Saturday, August 31, 2013

The tyranny of low expectations

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Tyranny of Low Expectations.

Not to be outdone by yesterday's homeschooling snark, in response to this column I received an email from Robert, whom I call "my favorite liberal reader." Robert routinely disagrees with every single thing I write, but for some reason he seems to like me as a person (I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not). At any rate, his email is copied below. (You'll have to read the column first for Robert's email to make sense.)

Hello Patrice ! I like you and you seem to be really nice person, but I'm sorry . You're dead wrong here, and this post shows how out of touch with reality you re . Entitlements? This is in fact a term in business meaning "EARNED BENEFITS . People don't feel "entitled" sponge of the government . They NEED government help to stay alive because of extremely difficult economic times . You see, wages have pretty much stagnated while the cost of living has risen steadily , so many honest,hard-working people are out of work through no fault of their own and we be starving on the streets without government help . We dom't have millions of lazy bums in America who don't want to work and want to sponge off the government. That's an urban legend .

Health care is not a right ? You mean it's okay to allow people to die from easily curble diseases or because of serious injuries just because they can't afford medical care ? Medical care is expensive nd not everybody can afford it . It's obscene for a rich person to get the best medical care in the world while a poor one dies of easily curable diseases . CHILDREN TOO.. You think babies and toddlers can support themsleves ?

So you've loist your job , can't feed your family,, can;t pay the mortgage and lose your home . You've got three kids and your wife is pregnant and the government won't give you any help for your wife and kids . But your wife can't have an abortion, because of the "right to life"? What about the right to decent food,. shelter, medical and education for that unborn child ? Tough noogies, kid. You're on your own .

Your wife is too sick to work .. There are complications in the pregnancy nd she could very well die if an emergency abortion is not performed. One of your kids has cncer, and can't get medical help . Things like this would be common if the government operated the way people like you want .

Oh yes. Conservatives like you say that private chrities should provide help for those in need . Sounds great in theory , but there's just one problen with this. PRIVATE CHARITIES AND CHURCHES JUST DON"T HAVE THE MEANS TO DO THIS . Don't get me wrong. I'm all for private charities .

Schools are putting a "cheery face on communism" and painting capitalism as evil ?" Don't believe this urban legend .

Patriotic citizens are now considered "domestic terrorists " by the government?" Puh-leaaaaze !!!!!! Give me a break. This claim is beyond ridiculous . You've been brinwashed and indoctrinated by right-wing propaganda .

Our government wants to mke all guns illegal and confiscate them from everyone ? Puh-leaaaaaze again. The Obama administration has yet to confiscate a single gun from any law-abiding citizen.

But be very afraid of the government under the GOP taking our social security away , denying desperately needed help for people down on their luck , raising interest on student loans and providing far less financial aid for young people who want to go to college, graduate,law and medical school, thus destroying th edreams of so many young people.

Be afraid of the government eliminating nutritional help for helpless impoverished young children young children whose intelligence and mental capacities will be permanently stunted by malnutrition, handicapping them them for life.

Beware of the government arresting , criminally prosecuting, and imprisoning innocent people who have never harmed anyone merely fo r being gay . Beware of thew government making abortion illegal , causing countless poor pregnant women to risk their lives and health at back-alley abortionists and the poorest ones kill themselves with coat hangers. And even wors,e making contraceptives, which can PREVENT so many abortions illegal

Beware of schools trying to force kids who are not Christian to participate in Christin prayer and sitting through Bible readings and punishing them for refusing to do so . Teaching them ridiculous superstition bout creationism as scientific fact, and brainwashing them with bigoted disinformation about homosexuals and homosexuality.

Beware of our government , under the rule of the religious right making non-evangelical Christians second citizens .

All the best, Robert


  1. Wellll...I guess this is how many of our liberal friends think and feel? I see mostly a lack of independant research and alot of Koolaide drinking in Roberts' rant.
    Love your blog, Patrice!

  2. I would say that anyone who thinks we NEED government benefits in order to survive, should read the "Little House On The Prairie" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    To paraphrase that old Army recruiting slogan -
    Ol' Pa Ingalls gets more done before 9 AM than most people do all day.

    - Charlie

  3. Wow. This guy actually leaves me a little speechless. Then again, with people like Robert, you cannot reason. They steadfastly refuse to hear any other opinion besides the one they've created inside their tiny little minds. I guess instead of keeping up on current events and staying somewhat in the loop, he's chosen to stay in bed, hiding under the covers while whispering to himself that no, there really aren't any monsters under his bed.

    Loved this last article, Patrice! No BS and right to the point. Thank you for writing that.

  4. Wow, that guy is the poster child for Low info type Americans. Way too many things wrong with his rant to go into here, suffice it to say he definitely follows and gets his talking points directly from the Federal Media Propaganda Ministers.
    I think the scariest thing he said was his first sentence Patrice, the guy sounds like a stalker! Keep the 380 handy,lol...

