Friday, December 13, 2013

What could possibly go RONG?

Here's a fascinating little graphic that appeared on ZeroHedge: a flowchart on Obamacare (click to enlarge).

Looking at this, all I can say is -- what could possibly go RONG with government health care?


  1. Kidding aside, we are watching the total destruction of our healthcare system. Pretty frightening.

    1. Sue, it isn't just our health system being destroyed by these traitors,it is the whole American way of life from our moral values to our freedoms.When will concerned citizens have enough and take matters into our hands as the Constitution allows?

  2. The red circle in the center is actually a hole. If you turn on your sound you'll hear the giant sucking sound. It is the bleeding-out of a once-great nation.

    You can Google 'Jefferson's tree of liberty' or you can go back to the mall for more stuff...
    Montana Guy