Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lusting for power

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Power-Lusters (originally entitled Mind Your Own Business).

I'm still in Prosser, Washington, having just finished up the second day of the preparedness expo... but frankly I'm too bushed to file a report. I'll put up a blog post after we return home tomorrow. Thanks for being patient!


  1. Dear Patrice,
    For me, the highlight of my time at today's Preparedness Expo was meeting you. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. You were a delight and a breath of fresh air. I appreciated the authentic and down-to-earth way in which you shared your preparedness talks. I am looking forward to reading your book and as I do, I will remember today. Oh and thank you for the advice on seed saving and buying a pressure canner!
    Bless your heart,

  2. The lust for power is absolutely a mental illness. I'm pretty sure it's already listed in the DSM as narcissistic personality disorder.

    It's sad for them-- I truly believe that they must be running from a world of pain.

    It's sad for the rest of us, too. Because they won't face their demons, we have a choice between fighting back and being run over.

    I've lived this, in my own life, on a smaller scale-- it truly is a no-win situation. For the narcissist, and for everyone over whom they gain power.

  3. Patrice, we believe you are doing God’s work by helping people to protect their loved ones.

    Many of us are like Patrice; we simply want to be left alone. But the Power-Lusters will never settle for mere tolerance. History has proven that they will demand that we bow to them. We bow only to God.

    We believe that the line was drawn in the sand on April 12, 2014. Government tyrants surrendered to armed Patriots in Nevada. Our church is a ‘liberty church’ and many of us are Oath Keepers. We will fight for God-given liberty. We put good Americans ‘on the ground’ on Day #1 at the Bundy Ranch, and members remain on watch at the ranch to this day. This is the truth that the government-controlled MSM and IRS-controlled 501c3 churches refuse to discuss. Of course if you listen to these controlled sources, we are dismissed as ‘domestic terrorists’, or ‘unbiblical’ according to a perverted (albeit convenient) interpretation of Romans 13.

    My point is that The Revolution HAS begun. The Feds say it’s not over. They are correct. It wasn’t over at Lexington either. Folks, that’s reality. What action are you going to take?
    Montana Guy

  4. Thank you for the article, Patrice. It was a blessing.