  5. If Robert really believed what he wrote then he would be in total agreement with my solution to welfare: Replace it with workfare where any adult can apply and they must show up and actually work 40 hours a week and they would be paid minimum wage with appropiate SS and tax withholding. No form of federal welfare, no EBT, no WIC, no Obama phones, no Medicaid, nothing but the opportunity to work and earn your way back into society.


    Couldn't have said it better...but you will always get a river of flack from those who cling to every word spoken from the corner of FOX NEWS. That is when common sense like yours will always go flying out the window.

    1. "Common sense like yours"? (Roberts) Good Lord, WHAT common sense? All the facts Patrice has presented in this article are true. Most of what she says is not her opinion, but what even the liberal-progressive controlled lamestream media has reported and admitted to. This isn't rocket science. Anyone with the tiniest amount of real common sense knows what Patrice says is the absolute truth. But pointing these things out and trying to convince these mental midgets of what is truth and what is lies is a total waste of time. They have been thoroughly conditioned (brainwashed) by hypocritical, liberal liars. They see only one side, and won't even listen to an opposing opinion. They truly are lost souls. --Fred in AZ

  7. I did find one error in your article. When you said that the "entitled" don't have to work - that is ONLY until the government forces the last tax paying business out of business, then the government will be forced to operate businesses and workers will have to come from somewhere and guess who will be nominated.

  8. I live below the poverty line, my ancestors, some who were here before there was a government lived without government help. The wonderful government wiped out all but the women and children in 1666. Others came to the wilderness to get away from a bad government. It seems like many want to be taken care of kind of a modern plantation with the master taking care of them as they grow fat on some working person's money that was confiscated by the government. I raise most of our food and want nothing to do with the government or want them to take anyone's money and give it to me.
    We need to break up this governments plantation politics.

    1. CRY ME A RIVER!!!!

      What happened in 1666??? Last time I checked, our government was created in 1776.

      Do your parents collect social security?
      If they don't, that means that you will have to step up to the plate and help them yourself if they need it...regardless of your own poverty. Maybe you already are doing that.

      Entitlements are just as Robert pointed that YOU put away for a rainy day when you can no longer work so that you don't live under a bridge at age 62.

      As usual....the right has managed to twist and skewer that concept to the point of ridiculous....not realizing that very system has worked successfully for years. BJ

    2. My state started in 1607 and the ancestors were here before then. I guess a massacre is just another joke to an elitist snob.

    3. I think you are referring to England's reign of terror. I am not an elitist snob just because I wanted to point this out. BJ

    4. pretty sure England was considered our government before the usa's government was created, just an fyi since some feel the need to point things out in a non-elitist way. some also confuse rights with entitlements. anyone that depends on government handouts is little more than a slave and just as desperate. our rights come from God which means no government can take them away, and that is why we are free, not because of "entitlements we pay for". shocking how millions of people have managed to save up for retirement without any need of mommy government to hold our hands. it is possible, i assure you.
      robert is a weak minded fool ripe for a fascist leader.

  9. This is from the Church Committee Report of the mid-1970s (investigating the intelligence agency actions of the times):

    The Committee is of the view that many of the unlawful actions taken by officials of the intelligence agencies were rationalized
    as their public duty. It was necessary for the Committee to understand how the pursuit of the public good could have the opposite effect.
    Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the Government's purposes are benificent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

    In other words :
    "We're from the government.
    We're here to help you.".

    - Charlie

  10. After reading Roberts e-mail, I have to ask. Robert, what color is the sky in your world.

  11. Robert seems to imagine that his country should be like his mommy. To do his every bidding without cost or responsibility to himself. He need not plan for the future, mommy will do that. Save his pocket money, no need mommys pockets are deep. How pathetic.

  12. hi what horrible comments and I thought you were Christians.... I agree with half of what he says (not the immoral stuff of course) but I live in a country with free health care, one of the best welfare systems in the world and shock horror gun laws (why if you're turning the other cheek do you need a gun? only farmers and the uniformed forces need guns) and we're the best country in the world and care for the sick, and the widow and the orphan and the downtrodden, do people abuse the system - you bet they do but it would be under ten percent well worth not having a huge homeless problem and giving free healthcare to those that need it. Who are you people that you are so selfish that you don't want to help others, go and work with the homeless for a few weeks and hear their stories feel their pain and shame and then say you don't want to help, and while your there realize how quickly life can change you could become disabled and unable to care for yourself. We are call to love one another and pure religion is this to care for the widow and the orphan - and you want to stop systems that will do just that -even Jesus paid taxes because it was the right thing to do. Have a look around at countries that have great health care and gun laws (and consequent low death rates) and learn that there are other (biblical) world views I for one wouldn't want to live in your country that's for sure.

