Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Somewhat viral

Rather to my surprise, this past weekend's WND column (I Live the Life Feminists Hate) went somewhat viral, being picked up by all kinds of other news sites -- some friendly, some hostile. A few examples

Before It's News
Wonkette.com (a particularly vulgar review)
Got News Wire
The News Doctors
Patriots Billboard
PoliticusUSA (they disagree)

Last I checked, the column had 295 comments. Frankly I didn't think it was that controversial a topic. Who'da thunk?


  1. It is controversial because God instituted it. The lefties have no problem submitting to anyone *but* God (or white males, for that matter).

  2. Feminists are so angry to begin with. And you being happy just makes them angrier. And it is not just them who are angry but rather much of America.

    Presidential candidate Ron Paul dared to criticize America’s continuous unconstitutional wars. At a 2012 GOP debate Dr. Paul suggested that America’s foreign policy should follow the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). People in the audience booed him and drowned him out! Folks this was in South Carolina, once arguably in the heart of the Bible Belt.

    The husband being head of the family… following the ‘Golden Rule’… These are foreign concepts to those who are blind. Let’s pray for them but do NOT tell them. Hearing that too would just make them ANGRIER.
    Montana Guy

  3. I read the review at Wonkette.com (because I like mindless drivel every now and then) and I have to say, I feel terribly sorry for those women. How miserable they must be to have hearts so filled with anger and hateful pride. I'm assuming none of them are married -- or ever want to be -- to a real man rather than a whipped, adult-aged, child who lets mean-spirited women like them walk all over him. It's a shame that the ladies who frequent Wonkette.com don't understand the beauty of biblical submission, and can't see how it makes a family better. Thank God there are still women who understand that men and women are indeed different, and that each has a role in life. Keep up the good work, Patrice!

  4. It's only controversial because of the lifestyle's Biblical foundation. They don't want God; therefore, they must invalidate any lifestyle -- or any stand -- that is based on the Bible.

    Even if it works.

    That was an excellent piece, Patrice! I've been trying to gel my thoughts on the subject to make a post about it myself, but it's like you took my thoughts and said it better than I could have. :)

    My husband and I have been married for 22 years, and our relationship is much like yours. We have a very happy marriage, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad not to have to make all the tough decisions.

    Someone commented that I live in the Stone Age. Well, then I like the Stone Age.

  5. In reading a few of the criticisms of your article, they all miss the point - you have not been FORCED to submit to your husband, but instead it is your CHOICE to submit to him as head of household.
    They also ignore that he doesn't lord over you but respects your views and opinions - that you are truly the heart of the household.
    One thing they never seem to address is that without a designated head, any group (let alone a family), doesn't work well - there is a reason we have a President as well as a Congress, that corporations have CEO's, that schools have Principals, etc: If nobody is in charge, there is chaos, confusion, and recrimination.
    Bravo for making your case publicly Patrice!

    1. I should probably read this about 14 more times to make sure it says what I think it says...

      ...but when I do, if it does, I might request your permission to copy it out and paste it on my bathroom mirror.

    2. You are free to copy it.
      The gist of it is that feminists cannot fathom a woman voluntarily submitting to a man and therefore assume Patrice is either forced by Don or out of her mind.
      They also assume that submitting is always bad (even as they hypocritically support policies that force submission to the state).

    3. I was struck by something else you said: "They also ignore that HE DOESN'T LORD IT OVER YOU but respects your views and opinions."

      The "submissive women" I grew up with did not dream that their views and opinions would be respected. They did not HAVE views and opinions. I have asked them how they managed to keep peace in their house and still have their views and opinions respected. They laughed at me like I was still an ignorant, willful child and said, "I learned to keep my mouth shut." Upon elaboration, I discovered that "keep my mouth shut" meant "I learned to anticipate my husband's views and opinions and make them my own."

      Maybe I AM a selfish, foolish, willful child and a hellbound Jezebel, but that does not seem right and I farther note that NONE of those homes were genuinely happy. They were all homes with bitter women and children who walked on eggshells and got out of the home as soon as the law would allow (if not sooner).

  6. I'm not one bit surprised by the response to your article, Patrice.

    I think it well articulates one of the truths about ladies like ourselves that most aggravates 'feminists' and belies their hollow claims.

    But we all know the rules: No fair beating the left at its own game. It's mean..or racist... or something. ;)

    A. McSp

  7. and you a happy,satisfied lady unlike the NEGATIVE,whining,miserable,abortionist,leftist liberal,everyone else's fault,democrat liberals!!
    Enjoy every morning when you awaken and pray for the LOSERS they are and give God his glory and praise for who and what you are.Ignore the ignorance and continue on!

  8. You're right, Patrice. Your column was NOT that controversial a topic. At least, not to honest, sensible, Christian believers! Can any progressive who disagrees with you ever do so in a calm and mature way? Can they speak eloquently and interact reasonably? Apparently not, which is why they are so angry, so hateful and no doubt so miserable. God bless them all. --Fred in AZ

  9. I have a hard time imagining anyone being THAT "for" feminism, at least when you define feminism as the idea that men and women should be viewed as inherently the same or that women should be viewed as superior...

