Friday, February 7, 2014

Hands off our children

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Hands Off Our Children.

I didn't realize until a reader pointed it out that the column made it onto the WND "carousel" headlines!


  1. As a public school teacher in California I can confirm that the new Common Core is indoctrination not education. One example: our new Social Studies book uses CE and BCE in place of AD and BC in dates. Secularism is the tone of the text.
    Another example: The 6-8 grade literature list recommends books on climate change and evolution. These are presented as fact not theory. Darwinism is a common theme.
    Another goal of the public school is to have your children for more and more hours in the day. They feed every child free breakfast and dinner. Yes, dinner is also a part of the school day. If your child participates in any after program they are at school until 5:30 pm and served dinner. For some children this is up to 10.5 hours at school (7am-5:30pm). That's more hours than you send with them.
    I am one of the few teachers left in my district that ask questions. Therefore, I have been reprimanded on three occasions by administration in the past two years. Prior to that I have been recognized by the school board and selected as teacher of the year. Now I am labeled as a negative influence on staff that doesn't work well with others. The goal is to keep staff in line. One administrator even told me I was not paid to think or ask questions. If I had questions ask him and he would answer them. I was paid to teach and supervise children only. Thinking was for administrators.
    My husband and I saw the writing on the wall several years ago and pulled our own child out of the public school and started homeschooling her.
    I will soon retire from teaching public school. All parents take heed. Patrice is not speaking out of turn. The government wants your child to think as they see fit for their purposes.

  2. Typo-third paragraph should say after school programs, not after programs. I always find these small blog comment areas difficult to read and proof read. Sorry!

    1. Don't sweat the small stuff. The important parts of what you had to say came through loud and clear. Thank you for making the case!

      Thank you for continuing to ask questions and make administrators nervous/agitated! And, thank you for all of the years you've spent teaching children and not indoctrinating them!

  3. Patrice, thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. And thanks to Anonymous @7:58. Parents, not government are responsible for teaching their children. (Deuteronomy 6:7).

    Welcome to the Police State. How is America any different than 1938 Nazi Germany? Ah yes, there’s that pesky 2nd amendment thing…

    Civility is hanging by a thread, especially in its cities teeming with dependency and immorality. If you live in Gomorrah get out NOW. Everyone need to be vigilant, and choose their battles carefully. As for us, protecting our homeschoolers from tyrants is one of the sacred duties where we will ‘draw a line in the sand’.
    Montana Guy

  4. Patrice, your article hit home not only on the WND carousel, but into Jan Martel's Olive Tree Ministries (OTM Headlines). You have touched a nerve in America. Good for you:

  5. The piece is a good smooth read, as always.

    The carousel....Hot dang!

    "Common Core." Good Golly. Even just saying words is enough to make one think they've been assimilated into a Borg.

    It reminds me of "Lowest COMMON denominator" or "COMMON thief," and "Rotten to the CORE."

    At the risk of revealing my age, I can recall that when someone was called "common," it was a gob-smacking insult.

    Just Me

  6. Welcome to the 4th Reich.... Except for the 2nd amendment we would all be in chains or prison, children confiscated. I agree with Montana Guy when they come for my grandchildren they will be met with lethal force.

    I have said it before folks, it is pretty soon that we WILL have to FORCE the issue of a return to sanity in this nation. Thank God for the second amendment! Keep your powder dry and get ready. Soon, very soon.