    1. Well Anonymous, I am glad to hear you don't want to live here. Because most Americans want hard working people and sounds like in your little utopia you really dont have to get out of bed til one in the afternoon. We have too many late risers here.You lost all credibility when you said 'free' health care'.Nothing in the world is 'free'.You may have a huge tax load but those "entitlements"cost someone something.Please,by all means post where you live so you can take the weight of some of these freeloaders off us producer's backs.

      had enuff

    2. You thought WHO were Christians? Some are, but many are not. Jesus called the liberals of His day (Sadducees and Pharisees, etc.) liars and hypocrites. He pulled no punches. Those who use foul language and extoll hate and ignorance are probably NOT Christians. Many claim to be Christians, but Jesus knows what is in their hearts.

    3. You do NOT have "free" health care. You have socialized health care where you may or may not get life saving care in a timely manner. Here in the U.S. I went in to my doctor with a complaint and had a CT scan within 3 hours. I bet the average wait for a ct SCAN in countries with "free" health care is between 3 months and 12 months. My wife's grandfather lived in a country that borders us and his "free" health care refused to give him a bypass and gave him two years to live. He could have come here (where we don't yet have "free" health care) and gotten a bypass within a week or two. I am not looking forward to Obama's "free" health care I think it is going to cost too much and be too ineffective. The difference between you with socialized health care and me facing socialized health care is you simply don't know any better. Sadly we here in the U.S. "had" the best health care in the world and now we too are going towards socialized health care.

    4. My aunt lives in Canada. She raved about the socialized health care system until she needed a hip replacement. All of a sudden the health care system wasn't so great. She was going to have to wait months for her surgery. Her children ended up paying her way to Germany and paid to have surgery there. Good care for colds I guess, but not so great for the big stuff. Obamacare is going to be the final nail in the coffin for this country.

    5. wow, i wonder why hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the world to the usa for medical care, when all this time they could have been going to some unknown but great country with free care. apparently it's too hard to grasp that generous people don't need government to force people to be charitable, that's called volunteer work and almost every single church in the country does that. the usa spends more than any other country on international emergencies. when ever and wherever there is natural disasters the usa is the fist on the scene, WE pay for that because WE are the most generous on the planet. you don't know what you are talking about and you are clearly too lazy to educate yourself on the subject.

    6. Just replying to all the replies (HA).......JESUS WAS A LIBERAL!!!!!

      He talked to change peoples attitudes about themselves and each other in the times that he lived in. Why do you think he was crucified??? He was a pain to the powers that be. That is what liberation is all about.....change!!

      Our founding fathers were liberal because they "LIBERATED" our country from the choke hold of England!! people can really plug your own agendas into history and make the word "liberal" now a dirty word.

      I know Canadians who say the waiting thing for free healthcare in Canada is a fallacy. You don't have to wait any longer there than here for anything else. Another fallacy.

      Do you EVER check out anything on your own or are you instantly just a megaphone for Rush and Fox news?

    7. I actually live in Canada, and you, anonymous at 5:53, are wrong about there not being long waiting times here. I have experienced it myself waiting to be treated and know others who have waited, some dying during the wait. And I don't wait Fox news or listen to Rush, BY THE WAY.

  13. I have to disagree with Robert, and other comments pleading for greater compassion for the homeless and poverty stricken. My husband and I work for a homeless nonprofit, a very, very large organization that serves thousands each year. From experience, I can tell you that the majority, but not all, of those individuals who find themselves in dire straits financially, do so because of their own choices- drugs, alcohol dependency, etc. There is absolutely a sense of entitlement. When they come to our mission, they are fed, clothed, given health care, provided training, assisted in finding jobs, you name it. The vast majority cannot function without being taken care of, and end up relapsing, or giving up within months of achieving financial independence and freedom to live on their own. Just last week, I hired several of these men to help cater a large retreat. They stole food, helped themselves to whatever they wanted, disappeared at critical times to go smoke or send a text, showed up late to most meals- it was a nightmare. My expectation? Work hard, work diligently- get paid for your work, and have fun on your own time, with your own money.

    1. That sounds very poetic until the drunks and drug addicts come stealing from you and burn your house down and kill your livestock. They only know "force".....not "power".

      I agree there are seedy ungrateful groups that don't care one way or the other....but these are people that are not loved and are out of control. We need programs to make them want to be better people...(and even that won't always work).

      These are the normal over-population pitfalls of our world today.....with or without government. We have to deal with this whether we choose to hide from it or be an island and ignore the problem. One way or will get you.

      There is a reason Christ taught us to love one another, but he didn't say to be door mats. We have to find a balance of "power" (not "force") and a set of rules to live by or there is nothing but chaos and destruction. That kind of organizing (government) is not perfect but it is necessary.

      People who want to live in a fortresses with food and ammunition that lasts for years in a world like "Road Warrior" have no quality of life. I would rather be dead and have tried....than be alive and be hateful. BJ

      "Even if I knew the earth would end tomorrow.....I would still plant my apple tree today." Martin Luther

    2. Robert, like so many other misguided and gullible liberals, obviously hasn't read that many of Patrice's columns. She has said many times that the crippled, the infirm, the young and those who are truly unable to work should be cared for, NOT those who just don't want to work. If these know-it-alls would just shut up and, with an open mind, actually read what Patrice says, they would see the errors of their ways.

