes on our backs and a roof over our head with plenty of money to spare for when the wolf might come howling at our door. Society would consider our income to be barely above the poverty level and yet we are doing just fine.
      I believe it's all about your priorities. The way we do it is we ask ourselves for the big purchases whether or not we truly need it or is it a want. Rarely do we buy the wants, we make do without it, and even more rarely do we even buy the needs, we learn to make do until we can properly afford the need.

  4. The failed feminist movement did far more damage than most folks realize. Now we have 'males' and 'females'. The majority have no clue about being a woman or a man. Both are pathetically helpless. Of course most are city/suburban folks, which compounds the problem.

    My pet peeve are the helpless young husbands. They do nothing around the house. Most even hire someone to mow their lawns. Same for care of their vehicles. They don't even change their own oil. They are lazy and stupid. Yes, just wait until society collapses. All that they will 'bring to the table' is an empty stomach and gadgets with dead batteries

    Call me 'old school', a redneck hick, a luddite, or whatever. Just give me rural life, traditional values and little government. Like the song say, 'a country boy (and gal) will survive'.
    Montana Guy.

  5. hi. so much to say. will try self control.
    first i am older than you patrice and some change was necessary as males took everything.
    in my day the want ads were 'help wanted male' and help wanted female'.
    the adds for engineers or any other good jobs ended with this phrase 'no females need apply'.

    that was wrong and i'm glad to see the end of it.
    when i was in college the pre-med advisor received this note from a med school head, 'i will take a c average male before an a average female.'.
    we know that no one under an a average is ever accepted into med school.
    that was wrong and thanks to God women began to be treated better, according to their abilities and not their uteri.
    however, when boy was in college he was a bit older because he went to seminary first. he had two nuts for professors. one of them told this blond unassuming tenor that he was squelching class discussion by his overly masculine presence.
    these were classes he was forced to take or no degree. gender studies type classes.
    the other professor, obviously menopausal, called him to her office and cried for an hour. he wanted to comfort her in some way but knew shoulder patting would be a sexual assault so he just sat there.he didn't know what to do in either situation but his grade depended upon these crazies and the school gender studies policies.
    both of the profs were married women.
    he came home in an interim and waited til daughter was out of ear shot. i knew he had something on his mind. finally he got around to asking. seems they taught that all sexual congress is rapery.
    i set his mind at ease on that!
    that said, we just accept that people are crazy, and running from God and His love allows the crazy to come to the surface and take over.
    p.s.- read 'fred on everything'. i read the new columns but have gone to the bottom of the page and am reading through all of them as time permits.
    before offense is taken remember that he was a newspaper reporter on the detroit, chicago, and washington, d.c. police beats so there is some bias based on his personal experiences. his thoughts on feminism are like those expressed at WND.
    sorry to go on so long.
    deb h.

  6. Look at Title IX. The intent was to require "equal" treatment in education (but includes the broader categor of anything involving federal financial assistance). It has actually morphed into a kind of KKK law where the feminist began discriminating against programs for men and created quotas for women. Many of the college wrestling and gymnastic programs for men have disappeared, "men need not apply". Many colleges have instituted rowing and softball for women. Seriously, rowing? If you have a daughter and want to get a scholarship get her into rowing or softball in high school. They can't find many women that want to participate in any "actual" sports but a lot of women have caught on to the fact that these faux "sports" of rowing and softball will pay for college.
    Interestingly about 95% of nursing students are women. Hmmmm! So what happened to title IX? Why of course it was never intended to do what it said it was intended to punish men. SO while Deborah may have been right about the medical colleges preferring male students and I would agree that wasn't fair doesn't it seem odd that the "no men need apply" sign seems to be up at the nursing schools and Title IX is ignored?

  7. I still see the courts in divorce cases favoring men.... I can site case after case of friends of men stepping out on my stay at home moms...having multiple homes and husband gets it all, wife gets little to nothing. In a couple of cases, they don't even require dads to pay child support anymore??? ( I would think most of this should be common sense... if you as a couple own 2 houses and 4 vehicles plus a couple of commercial buildings... should nt any judge say one house to one spouse, another to the other, one truck and one boat here, 2 cars there... ... )
    I know this is a small part of what you are talking about

  8. You know, feminism has done some great things for me.

    I can work in any field where I can cut the proverbial mustard-- Staying home to raise my kids is a choice I picked out of the thousands of available options that my skill set placed before me. I LOVE the fact that it was a CHOICE, not the only viable option...

    ...and now I would love to have that choice honored, instead of having other women look at me as if I must be of subnormal intelligence or else a traitor to the cause.

    I LOVE the fact that I can actually vote in an actual election...

    ...and now I'd love to have a real leader to vote for, instead of the string of puppets and pundits I now realize I've been looking at since I was 18 years old.

    I LOVE the fact that I can own property, not through a spouse or male relative, but in my own name. I LOVE the fact that, should my husband take some crazy turn and decide to beat me, the law says that 1) THAT'S WRONG, because I am a person and not something he acquired, and 2) I can take the children, leave the situation, and start over, instead of forfeiting them to the abuser if I truly felt I had to run for my life. It wasn't that long ago that courts always favored the man.

    For that matter, it wasn't that long ago that a widow, unless under the aegis of a male relative, could not keep custody of her children. My grandmother had to fight tooth and nail to keep custody of her kids when her husband died suddenly-- in the mid 1960s. Despite high intelligence, the only jobs available to her were nursing, cooking, housecleaning, and retail-- and so she got a job in the stock room at Hills' Department Store, cooked lunch at the local elementary school, and cleaned houses on her days off.

    I'm glad I have more opportunities. I'm glad my daughters have more opportunities.

    I really hope that feminism doesn't blow them for us by taking it all too far.