Saturday, April 26, 2014

So when's the revolution? (see addendums)

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled So When's the Revolution?

I received an email from a reader I'll keep anonymous:

Have you been listening to our conversations here at the house? We just finished your WND article. We drove a couple of hours today and our conversation sounded a whole lot like your article. My husband was just saying if your family is talking about the actions of our government and we're talking about it, how many others are as well? Millions?

We do fear what is coming quickly to our country. And it's getting more blatant, in your face, and shoved down your throat, whether you like it or not. But if you say anything or do anything except bow and scrape and agree, you're a terrorist! It gets more unbelievable every single day. And it's escalating, very quickly.

We pray almost every day for our country and those that can't or won't see what it happening. I can't imagine going about our lives without a clue. What terror awaits the unprepared.

Well, thanks for 'listening' to us vent. Life has become very unsettling in many different ways. I hope your garden is doing well. Keep at it.

I also received a snark from a reader I'll also keep anonymous:

What alarmist drivel. You are usually a careful writer. I expect stupidity from [another WND columnist]. If you cannot find a good subject to write about, take a week off.

Hmmmm... I wonder what part of the column he disagrees with?


  1. Very good job of summing up a lot of things that have been on my mind(probably a lot of minds).

    Everyone has their own 'line in the sand'. I'm embarrassed to admit that as a happily married man with 2 amazing children, and a job that pays me not to shabby, that my line is...well, a long ways off, as frustrating as I think things have gotten.

    It's one of the things that most impresses me when you look at the American Revolution. Those men, our Founding Fathers...they had a LOT to lose...I mean, obviously, their lives...but not one of them was 'bad off' the way things were going.

    I kind of think that's part of what THEY want....they want people to snap in small groups...small enough that they can get the media to label them as extremists when they are slapped down.

  2. Our Founders’ Republic has been squandered by ungrateful Americans. Remember two dates.

    With the quiet stroke of a pen on New Year’s Eve 2011 Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. Poof. The Bill of Rights was dealt a fatal blow.

    On April 12, 2014 government tyrants surrendered to armed Patriots in Nevada. The Feds say it’s not over. They are correct. It wasn’t over at Lexington either.

    Personally, we are now focused on preserving liberty for our children and grandchildren rather than preserving a government. The boundaries of a New Republic matter little. We wanted to live in a God-fearing, liberty-loving area. We chose The Redoubt with BC, Alberta and Alaska abutting it to the north. Your priorities may differ. Much is written about WHAT YOU NEED when chaos hits. But perhaps more important is WHOM YOU WILL BE WITH.
    Montana Guy

    1. I agree!
      I will add that the founders knew that the Bill of Rights would only work for a society that was MORAL; otherwise they would be used for evil which is what is happening. How else could we have so many different special classes of people pandering for "equal" treatment, when it is all ready guaranteed. They are using them to promote their amoral behaviors and to make them mainstream.
      We are straddling two Redoubt states right now, trying to move from one into another, and a sense of urgency is paramount for more than one reason. We will get snow here on Wednesday and the garden at the new place is untouched. I need a Calvin and Hobbes type transmogrifier right now to duplicate myself; however, the Lord is good to me and I pray to just do His will and push on.

  3. If it were just one Federal agency overstepping its authority, I'd think it was an out of control leader in that particular agency. But it is all of agencies simultaneously seizing, poking, and prodding.

    I'm way past happily working a third or more of the year just to pay these bozos to steal from me.

  4. Well said.

    Unfortunately, VERY well-said.

    I DO NOT want it to come to that. I don't want to kill people, or see my neighborhood turned into Sarajevo. I don't want to see my kids learn to dodge snipers (or die because they were slow learners). I don't want to see people kill and die, and that is one thing I have ZERO DESIRE to do myself. I don't want to live under martial law.

    I don't want any of those things. And, to be frank, I am a coward.

    That doesn't make me too blind to see what is coming if something doesn't change.

    1. I believe most people feel this way. I certainly do! But then I remember the wise words of a famous man: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      ― Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin
      --Fred in AZ

    2. MC, maybe you are being too hard on yourself. You are not alone. I still have fear; lots of it. I keep working at it. (the Book of Job helps.) You 'get it'. You are concerned for your kids. You are on Patrice’s site. You are way ahead of those who don't care, or think tomorrow will be just like today.

