Saturday, February 1, 2014

The underground economy

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Burgeoning Underground Economy.


  1. Good stuff, Patrice.

    As always, it will be our skills and tangibles that survive what's coming and enable us to go on.

    We're Americans. We overcome.



  2. Government is not kind to the small business owner. As me how I know.


    One can earn $600 per years without paying taxes. How kind.

  4. I recently paid cash for a used car at a dealer .. and they ran a credit check ..and wanted my SS number. I should have walked out .. but at the time, it didn't really 'sink' in as to why they needed this info. I will never do that again. Mrs. Mac

  5. It's getting very rough out here.
    Thanks for speaking up Patrice. Prayers for you and your family

  6. Predication: the underground economy will continue to grow and flourish. The more regulated and difficult it becomes to do business, the more people will look to other ways to preserve the value of their goods or labor instead of paying a percentage off the top to support an increasingly intrusive and bankrupt government.

  7. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder" Isaiah 9:6, KJV

    Evil governments are nothing new. We will all be law breakers before this is over.
    Montana Guy

  8. Forty years ago we had a garage that had bare studs and no insulation, A friend had a pickup that badly needed a paint job. He insulated and sheet rocked our garage. My husband painted his pickup. We each bought our materials. No money changed hands. We were all delighted with our "purchase". Various other barters have taken place over the years with other friends that pleased the persons involved. We got things that we otherwise might not have managed. We still do this on occasion though not as much in our current neighborhood.

  9. I have been participating in the "underground" economy for years now. I think it is the best way to go. Barter, cash businesses, getting into businesses that don't require licenses (and hence massive regulation) and other methods is a way to live a much freer and honestly, satisfying life in my opinion.

    1. I live in one of the states that people love to hate. We would move if able, but we are not. My husband is self employed. In our state, all businesses are registered. In addition, we pay federal tax, state tax, monthly payroll tax, carry workman's compensation insurance that he is unable to collect if needed, sales tax, and file quarterly returns. To operate any other way in this state would be illegal, and if found out would end badly for the business owner. We focus on what God gives us and not what the government takes away. This also means that we live a frugal life.

      I have personally known someone who had problems with their business practices and it did not matter if they were right or wrong. They paid anyway. And they were grateful it wasn't worse.

      For me, the best method to live a freer and more satisfying life is to reduce expenditures by DIY. By repairing or fixing an item that can extend its life, we have the satisfaction of not spending the fuel to go to the store to buy the item that most likely is more expensive then when we purchased it. I am free from taxes if the supplies that I purchase to make birthday and Christmas gifts are not taxable, and save money as well. If I purchased the gifts, it would cost a lot more. We live as frugally as we can.

      Maybe other states are different, but the government is not kind to small businesses.

      It ain't easy.

  10. Well written article, and so true. Now is the time to learn/refine those skills. They will be greatly needed soon!

    Keep up the great work Patrice!

  11. It's said "A fool and his money, are soon parted" it seems more likely the "fool" this is in reference to are those who would "depend upon this (current administration) Govt. for: Honesty, Security, or Assistance during this time of "Trials and Tribulations" they have created...

    GOD Bless! and Pray without Ceasing!