    ...but I can imagine it being that controversial when you factor in the fact that, for a lot of people (myself included until the last few years), being "against" feminism meant being "against" women and "for" paternalism and women as property rather than people.

    Most of the feminists I know are rebelling against the idea that, once a woman is married (and she must marry, or be considered unnatural and shunned), she is the property of her husband's family.

    I can go on and on and on about this...

    ...but right now it's 20 minutes to cooking time. I will just have to suffice it to say that it saddens me to see that it has become so polar, so black/white, so either/or in our discourse (though not, perhaps, in the lives of those who were wise and blessed like you).

    God is, I believe, weeping for women on BOTH sides of the either/or. And maybe for men too.

    1. Most feminists you know are rebelling against having to marry and then becoming the property of their husband's family? Gad, where did THAT come from? My husband grew up with 4 sisters. We had 3 daughters, no sons. All are married now and NONE of them are a part of any such situation as you describe that feminists are rebelling against. The more people (like feminists) try to explain why they feel and act as they do, the sillier they look and the less believable they become. --Deb in AZ

    2. It IS silly...

      ...but I've seen it happen. Darned if I haven't had people (most notably my father-in-law, who had some definite issues) try to do it to me, too. It's silly, and sorry, and sad, and just another form of abuse when you get right down to it (even if fists aren't necessarily involved). But it happens.

      More the pity, the response we get to it is "feminism." A valiant attempt perhaps at the outset...

      ...but the result has been decidedly less than productive.

      I'm glad for your daughters, and your sisters. Sorry my mother-in-law, my aunt, and my grandmother. And, yes, also a bit sorry for myself, trying to work out something sane between the very depressing poles of abject subservience and *snort* "feminism."

    3. Seriously-- read the article at Wonkette.com again. It does not take divine discernmanship to see the terror of the writer.

      An animal that hisses and spits like that feels it is backed into a corner by or defending its young from mortal threat.

      That pitiable woman isn't any different.

      She's ACTUALLY AFRAID of Patrice. And you, and me, and a lot of other people. She's afraid of God, and of Jesus, and of Christianity and Islam and Judaism. If she knew what the rest of the religions really are, she'd be afraid of them too. She's SCARED WITLESS.

      And the people who scared her?? They were probably scared witless of something too.

      I'm going to fight the urge to expound on the subject. No one likes it when I expound. I know that...

  10. I wonder if those who take such issue with your article are just as threatened when they take a job in which they do not maintain control over every aspect of the company for which they work. The notion of complimentary functionality is completely lost as everything seems to be received/perceived as a threat.

    This modern brand of angry feminism seems to breed increasingly fragile egos... and little common sense.

  11. Eh, feminists fail to see that they have become just like the patriarchists (I'm channeling Mark Twain today) they so disdain. If they really think that women are better at (fill in the blank), then the genders are obviously NOT alike and their house of cards falls down.

  12. I'm feeling rather smug right now that it's so easy to tick off the left, and that there's nothing they can do about it! HA!

    A conversation I had with a "women's libber" years ago:

    This "women's libber" was aghast about a choice made by a more traditional woman, and exclaimed, "WHY DID WE DO ALL THAT FIGHTING FOR EQUALITY if she's just gonna throw it all away?!!"

    I reminded her that that "fighting" was so that women could make their OWN choices, with freedom, in keeping with their own faith, to find their own happiness...to not be pigeonholed in any way at all by ANYONE'S expectations.

    To which she said, "Yeah, but only if they chose nontraditional roles!"

    I said, "THAT'S pigeonholing, exactly what you fought against!"

    She didn't get it then and still doesn't to this day.

    Just Me

  13. Normal they say is just a setting on the dryer.

    Being normal has become controversial.

    Non-conformity is essential, make sure that you conform.

  14. You have to take into account the liberalism is a mental disorder. Freedom in Christ and the biblical ideal of having a helpmate can therefore make NO sense to them. It's not like I even care one hoot about how they live.

    Signed: A happy homemaker, helpmate, mother, grandmother for 34 years .. oh and happily married, tending to the garden of life. We work on our marriage, trust each other, put each other first, and he has made provisions should he pass early from this life. Mrs.Mac

  15. I've been thinking about the truth you shared since I read the article...how our husbands are the head of the household and we are the heart of the household. For me that about summed the beautiful truth of your writing. What a God-ordained, healthy and happy way to live!
    Feminists don't realize the disservice and trampling of women their intolerance results in. Overreacting and taking a few words like submission, helpmate out of context....they are only shortchanging themselves.

  16. I keep reading, and perhaps I am learning, albeit slowly and late, how to do this thing CORRECTLY.

    I appreciate you all being patient with me as I try to work it out in my fumbling, sometimes downright stupid, way.

  17. Patrice, I stumbled across your site while looking up canning information...I would call myself a liberal, agnostic, feminist...that being said, I really LOVE what you have to say about many things. Really loved the latest blog/essay! I was married to someone who wanted me to be a housewife...not a homemaker, but a housewife. It didn't work because he assumed that meant he had the final (and only) word on all things. Your view and description is so much more sane and good for all! When men and women fully acknowledge, respect, and cherish the differences and different strengths, we ALL benefit. -- I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you, Anon 2:56... and welcome.

      - Patrice