Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Magic Health Care Fairy

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled The Magic Health Care Fairy.


  1. Government health care has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control of the people. They always lie about why they want to pass a law. They always lie about how much its going to cost. They are always too incompetent to do the job. This whole deal is a disaster but they don't care because they don't care what we think. They do as they please with impunity because there's nobody to hold them responsible. I've been listening to Obama for years and he hasn't told the truth yet about anything. Nor any of his underlings. What amazes me is that there is any pin head moron out there that thinks the government is on the side of the citizen.


  2. I'm worried for my youngest boy who doesn't have a job and lives with his brother. Before this mess, he would have been better off.
    One of my brother's claims that his health care costs have actually gone down, but that's not much considering how many others lose so much.
    Good post.

  3. Amen. I differ only in America’s prognosis. I’d use the words ‘America’s obituary’. There is no ‘Magic Health Care Fairy’. And there is no ‘Magic DC Fix Fairy’. Like the saying goes, ‘that horse left the barn years ago’.

    Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

    Is there hope? Yes. Many times throughout the Bible God lead His people against overwhelming government oppression. As recent as April 19, 1775 I believe God lead Pastor Jonas Clark and his men to face overwhelming odds against the most powerful military in the world. And let us not forget why the tyrants had come. They were there for gun confiscation.

    Liberty-loving Patriots, we have written enough letters to King George.
    Montana Guy

  4. "National health care will NEVER work. Never. Ever. Ever."
    What about countries that have National Health? Canada and the UK being two obvious examples. I'm not saying those health services aren't without their issues but they do work, at least to some extent.
    You can have national health, in the same way as you can have national education. However you should acknowledge that it's not the best and people should have the option of going private if they want (and can afford to).
    It will work, just not very well and lots of middle-men / advisors / supervisory boards / facilitators will get wealthy in the process.

  5. I truly admire the USA, I admire the freedom you have to carry guns or to choose how you want to educate your children (i.e homeschooling) but I think you have a serious problem with health care.

    This is not about having a national or private health system, the problem is your prices of health insurances, co-pays, procedures, tests and prescriptions are outrageous!!

    I'm from a country that have National health care and It works great for emergencies and surgeries needed but if you have to get an appointment with a specialist It can be kind of slowly, that's why I also have a private insurance but we don't pay what you pay per month or in co-pays!

    Your health care prices are highly inflated!

  6. Mike Baker CEO of Heritage Health in CDA just laid off 30 employees effective immediately, due to some crisis. Wow, no two week notice for the families? Now, that is Healthcare from the Heartless for sure...

    Hmmm...many contend that the crisis was created by administrators who received monies from the government for this FQHC and they MIS-Managed the funds and are the ones that should be FIRED!!

    But as usual, the ones in the trenches actually DOING the work on behalf of the community and its patients get the shaft, while the business and the no-good administrators goe on..

    Heritage Health co-opting the late founder,
    Lidwina Dirnes vision to provide healthcare from the
    heart to the local community has turned into a DISGRACE!