Friday, November 22, 2013

The fight for masculinity

Here's a fascinating column by Creek Stewart called Time to Get Tough! Save America's Masculinity, reprinted with permission. I found it raised some superb points.

I get a lot of calls from parents who have questions about the survival courses we offer here at Willow Haven. Many parents are concerned whether I think their boy(s) will enjoy the course.

I remember one mother who said, “All he likes to do is play video games, and I’m not sure he’d enjoy being outdoors the whole time.”

I just chuckled and replied the way I always do, “Trust me. Put him in the woods with a knife in his hand, and he’ll be playing his own real-life video game. Give him the adventure he’s trying to fulfill with a game.”

I’m not a parent, and I won’t pretend to know how to raise children. But I am a guy and was once a boy and I know what boys want – and what their masculine spirit needs. I also know that if we don’t let them be boys, then the survival of masculinity in America is at stake. Help save masculinity and the American man by encouraging the following ideals with the boys in your life.

Get Into the Wild
Boys want adventure. They want to be a part of wild nature. They love the challenge that being in nature presents.

If your boy is trapped in suburbia, get him into the woods once in a while before his masculinity is suburbanized. Suburbia will kill the adventurous spirit in even the most manly man if he can never venture into the wild. Men and boys need nature and the wild adventure that it offers. Let them experience the organized chaos that only nature can provide. Give them a landscape view instead of one across a remote control. Let them throw rocks, wade in creeks, fish, chase small game animals, explore paths, hunt for arrowheads, run barefoot, build forts and hike mountains. Nature will take care of the rest.

Let Them Play with Things That Can Hurt Them
Yes, let them play with dangerous things. Boys want to be warriors, soldiers and hunters. Warriors, soldiers and hunters carry weapons. All boys want to play with weapons, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s natural, and that masculine desire should not be stifled.

So many wonderful lessons can be taught while training a young man to properly handle dangerous tools and weapons such as knives, bow and arrow, guns, swords, fireworks, sling shots, clubs, spears, frog gigs, axes, chainsaws, machetes and tomahawks. Boys can learn discipline, self control and restraint. More importantly, they learn respect – for the tools, themselves and authority. Under watchful guidance and supervision, let them live their own video game and play with dangerous things.

Encourage Heroic Chivalry
Boys want to be heroes. They intrinsically want to save the girl and the world.

My intention is not to offend the new breed of women who resist heroic chivalry, but I am unapologetic in my belief that boys should be trained to be men who want to provide for and defend women. Teach them to be the knight in shining armor who fights to save the princess. There is a sense of pride and self-worth that only comes from providing for and taking care of a woman. Don’t steal this amazing feeling away from a boy who wants to be some girl’s hero.

I completely agree that women should have equal rights, but I still also believe that men should still be expected to provide for, serve, protect and defend their princess. It’s crazy that this behavior offends some people. Not raising boys to become men who are encouraged and expected to behave this way robs them of their natural desire to be heroes. Boys should not be scared to display heroic and chivalrous behavior because someone may be offended. It’s OK for boys to be boys and girls to be girls.

Encourage boys to serve, respect, protect and provide for the women (mothers, sisters, wives, grandmas, aunts, girlfriends) in their lives. Give them the opportunity to develop their inner hero early. This country needs manly heroes who unapologetically respect, serve, provide for and defend their women.

Let Them Compete
Competition among males is natural. It is certainly one thing we have in common with our wild male counterparts in nearly all other living species. We (men and boys) are wired to compete with one another. Discouraging that competitive spirit discourages masculinity.

Help the boys in your life find the skills and talents they are good at, and encourage them to hone those skills and gifts through healthy competition. Let us puff up and display our plumage and crash our antlers together and pound our chest. You may see it as a little ridiculous, but it’s a unique part of us that makes us men.

Encourage Hard Work
Boys and men find value, self-worth and identity through hard work. Teach the boys in your life to work hard.

America needs hard-working men who take pride in their work. We need to encourage boys to work hard with their hands instead of holding their hands out. Not working is not manly. A man can work hard even if he’s out of work. It can be hard work to find a job. Set a hard-working example for the boys in your life and expect the same from them.

The survival of the American man is at stake. There seems to be an underlying movement that discourages masculinity. I see it clearly in my own generation and those behind me. It’s perpetuated by mainstream media and almost every sitcom on every television channel. I’m afraid we’ve become numb to the demasculinizing of American men. We don’t need a new modern version of man. What we need if for our new men to be raised to embrace good, old-fashioned manliness.

