Saturday, January 25, 2014

How we're hurting our daughters

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled How We're Hurting Our Daughters.


  1. "You give Dad all the physical tasks around the house."


    This the part where you write:

    "Really? My getting up before everyone else to care for the farm animals and muck out stalls and then making my husband his morning coffee for when he gets up is giving them all to my husband?

    Rob asks the feminist:

    "What planet are you from? Last I checked, my lovely and talented wife does more than her share!"

  2. Well written and thought provoking

  3. When I was a child in the 50's like most boys I wanted to be a fireman. I found out one of the tests required you to pick up a 180lb unconcious man put him over your shoulder in a fireman's carry and step out a second story window and climb down a ladder safely. Wow! Even when I became an adult and entered the military and worked out everyday I still respect that test as a real challenge. And obviously it wasn't some kind of phony test clearly this is what a fireman should be able to do to rescue a victim or a fellow fireman from a burning building. Since they have lowered the standards ( assume so women could become firemen) I suspect this test is no longer required. But victims and fellow firepeople still need rescuing. In very physical jobs like fire fighting and the fighting jobs in the military it is ludicrous to lower the physical training and standards just so we can qualify women. This benefits neither the men nor the women who find themselves in these jobs.

  4. On baby dolls: My experience with my two sons and three daughters is that everyone goes through a baby doll phase. Great! One of my dearest wishes is that my children will grow up to be parents themselves some day! How sad to deny a child a natural and normal phase of their development simply because it isn't politically correct.
    I had a friend who tried to skip baby dolls with her daughter and thought it was all going fine since she never asked to have one. Well, around the time her daughter was three, all of the sudden produce started disappearing from her kitchen. She and her husband were puzzled for about a week until she went in to clean her daughter's bedroom and looked under her bed. There, in neat little rows and all swaddled in kleenex "blankets", were potatoes, zucchini and carrots--an entire nursery of vegetable babies.
    I enjoyed your article. Honestly, is there a more woman-hating bunch out there than feminists? Who has more disdain for everything feminine?

  5. Really liked how you completely dismantled each feminist bullet point in your article. I especially loved your response to "Letting all the physical chores going to dad!"

    When I was growing up, my dad never let me get out of anything because I was a girl. I had to do all the hard physical stuff right alongside my brothers AND get good grades in math and science.

    Only thing is...even though I never got out of any hard work because I was a girl, my brothers got out of all KINDS of work because they were boys: cleaning, cooking, sweeping....

    Wonder what that feminist author would have said about THAT.

    (Yep. I'm still a little steamed about it.)

    Just Me

    1. My mother told of how at her family home (early 1900s) the girls in the family walked or rode horseback for miles to teach in one room schools. Most of the money they earned went to help the family, but when they arrived at home they were expected to help around the house since "a change of work is rest" according to their father The boys who worked around the farm needed their rest though and did nothing around the house. Apparently the change only worked one way.

  6. Very good article. Kind of like I used to read Cosmo to see how I was going about picking out a wife the wrong way, it's nice seeing how you totally destroy the argument about how I am ruining my daughters.
    Sometimes you have to put up with reading articles like that so you can see how the other half thinks...know thy enemy.

  7. I know a few feminists and not one is happy. Just an annoying observation.
    Montana Guy

  8. One has to wonder if the feminists-that-be would approve of a woman choosing to be a stay-at-home mom or homemaker if her husband and father objected to the choice. Seems they go along with whatever men are opposed to.