Saturday, March 8, 2014

Confessions of a proud prude

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled Confessions of a Proud Prude.


  1. Patrice, we admire how you and Don have raised your children.

    How far this once great nation has fallen. America's fall began when it abandoned God. Now its government is actually persecuting Christians. Today's IRS-controlled 501c3 churches are modern day Pharisees preaching submission to this government. Not much has changed since Christ walked this Earth.

    But like Pastor says, there is hope. God does His best work using His 'remnants'. And there is the blessing of salvation...
    Montana Guy

    1. No one has abandoned God. That is ridiculous. But people are starting to get wise to the shrewd actions of a Catholic church who seems to love to manipulate their people like little puppets. And yes, they do abuse their 501c3 status. They are always in politics.

      Check it out. 98% of catholic women use the very birth control that is strictly banned by the Church. Many of them also have abortions in obscure secret…..(eluding to the fact that their situations are more unique than others.) This is the reality.

      One in five women are raped in this country…..a country that the Catholic Church would have believe should never use birth control or procure early abortions. A country that now has a population of 7.l billion and is predicted to double by 2100.

      The Church is out of touch with their people…and this is why I no longer am a Catholic, but I believe in God and Jesus Christ……and teaching our children to wait till marriage before having sex. My point is that “no one has abandoned God".....just the Catholic Church..

      Having said that I am with Patrice on the teaching of our young girls and boys to respect their bodies as a temple and that sex is worth waiting for within a committed marriage.

      We can’t get enough of teaching that to our children, but sometimes the world isn’t always the fairy tale place we hope for. S**t does happen and we need to be more realistic and prepared for our future generations.

    2. BJ, Just because Catholics are sinners like everyone else doesn't mean the teachings regarding artificial birth control and abortion are incorrect. Birth control pills and other devices aren't the healthiest, either, religious issues aside. And killing one's child, albeit at an early stage, will have a resounding effect on a woman, especially one with a Godly conscience.

      The 'rules' of the Church are there for a reason, much like the Commandments. Without that base of understanding, how would one determine when it is actually s**t hitting the fan? No doubt many of the rapists taking advantage of women in the stat you mentioned didn't have any issue with their actions.

      But that has always been so as times change, but people don't. That said, I'm glad the Church holds the line with doctrine, even when her faithful (and that includes priests, Bishops, nuns etc) fall short of the line.

    3. You are the perfect example of what I had just explained.
      Sorry, we just disagree. BJ

    4. @Patty,

      I don't know you, but I do know that you are not qualified to judge whether or not abortions have a resounding effect on women. Not every woman is the same, and not all women have abortions for the same reasons. I also know that you are not qualified to decide what is considered a child. A fetus cannot survive outside the womb before 23 weeks, which by definition makes it a parasite, not a child. And before you get offended by that, please Google the definition of parasite. Choosing conception as the beginning of life is very nearly arbitrary. Except for number of cells, there is almost no difference between a zygote and an ovum.

      I'm not going to even touch on the "Godly conscience" part of your statement, because it is far too judgmental and ignorant to entertain.

  2. I admire you, Patrice-- and I agree with you. No matter how many times I'm called stupid, backward, abusive, and insane (and I've been called all four), I will teach my daughters and my son that abstinence before marriage is the right choice, the smart choice, and the only safe choice.

    I won't, though, go the abstinence-only route. Too many girls I knew who were brought up with "abstinence-only" sex education ended up scared, sick, married, and/or pregnant at 16. And these were Christian girls, in Christian schools, in church three or more times a week, who were seldom or never ALLOWED out from under the watchful eyes of parents.

    It only takes 15 minutes to meet a boy in a field and do the deed.

    So I'm teaching them to abstain. I'm teaching them why they should abstain. I'm teaching them what can-- and probably will-- happen if they don't abstain (since we conceived our last two daughters while using condoms religiously, it's pretty clear at least to the oldest one that the statistics being presented in school are somewhat inaccurate).

    But I'm also teaching them that abstinence is tough-- that they're going to be assaulted in that choice by the media, by their peers, and also by their own bodies.

    Even the Bible has instructions for what may be done with a woman pregnant out of wedlock-- and at least one shining example of mercy despite those instructions. Even in America's glory days, shotgun weddings weren't uncommon and teenage girls "went to visit their aunt in Indiana" and came back (hopefully) chastened and changed. All this leads me to conclude that sex before marriage isn't just a problem of the progressive, post-hippie, post-feminist West.

    I want them to withstand the assault and keep their heads firmly in control...

    ...but I also want them to know what to do if, being all too human and fallen, they fail.

  3. Congratulations on another article well-written. I could relate to every point you made and wish I had read it years ago. I was born in the early 60's and I can see how fast this country has become sexualized in every way. I'm sadly surrounded with the majority of family, friends and acquaintances that live together, then get married, or not at all. Unplanned and single mothers having babies, homosexuality and abortions viewed as normal. It's just like Montana Guy writes: America's fall began when it abandoned God. It's a sad, sad country we live in. I can bet that your daughters will be virgins when they get married and will have awesome husbands that will love them and they can respect. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Keep writing great articles and remember that you and your family are always in my prayers. Hugs and blessings your way...Alicia (east Texas)

    1. Congratulations, you are the most uneducated and bigoted person I've encountered today! If you knew anything about the history of human sexuality, you'd know that the repression of sex you desire is exclusive to American culture.

      America's fall began when people started thinking the first amendment gave them the right to be hateful and judgmental of anyone they don't agree with under the guise of faith.

      Homosexuality is practiced by a lot of other animal species (because like it or not, we are animals). It also doesn't affect you in the slightest. I'm pretty sure God would be disappointed in how invested people like yourself seem to be in denying others' rights.

  4. excellent article! it's ironic that there is no issue telling people to control what they eat but the idea of controlling your loins is beyond belief.

    1. Oh, but you are what you eat, Anonymous. But smut in doesn't mean smut out - that's just being narrow minded and judgmental ;^)

  5. “My daughters know full well that reproductive behavior leads to reproductive consequences. (Growing up on a farm, this fact of life is inescapable.)”

    There it is: two short sentences that speak volumes. Urban and suburban dwellers have removed themselves from observing (you know, part of the scientific method) behavior and outcomes of specific behavior thus are without a clue. As the majority of the population in the US is no longer rural, we truly are a nation of educated idiots—although “educated” is debatable.

    Excellent article. Thank you.

    1. I thought the same thing... oh if only everyone could be raised with farm animals for which to water, feed, dispatch, and eat. Is there something about living closer to your neighbor that makes people less sensible?