    3. But she will always depend on churches and charities which is an unrealistic solution.

  14. To continue what I was trying to convey earlier, I feel really strongly that as a society, we have confused the ideas of love and compassion with enabling. It is not loving to create a situation where people are dependent on the government- it just breeds a cycle of greater dependence. Compassion is giving people a leg up so they can provide for themselves, and live independently. Give people who are in need the tools and training to get a job, buy their own insurance, and create an independent, free life so they can live the way they would like to. That is what homeschoolers do- give their kids a fantastic education, equip them for their future, so they will never need to depend on government handouts for their sustenance. Those who think homeschoolers are bigoted, anti-government, anti-social weirdos need to do some due diligence before spouting off uneducated rants, please! And painting Christians with such broadly vitriolic strokes is just as intolerant and bigoted as what some of these commenters are painting Christians as.

    Thank you for the thought provoking posts, Patrice. I love your blog and find you to be extremely simpatico and like-minded.

  15. I'm sick to pete of liberals assuming, or being told, that because I can't afford to help EVERYBODY that I don't want to help ANYBODY.

    Knock it off, liberals.

    It's insulting to me and makes you look stupid.

    I'll not be goaded by a troll.

    Just Me

    1. The system works so that everybody puts in a little bit and everybody has a safety net if they need it. This isn't a liberal or conservative thing.

      If you don't want to play in this system.....move to Africa. I'm sure they will honor your sentiments there.

  16. I’m not sure you comprehend the way taxes flow in this country – what percentage of a dollar paid in tax makes it to a welfare recipient? Me, I’d rather contribute a dollar, as it were, directly to my widowed neighbor. In fact I do, in addition to taxes paid. No one expects children or the disabled to dig ditches from sunup to sundown. Yet, St. Paul writes: “If you do not work, you shouldn’t eat.” That is, we labor for our daily bread knowing the Father will provide; the leisure class is resoundingly denounced in the NT.

  17. I work in the trenches, with the homeless, and have done so for most of my long career in social work. It's heartbreaking alright. Our once rich and industrious country has made it possible for millions of lazy people to drink, smoke dope and watch TV all day. I have come to believe (via the trenches..) that the welfare system in this country is our ruin. I agree with Dennis Miller..."I don't mind helping the helpless...its the clueless I resent"
    In my opinion, Liberal "theology" is wishful thinking and serious denial of reality. As they say in AA... first you have to admit there is a problem.
    P.S. I went to college while on welfare, and volunteered in a preschool at the same time. I never thought I'd find myself using food stamps, was embarrassed and swore I'd make it off one day. I know others who have a similar story..sadly, we are grossly outnumbered by the lazy (dumbed-down) and entitled (I am powerless to help myself, therefore you must help me, it's your duty). We now have several generations of Americans that have absolutely no intention or expectation of ever getting a job. That is the unfortunate truth.
    I dont disrespect liberal theology..many of us started out that way! I really do think both ends of the spectrum are is the conscience of the we say in Native America..."eagle sees the forest one way, turtle sees it another" But I dooooo wish there was more CIVIL debate and less hatred and name-calling. Oh well, passion runs high.
    Oh one more thing, what the heck. Why is it always non-Christians, who assume to know how Christians should behave??

    1. Because Christ's message was clear.

      Love your neighbor as yourself. Take the plank out of your own eye before you worry about the sliver in someone else's.

      Don't know too many right wingers (abortion, gay rights, woman & religious discrimination, etc.) that follow that path as they continue to call themselves "Christians".

      The hypocrisy is painfully obvious.

    2. Anon,

      I suggest that you leave Christ out of it, unless you can understand what he really meant in His Word. You are misrepresenting Him and He doesn't like His words being twisted.

      Yes, we are to love others as ourselves (actually more than ourselves). But loving them doesn't include affirming and enabling their sin. Sins such as murder (abortion), living a homosexual lifestyle, and laziness. He calls us to discriminate when it comes to false religion and feminism infecting the body of believers.

      I am a disciple of Jesus Christ but I'm no right winger. There are plenty on the left and the right who call themselves "Christians", but are just as hell-bound as an atheist.


    3. do you believe being Christian means pretending all is perfect and no one is to be held accountable for anything? Your reasoning is childish at best.

    4. I guess you have the only direct line to Jesus. Sounds like only YOU can interpret what his parables mean.

      It must be only YOU who will decide who is lazy. YOU....who will decide who needs an abortion. YOU.....who will announce who is sinning if they are gay or want equality, etc, etc, etc. I don't buy it.

      Call me crazy......but isn't this exactly what he said NOT to do? Wasn't he saying that the day you are perfect is the day that you can judge someone else???? Gee.....maybe I've been wrong all this time.

