Friday, September 20, 2013

Appeasing our kids, appeasing the world

Here's my WND article for this weekend entitled Appeasing Our Kids, Appeasing the World.

Not exactly a barn burner this week, but sometimes I'm simply dry on ideas. Oh well.


  1. A classic example of the fruit of appeasement is how American citizens have appeased Socialists. Our Constitutional rights have been slowly squandered.

    I’d say SOME “People can only be pushed so far”. Millions of today’s dumbed-down Americans would quickly vote to join Communist China at the mere threat of one month without ‘Made in China’ imported junk. I honestly believe that. Look no further than the REELECTION of Barack Hussein Obama. Grandma was right, ‘You can’t fix ‘stupid’.

    Yes Patrice, “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” is coming to THOSE who covet liberty. Gun registration/confiscation would surely do the trick, at least here in the Redoubt. But like you say, it could be something thought by many to be minor; mandatory vaccination of our children, interference with home-schooling and/or home-churching families, bullying NON-501(c)3 churches preaching against government tyranny, arrests for raw milk sales, unconstitutional random warrantless DHS searches, distributing information on alternative medicine, etc.

    Sorry for rambling on… One last point. I encourage folks to not dwell on crisis scenarios but rather on what they all have in common, the need to prepare for your family and loved ones.
    Montana Guy

  2. Thank you.
    I had not made that connection, but I would say you are spot on.

  3. With children you need a clear set of rules a moral compass and consistency. Obviously when dealing with adults you aren't trying to raise them up but the same principles apply. The only difference the rules apply to yourself and your organization/country. You cannot make another adult abide by your rules and beliefs but you can consistently refuse to appease them or give into them when they do not.

    I disagree with Montana guy in one respect. It is against the law in many states and under specific circumstances in the entire country to sell raw milk. If the law where you live says you cannot sell raw milk then it would seem to be asking for trouble to try to sneak around the law and sell it anyway. If your argument is that you can do whatever you want to and who is the government to interfere with whatever you want then you will continue to embroil yourself in legal troubles.