Remember it’s not IF, but WHEN.


  1. Great find, Patrice! Thanks for sharing. On the point about chivalry and protection - this just highlights another problem with the lie that women can EITHER be strong, capable, and hardworking (therefore indpenedent of and offended by male protection), OR they are weak, helpless, and totally passive. Both men and women buy this lie - both the secular and religious cultures buy it, too.
    So what you get is young men driven by instinct to protect and provide, attracted to completely unsuitable, chronic-victim, narcissistic, demanding and overly-dependent women who feign helplessness in order to be "princesses."
    While the emotionally healthy, capable and grounded women who would be great partners and helpmeets, are going around rejecting men who want to protect and provide for them, because they think it would be weak and subservient to partner with them. I see both sides of this a lot, and it just makes me sad.
    Of course the truth is, it is not demeaning for a woman (or man) to admit they can't do everything by themselves - it just means they are wise and realistic.

    1. You nailed it Ellen. I enjoyed the article but I thought it was a little odd that the author didn't mention anything about the princesses' ability to protect themselves as well. I suppose that would start to steer away from his narrative?

      I think it would have been worth noting that, if she needs it, teaching a woman how to protect herself is also an act of chivalry.

  2. Emasculation of our young men is the goal of the cloven piven strategy..Programs like these fight that agenda. Americans need to understand political correctness is not about being nice and polite.It is part of the emasculation and object control of America as a whole.

  3. These new age educators and pundits all carry on about giving the "child" self esteem. If you want to give a boy self esteem put him in a position to sweat, work out the problem and succeed. Sometimes doing so after failing. The grades earned in the school of hard knocks stay with us. Learning to build a fire, feed himself and sleep dry in some wet woods fills the bill admirably. Teach him how to be a man and he just might grow up to be one.


  4. A LOT of people have warned me about all the dangers for my boys on our new property. Goodness, they might CLIMB SOMETHING! I, on the other hand, wanted to leave suburbia so they can walk in the woods (not in hunting season), build things with wood and metal and tools, play in the creek (in warmer weather) and yes, climb and dig and all that boy stuff. It's not without some danger, but we have weight the risks & benefits and have made educated choices.

    1. As the mother of 6 children, which 3 happen to be boys, GREAT CHOICE!! I have sons who can go out hunting, kill a deer, skin and gut it, cut it up, and cook it. Just one of their many skills! I would say 2 of my sons have great work ethics. It has been my goal to raise MEN, not boys. Christian men at that as well.

  5. Can't argue with the logic. However he doesn't take it far enough. What point is it to instill these feelings into our young men and then turn them loose into the Femocrat Utopia where those exact actions and mannerism will cost them everything? From promotions to actually landing a job to begin with?

    In order to restore or save manhood today we must fight Feminism and root it out from the very core it has infected. Once that is done young men will take care of the rest on their own.

    Free our young men from being forced to live in the video game world by fighting for their future not just sending them to Summer Survival camp for a few weeks.

  6. Great post. Schools and television certainly don't foster any of these things any more.

  7. Anon 1:13 beat me to it.

    This whole thing is planned.

    If they want my 'nads, or my guns, or anything else, they're going to have to bring it, 'cause I'm not handing them over to anyone....

  8. So I'm an old (70) ex military, 20 years, a man. So take my comment for what it's worth. When I first entered the service the percent of women was 3%. They were mostly in medical and admin. During the time I was in the powers that be decided we needed to "integrate" the military with more women and now it is about 20%. What was the cost? Every year they would decrease the training standards. No! Not just for women bt for men. They had to because you cannot simultaneously tell the world that women can do the same job as soldiers that men do and have the men running rings around them. To be explicit the men were making the women look bad. A G.I. in combat carries 60 lbs more or less and has to be able to run with it. Without exception the women couldn't do it. So what's the answer? The standard is now much less, they set the standard to the lowest common denominator. However, ignoring the obvious irony, if a G.I. goes into combat he will still have to carry the same load and that in a nutshell is why women aren't ground pounders in combat. They might drive trucks or sit in a transport but regardless of what tests they passed they simply cannot get the equipment on their back and down the road. Another example. In a Humvee with a 50 cal machine gun the procedure to follow if your vehicle becomes incapacitated in combat is to grab the 50 cal, the ammo and removable mount and run for cover. This is three pieces weighing between 120 and 140 lbs. Now as crazy as this sounds I have seen many pimply faced 135 lb 18 year old boys do this. They struggled and they didn't run fast but they did it. I never saw a women do it and in fact they aren't required to. They can ride in the Humvee, the women can be the entire crew but the fact that they can't follow the specific procedure to save their butts is simply ignored. The brass simply makes believe it will be alright. What I'm telling you is it won't be. If we ever get into a real war with a real and perhaps even superior force a lot of women in the service are going to die without a chance.
    Now surely someone will think I'm saying they can't be mechanics or pilots or whatever. Nope! In fact in most jobs they generally do OK. The problem is they cannot do what it takes to fight on the battle field in a real war. Every woman on the battlefield will simply be a distraction and a hindrance for the soldiers. We need to go back to women in support and medical fields. Sorry!
    P.S. What is truly a shame is we won't. PC won't let us. So what will happen is we may lose the next big war. We may lose our military advantage. Simply because we wanted the appearance of being diverse.

