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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Once upon a time...

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Once Upon a Time...

Evidently not a barn burner, since at the time of this posting it has no comments. Shrug. Can't win 'em all.


  1. Well, I've got 2 for you:
    1) about the PB&J. I followed the link and read the principal's comments, in which it was recommended teachers should use the more sensitive question: "Americans eat pb&j, do you have anything like that?" So why isn't it racist to imply that immigrant children aren't Americans? Huh?
    2) about kids losing the basic ability to communicate with other humans face-to-face: I heard on the radio yesterday that Silicon Valley is sponsoring a new initiative to help emotionally stunted kids learn to read social cues and facial expressions - it's new COMPUTER APP.

  2. The left today have become even more bigoted and depraved than the racists of the past, while the general public has gotten less and less able to reason and respond.

    We as a nation had societal ills to heal, but our remedies went too far and the patient is now a prisoner to the toxic excesses.

    We'll either throw off the shackles or we'll die. It seems about that simple.

    I too am grateful to have lived in a time of America's true spirit of greatness and freedom. I believe we are still the greatest nation on earth and our people are strong enough to overcome this darkness.

    Prayers up.


  3. I do not know how to comment over there so I will do it here. You nailed it! I am 69 and was raised on a farm in Ill and I can remember those times very well. My son will never see them and that makes me very sad. Everything you say it seams is now raciest one way or another. I can remember my son saying to me that the reason I wouldn't vote for Obomer was because of his color. I agreed and then said to his shocked look that he was red and I did not like that color!

  4. Well spoken. I too am thankful I lived in American "before" it became so PC.

  5. Patrice, I think that no one has commented because we agree, and are all so dismayed with the conditions of our sad society. Fortunately we know how it will all work out when He returns!

  6. Great column. I couldn't agree more. You sound like me.


  7. Once upon a time in America we thought we were free. All that has been lost, sad to see. Some say that we were lazy and allowed it to happen. I wonder if it is so much that we were lazy or maybe it was that we were lied to by government and media and we were so busy with our lives and things seemed to be going along ok and information was not so readily available to allow us to wake up to the lies. It seems that we are waking up to the lies and to the direction our country has gone. Some are ok with this direction and will help to allow it to continue. Wonder if we have already reached the point where the majority like what has happened and will fight to keep the handouts.

  8. Great post, Patrice. I agree. We can only hope our kids can realize that giving everyone everything, isn't helping them like they think it is.

  9. Indeed it is a sad time for our nation. It is like watching a cherished loved one slowly pass away. It seems as though there is nothing else we can do except prepare for life after the passing. Therefore, the transition into the future will be easier. I try to inform as many people as I can about what is happening to slow down the death or help them get ready, but most won't even listen. A sad, sad state we are in. A sobering article but very true. Thanks for being faithful to write what you are compelled to write.

  10. I had a lovely young black lady as a student who tremendously admired MLK. However, she once stated that what our city needed was a black-only high school where black students could act like black people. When asked how they would act, she couldn't answer. Also she hadn't known that MLK had worked for black and white students to go to the same schools. Her admiration apparently was based on the fact that someone told her that he was a great man (which was true but his greatness had a basis), Ignorance of history is commonplace today since there is no overview--only teaching of isolated incidents that teach to a certain point of view.

  11. It was a great post, Patrice! I follow all your posts although I do not comment on them, I enjoy them immensely. Everything you said needed to be said and I too, long for those times again (I am 49)

  12. I'm also thankful I grew up at a time before all this pc/liberal stuff started. More importantly, I'm thankful my parents aren't here to see what has happened to our beautiful country. I'm very afraid for the future.

  13. Excellent article. Once upon a time we were a God-fearing nation.

    Welcome to 1938 Germany. Our Pastor urges us to read ‘Hitler’s Cross’ and the doctrine of “two spheres” under the Nazi regime. Hitler’s government instructed Germany’s pastors to teach Romans 13 as requiring Christians to always submit to civil authority. They did. And 60 million people died. When was the last time your Pastor mentioned Luke 22:36?
    Montana Guy

  14. I'm a Bible-Believing Christian, Military Veteran(volunteered, Not drafted), 'right @ 60years old, and "I Couldn't Agree With You More!"

    That said, the 'title' of your post is The Clue, Once Upon A Time... are the opening lines for 'all good Fairy Tales'. This is meant as an Observation, Not a Criticism.

    In today's 'Socially & Politically Correct' climate, because Dismal is the = New Reality.