Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why I'm becoming paranoid

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Why I'm Becoming Paranoid.


  1. Really good article. And I have to say that those four calves are just about the cutest animals around! I love cows!

  2. Agreed. Note the mass shootings of late? I call 'em govt sleepers. Their sole purpose is to cause the 'good citizens' of amerika to scream and beg for protection with stricter gun control. Silly people. They want govt checks, housing & protection...careful what ya ask for sheeples. The wolf is standing at the edge of the tree line sizing you up.

    Paranoia is perfect awareness...(^¦

  3. I am a Bible Believing, Fundamentalist Christian, 'got Saved! in 1971, and I don't put-up with all the 'Foolishness' that some of the Church is calling The New Christianity? GOD, The Holy Bible, The Ten Commandments - works for me!

    "Mrs. Lewis, I don't mean any disrespect, and I Pray you're not perceiving this as 'a Hijacking of Your post'? This just happened this last week and it's Very Disturbing, I just want to open other's eyes to similar abuses of our Freedoms as Christians & Americans...

    Right 'up-front' let me say that I don't have an accurate view of everything going-on here in the U.S. So that being said "has anyone (else) heard of TSA personnel opening up/inspecting U.S.Postal packages?

    My sister who lives out-of-state put together 'a CARE package' for me: family photos, candies for my kids, packaged Iced Tea, foodstuffs not available here where I live (I live in a Rural area/away from Big Cities/low density populations). She used a U.S.Postal Service 'Priority Mail, pre-paid mailer-box' she mailed it directly to me, sealed it with Duct Tape/Clear Packing Tape, then the Post Office sealed/identified the box with their 'Priority Mail logo'ed tape'. My sister sends me a box 'just like this' 1-2Xtimes a year, the box = sent Priority Mail normally takes 3-4days to reach me. This time it took 7+days to reach me, the reason for this = when I opened the mailer-box it had been visibly 'gone through' poorly re-packed and then resealed with 'TSA INSPECTION tape, with Homeland Security decals all over the box?

    This wasn't re-wrapped because of a damaged parcel-issue, the TSA sealing tape was applied over; my sister's original tape, the U.S.Postal 'Priority Mail tape, then was finally tagged with the U.S.P.S. Tracking decal. Obviously the TSA Inspection took place at a U.S.Postal facility (in order to be entered into the Postal delivery system) this after Postal handling and prior to Postal shipping.

    This is all NEWS to me? I asked my local Postal carriers, this was new to them? 'anyone here ever hear of this before? I kept the box because others doubted my story.

    GOD Bless to You & Your Family for speaking Truth, GOD's as well as Society's.

    1. May I ask if you're a regular poster here?

      Do you live in a state that it would be possible to contact your senator in DC?


    2. I had something similar happen a couple years ago, only it was the US Marshalls and not the TSA-the package had been labelled "scanned" and signed by an agent-it was a DVD ("Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers"-a hosted horror show, with goofy old '50s b/w monster movies). I called and asked the local branch of the US Marshalls what that meant, and they said it was likely a drug/money laundering investigation that involved that particular post office,and all packages over a certain weight/size were checked out. I kept the package just because it's unusual.
      It didn't appear opened, so I assume they x-rayed it.

  4. It isn't the strawberries, it's all those illegal tires. You need to check and make sure that Idaho has an agricultural exemption for having old tires on site. Some states do, some don't.

  5. Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not out to get you anyway.


  6. Patrice I'm grateful to you for writing this, and to your readers who've left such insightful and in one case shocking comments.

    Whether we're having our tires counted or our critters and gardens watched, we're at imminent risk of losing something precious in America.

    We've already become a tightly self-monitoring society when it comes to what we say, and the proof is the glaring absence of discussion of certain elephant in the room issues.

    We have whole swaths of America forced to absorb the deadly effects of illegal immigration and forbidden to know or publicly discuss or defend against them.

    We seem to have a federal government with serious jack boot ambitions.

    A. McSp

  7. Eavesdropping on us citizens has been happening well before 9/11. However,it was Bush and the usurper who took it to the grand heights of today. As with most everything in life you have choices.Here we have two.We can all sit around and cry and scream and watch the surveillance, eavesdropping, roadblocks,illegal searches ,etc increase in occurrence and severity.OR we can do something about it. Writing to your congressman just wont cut it,they are the ones who are authorizing and writing these laws. Both major parties are in collusion on all this.Reach deep down Americans and see if you want this tyranny to increase or fight it so our children can experience a normal life. Ask yourselves,what kind of will and determination do you still have left in you?

    had enuff

  8. Great articles. Love all the references. Keep those cameras pointed at you while I sneak over and set up shop in Oklahoma ;-)

  9. This is all part of restructuring our society away from our constitution .. and into the new age of a one world government. Breaking down the citizens by dependence on the Govt. for any and all needs. Our county in your area (Kootenai) is about to adopt new zoning laws (without much public input) thru the ULUC. Here's a short video (from our neighbor state Montana) that sums up what is happening all over the good ole U S of A with land grabs. Also .. check out the Y2Y agenda as well .. which is in our neck of the woods.

    1. Yes, it sure seems as though the ULUC is a foregone conclusion does it not? They are intent on remrodding it through, property rights and Constitution be damned! We must keep up the fight!
      a fellow inhabitant of K county.

  10. Hi,
    Just a note to say, "Pull up the jeans before bending over in the pea patch." No, we haven't caught you exposed. Yet. Butt your neighbor? (Ha ha ha, see what I did there? Y'all take this surveillance stuff so seriously. We're just a fun-loving bunch of nerds.)

    Anyways, we had to do a whole bunch of digital coverup after the neighbor's photo op. It's not that we're anti-plumber's butt, we just want to be family friendly, and our hi-res cameras take in a lot of detail.

    Just a friendly word of caution.

    Google Earth

  11. The question is not whether you should be paranoid. The question is if you're paranoid ENOUGH.

  12. You, too! Last August I was working in my garden when a drone flew over my North Idaho home. I gave them bird. Contemplated the moon.....LOL..Saw one a couple of days ago too. South to North just like yours and the one last year.
    As far as being careful about what I write, say, etc. Nah, in fact, I just do searches for the heck of it because they just p*** me off. I love looking up "evil assault weapons" etc. Some are pretty cool to look at, too. It is fun to mess with them. We voted Ron Paul and gave money, we read you and Enola and Survival Blog, go to Oath Keepers, have CCW's and we listen to Pastor Baldwin, so I know we are on their radar so to speak already. Molon labe.

  13. Don't shoot the moon to a drone. They'll try to arrest you for indecent exposure.

  14. Patrice, I am behind on blogs and so I just posted a link about drone surveillance on your older story. Sorry, I hope to catch up soon.