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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Laws are for little people

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Laws are For Little People.


  1. My wife and I were just discussing this today. A federal judge directed Kathleen Sibelius to add the little 10 year old girl to the adult lung transport list. She has not done that and has stated that she has no intent to. So why isn't she in jail for contempt! Or the clown from MF global that stole unallocated funds and was never even yelled at. You nailed it!!

  2. The very abuses of power we are facing today is why the Declaration of Independence was written 237 years ago. We believe all men are created equal . . . meaning equal under the law. No one is above the law! We sure need someone(s) to bring us together in revolution again against a tyranical government. Thank you for continuing your good work.

  3. And I thought studying the feudal system in high school was just an interesting exercise. I never thought I'd be relegated to serf level, though...

  4. Just remember that passage in the word that tells us the king needs the plow boy more than the plow boy needs the king. It's as true today as it was back then.

    The trick is, the plow boy has to know it.


  5. Thank you for being brave and brilliant and telling the truth about what has happened to our country.

  6. Good article!!! The decay in our great Nation is a direct result of the decay of our Christian foundation. How many man made "laws" do you believe existed shortly after the constitution was written? Not many, that is for sure. Why? Because the overwelming majority of the population at that point was Christian based, (and constitutionalists), they followed the morals and values of God's Law.... knowing there was a consequence for not do so.... either now or at some point. Society stayed in "self check" because of their moral compass. Today, there is not the same large percentage of Christians. Progressive Liberials have made huge gains in our Schools, Courts, and Government. As such, God's Laws are no longer followed, therefore, Man's laws must be passed and enforced in order to keep Non-Christian Society within the "acceptable" boundaries since there is no longer a "self check". The more distance between a country and God requires more Man made laws in order to keep order. dbn

  7. I want to continue to fight to the best of my ability, but I am so weary. The war between the govt.and regular citizens grows by the day. God save the U.S.A.because we seem to be losing the battle.

    Linda in Louisiana
    May I add that I thank God for people like Patrice.

  8. Again I find myself reacting first to the level of mechanical expertise - as well as the content.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. It takes an actual talent to make sure all the words go in the right order to make a piece readable and communicative.

    This current piece is exceptional in that regard.

    Just Me

  9. I think probably everyone has broken a law in their lifetime, it's so easy nowadays: jaywalking and simple traffic violations at least. Some things should be common sense, not laws, but some people won't obey unless it's a law. Then again, people break the laws anyway, so we're back to square one. There are also people who obey the laws AND have common sense and use it, people who actually do make this a better country. Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian my mom and I love, sings a song about the government that I thought was fitting for this post: .