      Don't bring Jesus into it?!?

      That is exactly the place where Christ SHOULD be is in the middle of it....our day to day lives.....not when you want to stand on a pulpit revealing how perfect you are as you point the finger at others.

      He only talked of love and understanding being the key to salvation and happiness. It was just that simple.

    5. Well, I seem to have spotty internet today and I just tried to submit a reply. I think it got lost, so I'll post this quickly.

      Go ahead and make your accusations, anon, but you either have to back them up or shut up. No where in my comment did I claim to be perfect. Quite the opposite. I am a wretched sinner just like the rest of humanity. I have as much a direct line to Jesus as you do. The only way to properly interpret His parables is to NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF CONTEXT.

      It is not I who decides what sin is, God does. Do you read His Word? If so, you would plainly see that abortion is murder, homosexual behavior is immoral, and laziness is a sin. There is no ME in this, only what I read in Scripture. I can't rely on my own "feelings" to decide these things.

      We have to make judgments, as long as they are not self-righteous or hypocritical. If I am guilty of the same sin, I have no right to judge another. (Matthew 7:1-5) In order the keep the Body of Christ undefiled, we are to rebuke other believers we see in unrepentant sin, as long as we are not guilty of the same.

      You are very wrong about the key to salvation and happiness. The key to salvation is your recognition of your sinful nature, and your trusting in Christ for your atonement. He never said "I want you to be happy". He wants us to be holy and seek after that every day of our lives from the point of salvation. It is just THAT simple.

      Any rebuttal you make better be backed up with Scripture or it's worthless.


    6. Jane,

      The best way to make my point to you is to tell this true story below:

      A businessman had a secretary who unbeknownst to him had a Mother who was dying from cancer. She could not afford medical attention for her Mother.

      She would steal a little money every week from the businessman thinking that he would never notice it missing……but he did.

      He called her into his office and told her what he knew…..but instead of calling her a thief and firing her, he told her he would give her a raise. He said he wasn’t giving her enough money if she thought she had to steal it.

      Out of her deep gratitude and shock….she turned out to be the most honest, hard working, loyal secretary he had ever had and stayed with him for several years until he retired. This was a Christ conscience human being.

      I know you have your beliefs and I respect them......but below are facts about how Christianity and the Bible were started. This is why I question people who cling to every word of the Bible as they quote scripture after scripture to prove a point.

      300 years after Christ died, Constantine, the ruler of Rome, decided he needed a religion to help him to better control his dynasty. Hundreds of books had been written about Christ and his message. All of these books were written by people that never knew him personally and had lived long after his death.

      Constantine had his monks gather most of the books up and a decision was made as to which ones they would use to create the Bible and they called the religion Christianity.

      Most of these writings were prone to questionable interpretations from the people that wrote them. (This in itself was a red flag for me.)

      The pre-selected books were made into the Bible. Many books were not chosen. The idea of satin, the devil, sinners and hell were all born. They were used as a tool by the church. for example, “if you build this cathedral and tithe……you will not go to hell……because you know you are all sinners!!” This was a form of manipulation created by the Roman Catholic Church and in the last 2000 years… made the church the wealthiest organization on earth.

      I don’t believe in the devil, hell or the constant bashing that I am a “sinner”. The only hell there can be is the distance between you, Christ and the Creator himself. The farther away they are, the more you experience the true essence of hell.

      ....So when you quote the Bible saying there can not be Gays or that Jesus said there can not be abortion or that there is only one true religion and women don’t deserve certain rights…..I’m sorry…..that is when I have to question what Christ REALLY said and how much of this is just another manipulation to back your own agenda.

    7. Anon,

      If you don't believe the Holy Scriptures to be the inspired word of God, and I mean EVERY word, then how can you use them to make a points here? You have nothing to stand on but your own opinion about scripture. You say Christ said "Do not judge", or "love your neighbor", but all those other things He said, the parts you don't like, you say are hogwash. You used the words and teachings of Christ in your original comment, but you want to pick and choose His words to fit YOUR agenda, but ignore the uncomfortable truth of His judgment and wrath. Yes, Christ is God, therefore; love, mercy, kindness, patience, etc., but that's not all. He has many attributes. He is also a righteous judge, who will come to judge all of humanity (sinners).

      I'm not catholic, but I can agree with you on one thing, the Roman Catholic church is/was manipulative and corrupt, but that doesn't mean that all in it are lost. There are plenty of churches today, catholic and protestant, that have become that way, and I'm sure Christ is not pleased. But do not blame the corruption in any churches on Christ, for it is not His desire to see His church in that kind of state.

      If you don't believe you are a sinner, then I'm sorry for you, and pray that the Lord extend His grace to you, as He did me, and open your heart to His truth.

      "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us." 1 John 1:8-10

      You have turned Him into a liar, and you want to use the quote of a liar to make your point?

