Saturday, April 5, 2014

The spoiled brats are back

Here's this weekend's column entitled The Spoiled Brats are Back.


  1. I can't wait to read this, but WND's website appears to be down.

  2. The link comes up as "unavailable" - is WND down?

    1. This is weird, the link works for me....

      On the other hand, WND seemed to be having some trouble this morning, so something appears amiss.

      - Patrice

    2. I got to it now - interesting reading, thanks for another thought provoking article.

  3. the young occupiers are exactly what they were raised to be- if raised they were. you cannot expect them to have knowledge and good sense. they've probably never seen any modelled.
    deb h.

  4. Occupy...schoccupy. PHFFFFT! (Full frontal, sloppy, tongue-wagging verbal raspberries.)

    Terrific article over at WND! Nail on the head. Bulls-eye. Those occupiers are so easy to make fun of.

    "It's not FAIR!! I wanna be a billionaire, too!" Good Golly. I get better arguments and more concise demands from my cat.

    Just Me

  5. Mostly very good... however.... "capitalists want the government to get out of the way so they can get stuff done themselves" might apply to small businessmen, but the captains of industry are just as much looking for government handouts as the occupiers, and are much more successful at getting them. As you say, though, the solution is smaller government, with industry having to succeed or fail on its own merits, regardless of size.

  6. Do you remember the first amendment ? It states that people have the right to assmeble and gather for peaceful and lawful purposes.

    People don’t want to steal money from the wealthy, they are just tired of CORPORATE WELFARE. Every time a corporation doesn’t give working people a living wage, (and exempts themselves from taxation) we, the government, have to pick up the tab in the form of food stamps and welfare while big CEO’s get bonuses of literally millions. We are tired of this imbalance. This is what is called an oligarchy….not a republic or a democracy.

    As far as less government goes, there is one thing you should know…….Dick Cheney took away all regulations on fracking before Halliburton (and others) started the biggest fracking frenzy on earth during the Bush years. They are completely untouchable from lawsuits and can do whatever they please. The have bought off the EPA.

    Now you may be thinking all that old propaganda of more jobs and less dependence on energy……but what media won’t tell you is that the pollution from these drilling pads has polluted rivers, drinking water and killed wildlife beyond measure through out the US. There is a world wide effort now to stop fracking in its tracks. There are some towns like Denton, Pennsylvania who can’t even use ANY of their water because it catches on fire it is so polluted.

    There are some 595 different chemicals pressurized into bare ground that are mixed with 4.1 gal of fresh water per well…..some of these include Benzene, formaldehyde and antifreeze. They are shuffled between tanks to separate the natural gas from the chemicals. They belch so much toxic gas in the air you can’t get near then without a gas mask. This goes on 24/7. They are then put in unlined settling ponds to seep into our ground water. This is what “less government” looks like.

    Because of some right winged judges that voted in Citizens United, big money will always be the deciding factor in these matters…..because the people don’t have much of a say anymore…….and believe me…..they have a lot to say. BJ

    1. CORRECTION on my last comment:

      I forgot to put the word "millions" in when referring to how much fresh water is mixed with these toxic chemicals......yes.....4.1 MILLION gallons of fresh water to drill each fracking well.

      Jobs are worth nothing if you are destroying the very thing that we need for life.....WATER!! There are literally millions of these holes drilled across the U.S. that look like a cancerous smallpox from the air. They have contaminated rivers, streams and drinking water.

      We are NOT good stewards of this land! We have sold ourselves down the river to big oil, logging and fracking companies in the name of jobs.

      We could easily create jobs that will fix infrastructure, build high speed rail, fix leaking pipelines and pull out all the patents that have been squashed by big corporations for years to keep big oil in place? This would open up the playing field for us to produce cars that run green.

      We could develop more eco friendly energies such as ocean waves, wind, solar and algae bio fuels, etc.

      We need to stop clear cutting our forests where regulations have given logging companies carte blanche to do as they please with no regard to wildlife and towns like OSO, WA.

      …….Yes, OSO. We are just now starting to hear about the lawsuits against the logging companies who clear cut the trees above that town (against the advice of those who knew better). It’s all in the name of the bottom line…….It doesn’t have to be that way.

      Sorry about the rant……but WE CAN produce plenty of jobs and create a healthier planet at the same time. Big Corporations have us over a barrel. We love to buy the propaganda while we get the poison and they get the profits. No one is watching the hen house.

      Less government??? ......Yeah…..right……BJ

    2. This is NOT what "less government" looks like.

      This is what "crony government" looks like.

