Saturday, March 22, 2014

In defense of homeschooling -- again

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled In Defense of Homeschooling -- Again.


  1. Right on Patrice! How dare we opt out our children from government indoctrination? How dare we forget the history of tyrannies like Lenin's and Hitler's indoctrination of children?

    This article reminds me of a quote from one of your previous articles, "Children are the currency of tyrants".
    Montana Guy

  2. Our oldest started school in 1988. Liek the good parents we wanted to be, we did what we could to get involved. Even though we lived right across the street from the school, his teachers were not really interested in our involvement ,

    We decided to pull him out of the public schools. Parochial schools were too expensive, but several people from our church homeschooled, and we chose that option.

    I won't beat the dead horse about academic superiority among homeschooled kids. The big bugaboo among our families was the socializaation issue. There were about 200 families in the Jackson area, loosely organized for things such as gym classes and field trips. What the Liberals (I refuse to honor their latest name change. I just might go back to calling them Socialists.) don't want to hear about is a report prepared by the University of Michigan which stated that homeschooled kids definitely do NOT suffer in any way from any imagined lack of socialization.

    Typical Liberal response: Set up a straw man with no supporting data, then give him a sound beating with unsupported platitudes.

    Steve Herr

  3. Aw come Patrice!
    Tell us what you REALLY think.
    Well done.

  4. Very well done, Patrice.

    Thank you for always speaking out for home schooling and for doing it so well.

    A. McSp

  5. Excellent!! We homeschooled our four children. They are ages18-24. All have been functional outside the home. Second son joined volunteer fire department at 17 and city fire department hired him at 20. Oldest son joined Army at 18. Served four years with one tour in Afghanistan. He is now a deputy sheriff. Third son started as an ER tech at age 18. He is going to school for nursing degree while working full time. He married his homeschool sweetheart last December. She is going to school fulltime while a new bride. Daughter is enrolled in college working on becoming a paralegal. She is also working part-time.

    Oh and the kicker~the kids wish to be productive for our community. It was important for them to be of service. We raised them to see the world from our home out and work to ensure it was a lovely place to live.

    The kids all believe in being debt free and own outright the vehicles they have. Homeschooling for us was perfect because the kids did not get caught up in the pay later debt plan that overwhelms so many.

  6. "as well as leave them absolutely unable to think for themselves". Interesting this came up this morning. I was talking yesterday to a college friend of mine. We're both in our mid-40's and she just started back at her alma mater (one of the state universities) for a mechanical engineering degree. She's also tutored math for the last 15 years.

    She was astounded at the "quality" of the students she's tutored, and the ones in her classes now. None of them can THINK. They can regurgitate. They can do a task if spoon fed the exact steps. They cannot work things out themselves.

  7. I find nothing wrong with homeschooling. I just find it ironic that most homeschooling families use a religious based curcirrlum. Religious indoctrination and government indoctrination are pretty much similar.

    1. Who taught you to spell curriculum?

    2. It looks like a typing mistake to me. I'm surprised you couldn't tell. Maybe you could debate him/her with information instead of resorting to put downs? As a young person reading this site for information that could influence how I raise my children later, it would have been helpful if you'd said something worthwhile.

    3. No, tay, there are extra letters and missing letters, that's not a typo. I believe calling religious studies indoctrination is purposely insulting and I was giving the same disrespect back, quite succinctly. Don't dish it if you can't take it little one, pass that on to your children.

  8. Great article, too bad the ones that really need to read it can only look at the pictures.
    The lie about the lack of socialization is one we address frequently, often from the same individuals. We begin by nicely telling them that we're not raising our children to interact with improperly socialized social misfits in the local high school, we are training them to be adults and to interact with respect and knowledge with the people that will be their real peers, ADULTS.
    They get plenty of socialization in the activities they participate in. When the broken record gets played again, we point out that apparently their public school education did not produce for them the ability to receive, integrate, and apply new input that falls outside of their preprogrammed basic level knowledge.
    As I used to tell my children, "Mommy doesn't have to be nice after 20:00", I don't feel compelled to be nice with adults who aren't seeking real information, but are only provoking argument.