Saturday, July 20, 2013

What kind of world have we brought our children into?

Here's my WND column for this weekend. It was originally titled "What kind of world have we brought our children into?" but they renamed it Respectable Teenagers: Not an Oxymoron.


  1. Great piece, Patrice.

    Thank you for raising those girls the way y'all have. They and kids like them are the hope of the nation, if not the world, and parents like you and Don are the reason.


  2. Patrice,

    I (along with my three younger siblings) were raised in every type of school imaginable: missionary boarding school, homeschool, private Christian school and public school.

    Your caricaturization of public schools is unhelpful. There is some truth to what you say, but in my experience (both in California and in Missouri) public schools were generally safe, and I was not indoctrinated. Some teachers wore their political beliefs on their sleeves, but I was never graded down for my own Christian beliefs and conservative perspective. I grew stronger in my belief system because I had the privilege of being around people who were different.

    I was around them: in person, not on the internet!

    I received a good education because I was motivated (took college level courses, etc).

    Offering blanked attacks on public schools is not only unfair, it is foolish: especially given the dearth of knowledge you have (with no experience to lean on).

    The much greater factor in raising good kids, is good parents. There are many good kids in public schools. They come from solid homes, with solid parents who invest in their lives and engage them. Their foundation is not eroded even in classes with peers and teachers who are antagonistic towards them. In fact, these challenges tend to make them stronger (as they did me and my siblings).

    I appreciate your writing, but often you seem to operate out of a spirit of fear and/or ignorance. That seems to be the case here.

    Home schooling is obviously a great choice for some folks, and some kids desperately need the one-on-one focus that it tends to offer. I enjoyed the years we did it. I also enjoyed many of my years in public school, and learned much in both places.

    Luke from MO

  3. In my experiences, children are generally not taught manners and civility. They are allowed to think they are the center of the universe. Life is going to be very hard for them as they become adults and find out that they are not.