      We can have all the government, and all the regulations, in the world-- as long as the corporations in question are funding the government, we will continue to have these problems.

      If, on the other hand, we remove the buffer (government) between the operators and the pitchforks, I think we'll be more likely to find that they are held accountable to the people in whose communities they're working.

      I live in gas country (western PA). I think about this ALL THE TIME. PA has a HUGE government-- big, fat, cumbersome, and corrupt as all get out. It isn't protecting us, or indeed anything but itself.

    3. It is only corrupt because five supreme court justices said it was OK to let the rich and big moneyed corporations run the country. When money is in the equation, you will always see loyalty of agencies slowly get bought up. This is what the 99% is all about. They are tired of being stepped they exercise their right to protest.

      This always makes me laugh. The right wants less regulation while the environment and the middle class get raped.......but then they want to micro manage everyone in their bedrooms and personal lives to be the exact image of themselves.....such a contradiction!

  7. Greed has no bounds. One of our Founders’ greatest fears was losing our Republic (rule of law) to a Democracy (rule of men AKA lynch mob). Quoting Benjamin Franklin, "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

    Short of divine intervention (and why should He save a nation that abandoned Him?), I believe DC cannot be fixed. Haven’t we thrown enough precious resources down that rat hole? Have we written enough letters to King George? And one more question…

    Which is more important, preserving liberty for your children or preserving a government?
    Montana Guy

  8. If the fair weather protesters are attempting to caste themselves as the unwashed masses of Eastern Europe, they are doing an admirable job (especially the unwashed part). Speaking of Eastern Europe, its interesting to see the similarities between Occupy and Soros' other employees and useful idiots. Its too bad he dug so deep mining the dregs of society here in the US that he failed to come up with a group capable of a coherent cause. I wonder if they realize that those people scattered in their midst who look like them and dress like them but don't smell like them have a cause they know nothing about. Maybe they haven't noticed that these people are the first to throw a rock or break a window but are nowhere to be found when the police start the arrests. Do they not realize that they run the risk of being like those in Seattle a few years ago. There was an agenda alright but I doubt those arrested were privy to it.

    -Old Soldier

  9. One of the comment barkers over there claims you and Joseph Farrah are well into the 6 figure incomes. I did not know there was that much money to be made in wooden steins and chickens. I'm-a gonna have to buy me a table saw.


    1. *snort*

      She should look at our taxes...

      - Patrice

    2. They probably wouldn't believe you even if they did see your tax returns - after all, you're an evil conservative so you MUST be cheating on your taxes too!

  10. That one, I am afraid, hits the nail squarely on the head.

    I am "for" a lot of the things that they are "for." Environmental stewardship (though I will never again call myself an environmentalist), an end to corporate welfare, an end to multibillionaires being able to get away with murder on the peoples' backs.

    But their methodology is ALL WRONG. It is more bureaucracy and more government control that has brought us TO this state. As the earlier commenter speaking about Dick Cheney, Halliburton, and the wonderfully friendly government climate toward the gas industry (we had the same climate toward the coal industry back in the "progressive" decades of the early 20th century) proves, MORE GOVERNMENT will only make MORE MESS.

    They could have done so much, had they chosen to occupy themselves with making a change. Instead, they chose to scream and shout and carry signs, demanding that their great and wiser betters in government fix it for them.


  11. Do you understand Corporate Welfare??

    Have you tried writing to your congressman lately? They don't respond and when you write to your senator, he writes a letter back saying that he acknowledges your opinion, but he tells you what he is going to do anyway. These are supposed to be the people that speak for us and represent us.

    The whole system is broken down. The 99% realize that the break down in government is because big money is running the show now with lobbying, bribes and power that undercut this countries best interests, whether it be the environment or rule of law that constantly changes to fit the needs of the bottom line.

    As far as bureaucracy, environment and the government....we used to have an EPA that never used to be bought off and it worked just fine. Our natural resources were protected and guarded as they should be.........

    ........that was until it suddenly became LEGAL to have a conflict of interest and buy your way into whatever you want with private big money (oil, fracking, mountain top removal, etc.) "who cares what the people think?"

    It is this LACK of unbribed, common sense government agencies that has taken us to our knees and made us vulnerable to corporations private power.

    I don't like private ownership of what we used to OWN TOGETHER. It will be our downfall......mark my words.... I want these old agencies back to be able to say "NO" to the halliburtons of this country again....and to do that, we need to put the old laws back into place and put a collar on big private enterprise the way it used to be.