      So when you quote the Bible, then turn around and say there is no hell, sin, homosexuality is not sin, abortion is not murder, etc. then you are contradicting the very book you quoted in the first place. Like I said before, back every you say with scripture, or it's worthless. Except all of it as truth, or you may as well throw it away. What is in His Word is His agenda, not mine. I want my agenda to be His, or at least I try.

      Christ did not come to give us "rights". He came and made a way for us to be reconciled to God, because none of us can without Him. If He is not the only way to the Father (as He said He was), then what was the reason for His sacrifice? Which I'm guessing you don't believe either. It means nothing if all you have to do to reconcile to God is be a good person, do all the right things, and be kind and generous, etc. These are all good things, but don't make points with God.

      You have made up your own version of Jesus, one that is comfortable for you, your own definition of hell, because you don't like the one He spoke about in scripture.

      That's why I originally said you were twisting the words of Christ, because you are.


    8. Jane........

      You see....this is just what I'm talking about. You buy into the "we are all sinners" thinking and hang onto every word of a book that was written by "MAN" to get closer to God...and that message for the most part reeks of fear, judgment and inadequacy in order for you to reach any level of closeness to the divine.

      I believe that God is a LOVING God. That concept by itself can diffuse any and every situation we come up against. That’s why I say it is so simple.

      We take it upon ourselves to try and decide who is worthy and who isn’t and who’s ideas we need to rebuff and who’s ideas are’s just NOT OUR CALL!
      Love and understanding is the only answer.

      I only believe about half of what the Bible says and that is why detailed scripture doesn’t appeal to me. My heart and conscience are my guide and that has NEVER failed me

      ....but the biggest of all messages from Christ (for me) is what John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote.....”All you need is LOVE”.

      We are all trying to get to the same place and I respect your way....mine just works different than yours....but it still works.

    9. I also wanted to say that I do know a little about the history of the Bible and that the New Testament was originally written in koine greek dated to the first century AD and did contain all those verses about sin, hell, homosexuality, and so forth. They were not added later in order to manipulate people. You can tell me I'm wrong, but who are you to say? Were you there? Or are you just relying on the so called "facts" of others who may have an agenda of their own?

      There's nothing more I can say to you. Either you'll believe it or not. That's up to God, not me.


    10. Jane,

      I didn't plan on changing your way of thinking to mine.....That actually is part of what I believe in the most.

      ....but my heart just can't accept the hell fire and brim stone theory. I just can't see a loving God spending too much of his time writing to humanity about such things. Only Man seems to find time to do that.

      But all the best to you in your beliefs and your path.

    11. I understand that hell is a concept that is hard to take. I had a hard time with it before I came to believe, and even for some time after. That was before I understood that God's definition of love is not the same as humanity's definition of love.

      Might I suggest a book to you? If the truth of scripture won't convince you, try reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. I read it some time after my salvation experience, but he makes some compelling arguments for the Christian faith and why and how he came to believe.

      I pray your way of thinking does change, and all the best to you too.


  18. There obviously are two America's represented in the responses: one where people believe in personal freedom, integrity, hard work, and responsibility, and the other - like cattle to the slaughter.

  19. To Anonymous at 12:16 PM :
    We don't mind helping, but we very much mind being FORCED to help.

    - Charlie

    1. You got it exactly right, Charlie!

    2. Ha.....Charlie thinks "force" means having to live in a shell and forget the world lives around him while he only takes care of himself....until he needs help that is. He doesn't understand the concept of 7 billion people living together on the same planet.

      "power" is the projecting of love in the support of your fellow man so that he WANTS to help his brother. That is true authentic power. BJ

    3. No Anonymous @6:11 Charlie understands the situation quite well. How much have you accomplished with your kumbyeya crap? I certainly do not see muslims extending their hands in brotherly love in return. Many different cultures resent charity and sees it as pity.Quit smokin that shit and pop into the real world occasionally....

  20. Every time I hear the moans of the hopelessly unemployed I want to vomit. My husband works extremely hard running a very demanding business, and he is ALWAYS looking for reliable people who don't mind hard work, long hours, traveling, and a very respectable paycheck. The problem is...that kind of employee is nearly impossible to find because it requires too much. Too many people would rather succumb to laziness and get paid for it than make the necessary sacrifices. This isn't just another 'rural housewife's' opinion, it is verifiable fact...welfare is contributing to the problem NOT improving it!

