Saturday, August 17, 2013

Radical homemakers

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Radical Homemakers.


  1. Great stuff, as usual. Anybody who thinks being "just a housewife" is a snap has never done it. Cooking, cleaning and mothering/supervising a bunch of no-neck, ankle biting rug rats is more than a full time job.
    God bless the ladies. No wonder the feminists figured early on that it's easier to sit in an office somewhere on their ever broadening derrieres, under the protection of the EEOC, and pontificate to the world about their freedom and superiority. In today's world many mothers must work to survive and I support them. But, if they can possibly stay home they should. Civilization needs family units. Feminized or absent fathers and working mothers don't build solid families. Women are too important to waste on men's jobs.


  2. LOL!

    Real life!! Who'da thunk?

    Of course the way things so often seem to go with feminists and liberals, they'll be certain it is they in their superior brilliance who've discovered it. ;)

    Great read, Patrice. I liked the line about box cakes. It reminded me of the surprise and delight one of our wealthy friends expressed as I served a breakfast with biscuits and gravy. He said he thought you had to go to a restaurant to get that, and didn't know you could make it at home. He was totally serious...and hugely appreciative. It was priceless.

    I have an idea for another money-making opportunity for you....maybe you could clone Don or at least do vulcan mind melds for men who are...well...less creatively endowed with handy skills and abilities as he is. :)

    I think my favorite 'Don Does' story is the piano fix. A man who can correct sagging keys in an old piano is a genius. He's a man after me own heart.

    Well, enough of my gushing praise. I've gotta go be radical. There's bread to be made and fruit to be picked and critters to know...the glamor stuff.

    Like you, I'm only in it for the glamor...and of course the rural 'radicalness.' lol


  3. Mercy, you have struck a chord with me (especially regarding today's young men-in-name-only). Typically they are renters hovering close to city services. They have not made the effort to learn any practical skills. Yes, even here in Montana! All maintenance and repairs on their home and autos are done by others. Oh yea, they have plenty of time to waste futzing around with their gadgets and social networking sites.

    Why did their wives chose to marry boys instead of men? Never mind; just a rhetorical question.

    Ironically many call themselves 'liberty lovers' yet as you duly noted, they are slaves who are dependent on others. sputter, sputter, sputter...
    'Old School' Montana Guy

  4. The only feminist around here (middle of nowhere) is a barn cat who is the dominate cat and gets to chase all the other cats and the dog. Is that what feminists do in the city?

  5. I read that book a couple years ago and it is really interesting. I especially was intrigued by the industrial-revolution shift from the family as "unit of production" to the factory/corporation as production and the family as "unit of consumption."
    Dorothy Sayers, who worked in advertising in the beginning of her career also has really interesting things to say about the marketing/consumerist mindset that was aggressively pushed onto the US and UK populace as a way of inflating the economy after WWI and WWII. The folly of attempting to produce prosperity on the basis of waste and greed, has huge spiritual as well as economic costs. If you have not read Sayers' essays, "The Whimsical Christian", I highly recommend the collection and particularly the one entitled "The Other Six Deadly Sins".