      When dark times come, not everyone has to be a sharp shooter. I've never heard of a retreat group turning away an EMT, doctor, nurse, master gardener, hunting/fishing, butcher, ham radio specialist, mid-wife, mechanic, welder, animal husbandry, solar power specialist, wild edibles expert, and the list of hands-on skills goes on. Kids with the proper training can be huge assets too.

      Throughout history, governments come and go. As Patrice’s WND article describes, the country that most people think they live in, simply no longer exists. But God-given liberty is rare indeed, and worth preserving. Hope lies in molding the next government to protect it.
      Montana Guy

  5. have to make sure that what you are hearing is the truth and fact check everything before you jump to radical conclusions. We have no accurate news on mainstream media anymore since Reagan did away with all true and accurate journalism.....

    One good example of this is the Bundy debacle. Sean Hannity fanned those flames with as much BS and taunting as he could dredge up as He venomously kept egging on a confrontation with about 200 neocons......Only problem was he forgot to mention the guy is a "welfare cowboy" who doesn't want to pay his way like the rest of his neighbors. I thought welfare was what Sean Hannity and most of his cronies are so adamantly against. This is only one of hundreds of examples of over reacting.

    Why isn't he complaining about people who actually own their property that are having it stolen by a foreign country for personal profit......this at the expense of troubled land owners through eminent domain. (Keystone XL Pipeline). I didn't hear him complaining about that injustice.

    The government is corrupt now because bribery and the revolving door are legal, well and alive. When money is speech and corporations are people, this only makes for more corruption. We can thank the five bribed, treasonous judges for passing that law.

    If this can not be changed through the people who are tired of it and are saying, " enough is enough".......then it may come to a confrontation. No one wants that.....but don't heave more
    %+$#@ on top of the pile of unfiltered misinformation that is being continuously pumped into the system....and especially stop buying into the FEAR FACTOR.

    Oh by the way, our guns are not being taken away from us. More propaganda from the right.

    1. stuff it you sad lemming. you should take the effort you wasted writing your overly emotional diatribe and pathetically skewed facts into actually educating your mind. none of what you typed is accurate.

    2. You say Reagan did away with all true and accurate journalism? Reagan? No one can be that blind and misguided. You're just another phony progressive trying to stir things up. It won't work here, pal. Too many of Patrice's readers can see right through you! --Fred in AZ

    3. I want to be fair and balanced. Anonymous at 5:24 PM is actually right about ONE thing. Our guns are NOT going to be taken away from us!
      Montana Guy

    4. Regarding Reagan and the airwaves:

      Reagan shot down "The Fairness Doctrine " in 1987.

      "The Reagan Administration, had always opposed the Fairness Doctrine and was waiting for this opportunity to come along.

      In August 1987..... the FCC (promoted by the Reagan administration) repealed the old Fairness Doctrine claiming that it was unconstitutional, although the Supreme Court had ruled unanimously in 1969 that the Fairness Doctrine was not only constitutional, but essential to democracy.

      It had stated that the public airwaves should not just express the opinions of those who can pay for air time; but must allow the electorate to be informed about all sides of controversial issues......" killed by Reagan.

      Check it out......from "a phony progressive trying to stir things up."

    5. Have you ever read the Fairness Doctrine? It's all about "unfair".

    6. Aside from what I just posted, there are far more liberally biased media outlets and published materials than the few that present the other side.

  6. So where do you get your incredibly accurate information if I might ask? (this ought to be interesting).............

  7. America is at that awkward stage. It is too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.
    • Claire Wolfe

  8. And it will be worse and worse

    Large schools prepare their graduates to Big Data

    By Fanny Rabouille

    According to Gartner, Big Data will be created over 4 million jobs in the world between 2012 and 2015. This is good news . But people who apply for these positions , are they up to the task?
    As often said Steve Jobs on his work at Apple, Big Data lies at the crossroads of technology and humanities. The contenders for these new positions must be trained on technology and strategy - but also on ethics. For those who control all information collected by companies today have wider than that asked for their leadership responsibilities.
    Schools are beginning to offer masters in Big Data. It prepares students for a career in this new field that affects all of society and that will still grow significantly in the coming years . In schools, we prepare professionals who will work in this new field .

    The most important ethical issues revolve around confidentiality and the proper use of data. For example, does a recruitment firm has the right tools to use Big Data to go examine the facebook pages and other candidates to identify the personality traits of the candidate ?