  21. Any program that takes from the producers and gives to the non-producers begins to generate a demographic that believes that what they are getting is owed to them. Since when was need a virtue and the desire to use what you produced as you see fit a vice?
    Anything that costs someone else something to produce cannot be considered a right by the recipient of it. The argument for abortion rights assumes that only patient in the operating room is the mother. The rights of one cannot preclude the rights of the other. I have spoken to several churches about their community fund. Most say it is rarely tapped to potential. Private institutions that are not non-profit would have more resources to invest in their communities if the government wasn't reaching so deep in to their pockets. I was shocked at what was taught as truth when I entered college. The government has labeled veterans, Christians, homeschoolers, and anyone who voted for Ron Paul as potential domestic terrorists. All you need to do is read DHS reports to know that. The only way you could miss it is if you get all your info from MSM (AKA the Ministry of Truth). Our government has expressly stated that if they thought they could get the votes they would be taking all guns. Instead they are implementing a defacto ban by having different government entities buy billions of rounds of ammo so the people can't get it.
    Apparently the young college student's dreams hing upon my ability to produce a 40k$ education for him. You are entitled to your dreams, I'm not obligated to finance them for you.
    The most mental capacity stunting I have witnessed is in the government run schools and believe me, they ARE handicapped for life. I have yet to see a case in this country where someone is arrested, prosecuted and jailed for being gay. Poor pregnant women are risking their lives already by going to the government funded Planned Parenthood to commit murder. I think the demographic at risk here is the unborn one. If our country continues to drop below the 2.1 children per family needed for a healthy society then our problems are going to get a lot bigger. The only schools I have ever seen doing Bible readings and prayer are Christian ones and hence private ones. No one is forced to go to those. The efforts to dehumanize segments of society for their beliefs and create second class citizens of them is found in the ideology of the liberal left and Islam's Sharia, who are working together in this country, by the way.
    -Old Soldier

  22. I'm going to put this out there...I have been on welfare in the past. I used it to obtain a degree and make a better life for my children and myself. BUT I used the system the way it was meant to be used. I worked and payed into the system for many years and found myself in a situation where I needed help. I went to school and found a good job. I'm glad it was there. There needs to be safety nets. I agree with drug testing for welfare recipients. I agree there need to be limits. The point of a safety net is get in/get out and PAY IT BACK! Unfortunately, our churches and charities are overwhelmed. I worked in an inner city ER and am aware of the needs but too many DO take advantage. But let me tell you, I also worked a suburban ER and the folks I treated inner city were MUCH more grateful and thankful for what we did for them than the suburban folk! The system created this mess IMHO. If 'the system' hadnt enabled so many in the first place...If more people 'used' the system the way it was originally intended, like I did...

    1. Yo Bob, re: your last sentence about evangelical Christians. Are you aware "evangelical Christians" are at the top of our benevolent government's watch list of terrorist groups? Jeff

    2. Way to go Reed. :) From someone is called lazy and yet spent the last 30 years trying to work but mental illness fought back just as hard.

      To all other posters. Do not be quick to judge.

      I will ask all what does lazy mean, and I will but ticket to the stars that you will get it wrong.

      Thank you

    3. um, no, welfare isn't a bank account that you "pay into", neither are government handouts. that is a copout to make yourself not feel bad that you took from others what you did not earn. if everything is provided, a large percentage will take advantage, that has been proven over and over. handouts inspire poverty and laziness, you are an exception to the rule. plenty of folks have gotten to where you are without need of government handouts.

    4. Right on!!

      Why do some of people insist on grouping a few bad guys with the majority of the rest of us? THAT'S what they will always cling to.

    5. It is a good thing that someone on welfare is able to get off of it and become productive. But it misses the point. Welfare is a taking. The government takes money from me and if I don't hand it over they will come to my house and even take my house and possibly put me in jail. While some of the things our taxes pay for are good and necessary welfare is not. If you need a "hand up" go to your parents or your church. If you have made your own mess by not learning anything in school or ever trying to hold a job then you should suffer. I don't have any sympathy for the concept that because you are a "single mother" that I should pay for all your expenses. Either get married before you have kids or pay the consequences for your foolishness. It pisses me off to see you using your Obama phone, hanging out with your friends all day and having your children fed by the government (the taxpayers). YOU should feed your kids not me.

  23. If our founding fathers could see the U.S.
    today it would break their hearts.

    1. I agree.

      After reading the entirety of that post I can't bring myself to comment directly to it's content. It's just to bad since there are too many that agree with mis-guided confused Robert. He's...downright tyrannical in his liberal agenda bombardment of 'facts'.

