Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another kind of drone

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Another Kind of Drone.


  1. Before embarking on any discussion of ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland it’s important to clarify a few things. The issue is not about religion, it’s about politics. The vast majority of Unionists are from a Protestant background and the vast majority of nationalists are from a Catholic background. 98% of the people in Northern Ireland get along with each other just fine but it’s the 1% on each ‘side’ that cause all the trouble.
    It’s important to understand the history of the education system in Northern Ireland. Once upon a time there was no public education. The rich land owners employed tutors to teach their children and the peasants children were illiterate. The church needed to educate their clergy-in-training and church schools were created. Over time as the middle class developed, middle class parents requested and were granted permission to have their children also educated in the church schools (because they couldn’t afford one-on-one tutors). Over time these schools grew until the clergy-in-training were a minority of students but the ethos (and religious training) of the school were still very much part of the curriculum. Later when the government created public education in Northern Ireland a lot of these private schools became ‘maintained’ schools. Most of the funding now comes from the government but a little private funding is required.
    Understandably parents from one ‘side’ were reluctant to send their children to a school today that was a school on the ‘other side’ yesterday and so there are in effect two flavours of education in Northern Ireland. More recently a bunch of interfering idiots have created ‘integrated schools’ with a mix of Protestant and Catholic children (and more than their fair share of funding) they then point to the successes of these schools and the small amount of conflict that the pupils engage in. Of course only moderate parents send their moderate children to these integrated schools. The extremists on each side do not send their children to integrated schools (while they still have a choice) and so it’s not surprising that the extremist children are not found there.
    If America wanted to help Northern Ireland they could have stopped arming the terrorists in decades past and could have extradited convicted terrorists who fled to the US. Right now your government should refrain from sticking their oar into waters they clearly don’t understand.

  2. The leftist establishment in control of the brave new world must funnel us all into one mass so they can properly control us. Killing independent education is crucial to their agenda. The obvious tragedy of public education has reached the point of no return. No wonder the Obamas of the world are trying to eradicate home schooling and private schools. These institutions along with a few true conservative voices crying in the wilderness are about all that's left between us and a new dark age.


  3. Patrice, truth and reality such as this are the reasons our family visits your site every morning. We moved to an area where homeschooling was thriving. Not coincidentally, the Lord still rules this valley. Thank you.
    Montana Guy

  4. Patrice, this is off topic, but in case you didn't know, Glenn Beck had the 3 primary people of The Citadel project on his show on Friday (just got around to watching it today--Sunday--I'm always a little behind). He questioned them pretty well on what they were trying to do, and also on Christian Kerodin's background as a convicted felon. I thought that Glenn did a good job of questioning them, and I also thought they explained themselves pretty well too. It was an interesting show! He also asked about what they were doing with the money, who was signing up for this project, and why Idaho. He also asked about the 20 acres they bought (south of Coeur d'Alene, they said!), and how could they build this project on just 20 acres. They did say that the 20 acres was just supposed to be a showcase of what the project could be, and was not the final resting place for The Citadel.

  5. Obama does not understand or care about the history of our country. If he did he would realize that the Supreme Court has already decided that the government cannot dictate that only public schools can teach our children. In 1922, Oregon passed the "Oregon School Law" aimed at eliminating parochial schools and forcing children to attend their public schools. In 1925, the Supreme Court ruled this law unconstitutional. Private schools and homeschooling not only helps provide independent thinking citizens, it also saves the taxpayers billions of dollars in schooling costs for students who do not have to be educated by the government.