    And by the way..........I am proud to say that I am an environmentalist. You ARE what your environment should know this by now...........BJ

    1. I appreciate where you are coming from and what you want. I wish it could work the way you envision, but it won't.

      Yes, once upon a time we had an EPA that was uncorrupted and had some teeth. And once upon a time I believed in the power of government regulation to protect the people.

      But I've lived in the middle of it for years (born and raised in northcentral WV, now living in western PA), and I've come to the sad conclusion that, as long as there is a government agency responsible for "protecting the people," that agency CAN and WILL be deceived and bought off by the very interests they are supposed to be protecting us from. Because of the nature of our political structure, it will ALWAYS turn into a case of the fox guarding the henhouse. EVERY TIME, WITHOUT FAIL.

      They ignore your letters?? Of course they do!! They ignore your demonstrations, too-- unless, of course, they send in the riot squad and focus on the images of the 5% of demonstrators who are just there to get violent and stir up trouble.

      I want to believe that the government can and will protect me, my neighbors, and my kids. I really, really want to believe that, because doing it myself requires constant vigilance and a lot of hard work.

      I've just seen this happen too many times to believe that it's EVER going to happen. You seem like a good person, with your priorities in the right place (at least, as long as you haven't bought into the environmental movement's line on eugenics and control of the people). But you also seem to be unnervingly naïve.

    2. Do you think that all the accomplishments of environmentalists are going to be aired on mainstream media? Oh…I forgot…you wouldn’t know about that because you are a self proclaimed non- environmentalist. Those who are destroying this planet would rather these subjects never come up because it exposes the havoc that they create on a daily basis to this planet.

      FYI: Here is just a smattering of environmentalist victories:

      The Nature conservancy has protected 320,000 acres of forest land in Western Montana from logging. It has also protected a total of 3.5 million acres of forest land in the last five years.

      The Humane Society passed one of the most popular California initiatives in history that attacked the animal agriculture industry. They produce more carbon emissions than transportation.

      The Sierra club succeeded in overriding the previous EPA’s ruling setting new standards on carbon emissions from coal plants.

      A jury acquitted six Greenpeace activists in the UK after vandalizing a smokestack in Kent that was releasing 20,000 tons of carbon emissions. They argued the graffiti wasn’t near as bad as the damage to the planet.

      “Sea Shepard” (a 32 old organization for marine life) prevented the Japanese from reaching their hunt quota by nearly 300 whales.

      Greenpeace banned incandescent light bulbs to save energy consumption by 80% that would prevent 30 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

      The Environmental Defense Fund encouraged stronger regulations of diesel ships that will cut pollution by 90%. (These are the most polluting vessels on the sea.)

      Then we have the River Keepers and Earth Justice who is getting out more exposure about fracking. NRDC has won several lawsuits against big oil that has delayed drilling in pristine areas of Alaska while preventing the Polar Bear from extinction. There is so much more that is going on.

      How can you say these things are not important? It is hard to believe that you can live on this planet and flippantly put your head in the sand with no regard to its destruction by those who could care less? This WILL effect the next generation. To me….THIS is the epitome of naivety. BJ

    3. I'm well-versed, dear one. Until I woke up and realized exactly WHAT was going on in DC, and until I realized that too many of your wonderful friends want to dictate peoples' lives (or end my life and that of my kids-- I'm genetically defective and not worthy of a life on this overpopulated planet), I WAS you.

      I've been there, honey, and done that. Sponsored the EDF, joined the Sierra Club and the human society, can't say I'd touch Greenpeace with a thousand foot pole (they're terrorists).

      I NEVER said those things weren't important. I said you kids are going about it all wrong. Stop using your passion to insult and tear down all those who don't agree with your methodology.

      You sound, to be frank, like a terrified 22-year-old idealist-- and YOU frighten me a lot more than climate change. This discussion is over.

    4. Your condescending attitude is no surprise.....I'm not your "honey" or your "dear one". (This is usually what someone resorts to when they can't come back with facts.) live in PA? There has been over 398 complaints in your state alleging contamination from gas and oil fracking to private wells. 106 have been confirmed polluted.

      I don't wish a pox on anyone, but once this hits home, it will make some realize the relevance of those concerned with the environment.

      If, (God forbids), this happens to you, it will no longer be me that frightens you.......because you will then have bigger fish to fry. NOW this discussion is over. BJ

  12. Great article, wouldn't change a thing.

  13. The Occupy idiots got some conversations going about important things that otherwise wouldn't have been discussed. They somewhat served a purpose.