  24. That Robert... He sure is a funny guy! What a jokester! :-) (sarcasm off)

  25. I like what old soldier said. and I agree with them on all there points. Some of my personal observations as to why we are not seeing a recovery are 1.Unions . A belief by Unions that all profit is Unfair. (Except when). A belief that Members should be entitled to profit sharing even though they have been more than fairly compensated for there labor and took No risk with there money in starting the company.2. Global warming Carbon credit scam. To promote a monopoly for Green Energy investors in power production, Even though the Technology is not there to do it in a cost effective manner . Using the EPA to Demonize Fossil fuels and setting impossibly high clean Air standards for coal fired power plants. Standards which could be wiped out By a single Volcanic Eruption and not have noticable effect on cyclical warming cooling trends the earth has always experienced .Attached to that are increased operating costs due to inflated Fuel, Utilities, Material transportation costs. 3. New Unemployment rules. Giving folks 99 weeks benefits(2 years) which only 26 weeks( 6 months) were withheld by there employer. People used to relocate when Jobs dried up in an area. Most people now choose to exhaust there benefit/Welfare payment before making a half hearted effort to seek employment in an area where none exists. Its scarey how most people don't realize the 7.4% Unemployment rate reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics is only showing People actively seeking work and not those who have expended there benefits, or those who have given up looking entirely, relying on disability as a last effort 21% is a more realistic Unemployment average figure. Lets not forget the jobs that the Administration So Quickly takes credit for creating. Those more relaxing 30 hour a week full time positions. Which are getting rarer to find. Due to those Obama care Penalties. Businesses can't afford the penalty of a full time worker any longer. 4. Forced Minimum wage . Say good bye to lots of Jobs because small or Medium sized Businesses can't afford the increases due to already ridiculously high operating costs from Fuel, Utilities and Manufacturing Materials and Obama Care expenses. Over Regulation and Leftist fairness doctrines are what's killing our Great nation. That and folks who only watch Mainstream fluff who remain ill informed. There are a multitude of other issues that have brought us to our sad current state of affairs in my opinion , I think Apathy through silence on our parts is what led to our downfall . We allowed an Ill informed majority to become Servants of politicians for meager handouts.

  26. Long-winded post to follow... :)

    Someone above said :
    Ha.....Charlie thinks "force" means having to live in a shell and forget the world lives around him while he only takes care of himself....until he needs help that is. He doesn't understand the concept of 7 billion people living together on the same planet.

    Actually, I don't think that at all, although I imagine that some do.

    If I lost my job, the first thing I would do is to put my house on the market and reduce expenses to the bone. I'd take any job that came my way, while continuing to look for a job that was more in line with my experience and knowledge. I couldn't hold a candle to Pa Ingalls' example, but I'd surely try.

    There is a book called "The Millionaire Next Door". The premise of the book is that a typical millionaire isn't the guy with the big house and expensive cars, but rather the regular guy with the regular car. This guy has put his work back into his business and paid off his debt rather than whoop it up with all the fancy toys bought on credit.

    A perfect example of this is the Vietnamese fishing families who settled on the Gulf Coast in the 70s and 80s after escaping from Vietnam. These people arrived here with nothing except a hope that America was truly a place where work created its own rewards. They worked for others until they could pool their money and buy a fishing boat. Then they worked this boat until together they had enough money for a second boat.

    This went on until today they are reaping the rewards of their hard work. These people didn't accept a dime of help, because doing so was admitting that they weren't grown-up enough to take care of their family.

    Now, I'll admit that this is an extreme example, and I, for one, don't mind sharing with someone who is really trying to better himself. It's being forced to give to those who have no intention of getting off their butts that galls me.
    You know - the "Why should I work when the government will pay me" crowd.

    My first job was as a bagboy at a Piggly-Wiggly grocery store in South Carolina. Food stamps were relatively new then, and South Carolina had a somewhat high percentage of recipients.
    I distinctly remember two types of ladies using them.
    One type bought all sorts of high-priced prepared foods and junk. The other type bought raw ingredients that needed preparation, as in whole chickens that needed to be cut up vs. a bag of frozen fried chicken.

    The raw ingredient ladies were doing it right, in my opinion. Their money went much further and their families got good nutrition and good value for their dollar. And the thanks go to my Mom, who was raised on an Ozarks farm, for teaching me that.

    - Charlie

  27. I volunteered at a food bank in Montana. I asked why no one was bagging up and giving away the big family sized bags of beans and rice on the shelves. Was told "it's sad but our people don't want them. Sometimes they will return a bag of rice ans ask for cans instead. Or they leave the bags outside for us to find. We used to offer cooking classes from but no one comes. We put cooking instructions in the bags with the beans and rice but they are returned anyway" When I volunteered there, I often asked recipients if they would like a bag of beans or rice. Turned down every time. Go figure?

  28. > The Obama administration has yet to confiscate
    > a single gun from any law-abiding citizen
    Governments don't confiscate things from law-abiding citizens, that would be theft. Rather they re-define the law such that the citizen in question is no longer law-abiding.

    I don't mind helping someone who has fallen on hard times and is genuinely trying to get back on their feet. I resent having my hard earned money being forced away from me and given to someone who spends all day watching a better TV than I have with no intent of ever looking for a job.

    Having children is not a rite, it's a choice. If you choose to have children you shouldn’t expect me to cloth and feed them (through taxes and government handouts) if you can't.

    People are basically greedy and lazy unless higher moral values are taught to them.

    Robert, do an experiment, feed a chowder of hungry feral cats and watch what happens. They come to you for food, because it's easy food. After a while they don't even try looking for food elsewhere and they depend on you for food. They howl when you're late to feed them and eventually they'll just sit around waiting if you don't come. You're not 'helping' them back on their feet your institutionalising them.

    We need to properly name the problem. These aren't "the entitled class" or "the leisure class" these are "the leech" class.