Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter or Earth Day?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Easter or Earth Day?


  1. ...And above all, we will continue to worship the Creator, not the created.
    I like that.

    - Charlie

  2. Even though Sir Tomas Moore’s book, “Utopia” is a bit of a giant stretch for me in describing socialism in a “free overpopulated world” …….this isn’t (to me) what the “greenies” are referring to. No one said Earth Day was more important than Jesus.

    I agree, Al Gore is not the best model for leaving a “green footprint” on this planet, but I think you missed his whole point. (by the way, kudos to you folks for living your lifestyle the way that you do).

    He is referring to the ga-gillions of tons of pollution caused by oil, gas and coal that are belched into this atmosphere every minute causing cancers and loss of life to both people and animals.

    He is talking about the losing battle of pollution to our water resources and the annihilation of our forests to be sold to foreign countries. This destruction is a very clear and present danger to the balance of the very air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the weather that ultimately effects the food that we eat.

    It seems that in the very same way that Roger Ailes (the most powerful brain behind Fox News) has tarnished the word “liberal”, he has also distorted the word “green” or as you cozy up to the notion, “enviro-nuts”… be a dirty word by design. (He controls 80% of the air waves in this country.)

    He doesn’t believe what thousands of scientists (check it out) have confirmed to be a certainty that there is an imminent threat of global warming. Is all he has to do is muddy the waters by saying that there isn’t and he has accomplished his goal of doubt. He has done it for years.

    This is no longer about how you live your personal life on the farm….this is a far bigger cancer posing a very real threat to the demise of this planet. Living your life green can only be compared to the likes of David to Goliath when it comes to the real damage being done to the earth at this time.

    If we continue down this road of ignorance and let those in power continue to sway our thinking towards the bottom line…..”baby….you ain’t seen nothing yet!” BJ

  3. The points taken from Moore's book, "Utopia", describe a PRISON!

    To wit: No personal property...everything the same...everyone dressed the same...children being taken from parents...forced labor according to your "prescribed" abilities ... anyone (well, any guard) can walk into your "space"... no traveling outside your district .... meals, leisure and etc. being scheduled by someone else....

    Holy Criminey. I'm glad I don't live in "Utopia."

    Just Me

  4. Patrice, did you know Sir Thomas More chose the name "utopia" because its literal meaning is: no place....

  5. You missed the point of "Utopia".
    The word means "nowhere" (or "unattainable"). St. Thomas More wrote it as satire, or, at the very least--as a cautionary tale.

    1. To me, that still makes it sound like Moore was pining and lamenting for something "unattainable" because he WANTED it to be attainable.

      Not any better.

      My reading list just got longer. No more comments from this peanut gallery about Moore until then...

      Just Me

  6. You'd need 2.8 planets? Build spacecraft-the Solar System's full of materials no one is using. Better yet, build starships and see what's out there...