    1. I witnessed the same in the Navy, specifically fire fighting school. There was one task where 2 sailors had to pick up a P250 portable fire pump, a length of 2 1/2" hose and 2 lengths of 1 1/2" hose, run the length of a course and set up the pump, start it, prime it and fight a mock fire with it. Granted there was the occasional man that couldn't carry the load, but I never saw one female sailor ever complete the task without dropping the pump or stopping, resting and restarting several times, and I went to fire fighting school 6 times. Fire fighting on a ship is an all hands effort, there's no place to run, no place to hide. If a person can't do a job they shouldn't be assigned or allowed to volunteer to do that job. It isn't sexist to say so, it's common sense.

      Note- that task was no longer a requirement to pass fire fighting school on my last visit there.

    2. Hey old (70) ex military man,

      I'm a women and proud of what I can but I like what you're saying, You have good facts.

    3. old (70) ex military a man

      I'm a woman and proud what I can do and I want to say those are some really good facts. thanks

  9. Women that disdain chivalry are substituting an on call policeman with a gun for their own personal knight protector, and think that they are independent. They should be standing by the side of their knight, meeting troubles head on.

    If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison.
    They'll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads.
    But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality
    as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.
    DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, president of Columbia University, speech to luncheon clubs, Galveston, Texas, December 8, 1949.

    JW M

  10. You are correct. Rooting out feminism will not only benefit the young men, it will also benefit the young ladies. They've been fed so much hogwash they don't know how to behave, as one poster put it they are either chronic victim/princess or the woman on the opposite end of the spectrum that can't allow a real man into their lives because their "position" in their mind as "boss" won't let them.

  11. Amen and Amen!!!!!! Let the feminists become lesbos until they've all died off. (I guess that's not at all politically correct, but that's how this WOMAN sees it!) Men being real men and women being real women---now THERE'S equality for ya! I LOVE having a strong, protective provider husband---and I love being his woman. I'm a strong woman---I grow a garden, can and dehydrate food, raise critters for milk and eggs, cook, clean, help my husband with his business, never say no in the bedroom, and am VERY happy. Life is good.....

  12. Another thought here. Recent prominent news stories feature 300 lb NFL linemen whining about being "bullied". Give me a break. Historically the baddest of the bad have always been football players, especially linemen and line backers. Now they are crying and seeking therapy because somebody is being mean to them. The common thread here is they have all spent multiple years in the college, university setting. When the NFL starts sewing ruffles on their panties, the culture is sunk.

  13. Agree with the article 100%. Many boys deprived of other avenues to experience manly things, join street gangs.

    1. I used to think this a lot when I lived in the big city. I would see a group of thuggy looking boys (young men), enjoying the fact that everyone they passed was intimidated by them. It made me so sad, because it was obvious that what they wanted and needed was something constructive to DO, a positive way to earn respect and a sense of accomplishment - they needed a way to be important.
      Those are very deep psychological needs, you can't just make them go away by declaring them socially unacceptable.
      If people can't meet their deep needs in positive ways, they WILL come out in negative ways.

  14. A lovely, feminine older lady I remember from my youth told the story of her service in WW II. She was a mechanic for the Navy and did a lot of testing of fighter planes. She loved her job but had no desire to be a fighter pilot or be in action on an aircraft carrier. She was happy that her work helped prepare the planes for others. Most of the men she worked with dreamed of actually be in aerial combat.