  9. Wow, what a great article. My husband and I were discussing this very same thing yesterday and I had not even considered how many other families are also discussing what is happening to our country and what must be done to put a stop to it.

    I have to wonder who the heck is "this Anonymous" commenter. Someone seriously lacking in reasoning abilities or perhaps a paid disinformation lackey.

    1. Ha!........interesting!

      The "anonymous commenter" isn't one of the "sheeple" who actually ingests everything that is shoved down his throat by a right wing dominated so called news press and written commentary.....

      Not saying that some of the info isn't accurate......just suggesting there is a lot of BS flying around and one should spend a little more time seeking the truth before overreacting!!

      This should be everyone's job.......otherwise you are no better than the witch hunts of Salem where gossip and rumors dominated and promoted fear, death and's the nature of the beast. Do your homework, then decide.....and FYI......This takes a lot more "reasoning" than buying into all of it!

    2. Lemming indeed. You insist upon yourself.
      DHS would be my guess.

    3. I'm lemming the only word you know?......or is there something else (like facts) going on somewhere upstairs?

  10. You'll get change when you stop voting for democrats and republicans.

  11. Patrice, I agree with you 100%...i also hope it doesn't come to what could be the inevitable end...but I thank God I have my faith and my resources!

  12. Patrice, I read the article you wrote and agree 100%. Remember, though, when you receive a snarky comment about an article written about our government going down the drain in a rush to get to the sewer:) It's only because that person's eyes have not been fully opened to what is going around them. they are living with the blinders on and still drinking the poisoned kool aid.

  13. This is actually a topic of conversation in our family on a regular basis. Lately when friends join us, it is a topic of conversation for them, too.

    SwampMan had to go to the capitol for an education meeting. One of the conversations along the way was teachers' alarm about the increasing militarization of government bureaucracies complete with snipers.

    It is not just you. It is all of us, around the country, looking around and not liking what we see.

  14. “Means, Motivation, & Opportunity” Anyone who has seen a TV Drama involving ‘Carrying Out of / or Committing Criminal actions’ knows what these words mean. These are the Basic Necessities of which constitute a Crime. Much in the same way which Fire needs: Fuel, Heat, and Oxygen to complete Combustion.

    The Govt. knows “Exactly What They’re Doing” and they have Many New Ideas for Building Anger in America… The ‘Something They’re Accomplishing’ is to ‘Poke the Hornet’s Nest w/ the Biggest Stick They Can Find’ by Pushing all the Buttons of America. It’s called by many names: Justifiable Homicide, Imminent Domain, Right Through Might, Homeland Security, Peace By Pacification, Reasonable Cause or Reasonable Doubt, Acceptable Deniability, Collateral Damage, Suicide By Police
    or Military, etc.

    Unfortunately at this Late Stage of Development, there is No More ‘Escalation of Events’ from a low state of Action to a higher state of Activity, we are there. And The Powers that (wanna) Be, now Act With Impunity, & Thumb Their Noses at Any Pretense of Constitutional Law or Citizen’s Rights. The question won’t be “Who has the Dirtiest Hands? It will be Who has a Clearer Conscience? or Lack of?” People who are behind all this, have been doing this for a very long time, they’re very Good atmanipulating Situations and influencing the Media to come on-board.

    Reasonable Doubt, Accountability to The People, of Responsible Lawmaking, Truth in Politics, News Services Which Are Accurate, Freedom Of Speech, these are now relics of a bygone era. A Heinous Crime: Is currently being committed, Has taken place, Was planned for their future. A-once American Dream has now become The-present American Nightmare.

    It’s going to be: “I Told You So!” “Is this What You Were Talking About?” “What Just Happened?” None of this will matter because we’ll all be in the same boat - “Now Where Did That Paddle Go?”

  15. It's been awhile on my comments.... Not only are we at the awkward stage where we have mostly lost the opportunity to change it from within the system. We have not been "poked" enough to shoot them.

    Not long though as we trudge through the nightmare that is upon us. Bundy was a small foretaste of things to come I am afraid. With enough former military with the expertise and the equipment we MAY prevail. But, not without the shedding of blood. I will say this as a fact..... If our military does the governments wishes and turns against the people we have lost. We may have the numbers but the terrible firepower the government has through not just federal agencies but our military will leave us VERY, VERY, BLOODY. You have to really ask this.... Are we ready to pay the cost? If we can answer as William Wallace "you may take our lives, but you will never take our freedom" then maybe we are indeed ready! I truly hope that we are!