Saturday, August 3, 2013

Living in sin and throwaway children

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled Throwaway Children.

And since I never got around to posting it, here's last weekend's column entitled Living in Sin.


  1. Once one's heart accepts bondage (in this case bondage to evil entitlements from a God-less government), it is almost impossible to escape. Yes, it would be nice to save Gomorrah...
    Montana Guy

  2. Wow, just wow...
    I have thought of the problem before, but I have never witnessed it like that - it is heart breaking to hear a story like that. And just think of it - if you met one family like that, how many more are there across the country?
    I talked to a representative of a Christian children's home recently that was established to care for orphans - today, virtually every child they care for is foreign because the system rewards parents and local agencies for the number of children they have; permanently placing one reduces their numbers and their income.

  3. Great column. As a foster parent I hope your column will touch people to get in and help! Loving Christian homes are needed!

  4. Interesting, the abortion thing has popped up quite a bit in the last few weeks for me.

    And you do (in part) make my sticky wicket of a point - the folks all pro-life seem to care about the fetus. But once the child is out, where's the support? Where's the help? Where's the encouragement and mentoring? Maybe it's different in other places, but where I live, you're pretty much on your own the majority of the time. You're supposed to be independent, not relying on anybody else, and heaven forbid you break down and ask for help when you desperately need it.

    I've found once you pass a certain number of children, folks just don't [want to] help out. That it's your own darn fault that you're trying to deal with the cards in your hand as best you can, whether you can do it all on your own or not. I had a horrible year after my 4th child was born - all the folks that assured me they'd be around to help because I was anxious and nervous about it all? Poof, gone. I had four children under 6yo, two that were still nursing, a husband in an entirely different state working (because, shockingly, we needed a job to provide for this family), and ensuing ugly post-partum depression on my part.

    Or maybe I just should've kept my legs closed and not had that intimate relationship with my husband (during a safe/unfertile time - charting for several years straight keeps things fairly known/reliable, until God throws a curve ball at you). Maybe that's it.

  5. Thank you!!! So well said. I have an adopted son (we did foster care and adopted one of them) who currently lives on SSI and has two children by different women. He's married, but living with another woman who has four children (one of them is my son's) by different men. They all get free money and free health care in addition to having a place to live and food stamps (which they sell, usually for drug money), they have internet, cable, 2-3 TVs, WII, tatoos -- shall I continue?
    Guess who's paying for this? This is not the exception, this is normal. My two natural sons both work hard to earn a paycheck. They see this and wonder why they get up every morning to have their salaries taxed to support this kind of lifestyle.
    You're right. Their children are a commodity and a pawn, ignored until they're useful for gain.
    As one writer commented above, loving Christian homes are needed. So true. The downside (and we were foster parents) is that after you've made progress with these kids, they're sent back to their families - again and again. Even adoption doesn't always cure them.
    Want to know how the system really works? Just ask me.
    Again, great column. Thanks.

  6. Ok, "Throwaway children" has this pregnant momma blubbering all over my keyboard :( Stupid horomones!

    On the subject of "Living Together", my in-laws are currently dealing with my brother-in-law and the situation he has now gotten himself into. After 4 months of dating, he has knocked up his girlfriend. It isn't a big deal for her, she has done this before and has a child from a 9 months marriage that she only entered into because she was pregnant. They are almost living together, he stays with her often overnight. My BIL was raised to know better, and now his parents are just anxious to have them get married ASAP.

    What bothers me is that they are so cavalier about the whole thing. My BIL just brought shame to his parents and he doesn't care, but he wants their support. I'm also trying to fight the feeling that the prodigal son's older brother felt, because my husband and I did the whole marriage and baby thing in the right order. I know it is none of my business, but I really want to tell him to walk on eggshells around his mom, because he should feel a little shame and humble himself, or his new marriage is doomed from the start.