Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Obamacare nightmare

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled The Obamacare Nightmare.


  1. Good morning Patrice,
    I am one of those 'thousands or millions' who are without healthcare and who the Affordable Healthcare Act was supposed to have helped. I retired early and friends told me that I probably wouldn't have to worry about health insurance. But I'm an independent cuss and flat refused to rely on ObamaCare. I'd rather pay the penalty at tax time. In fact, I will be eligible for Medicare in about a year, but I will refuse to enroll. In short, I don't like dealing with government agencies. The bureaucracies just make it more difficult to get the medical help you need. Totally inefficient! I'd rather pay out of pocket.
    But lets take your thoughts and extend them out over a period of about 10 years. If our government targets conservatives and other independents as we suspect, how long would it take to get rid of these government 'pest' just using the medical industry? If we refuse to go along with the system, we're denied medical assistance. Without medical treatment, in some cases, the patient expires. Do this enough and the government eliminates the opposition either through attrition or having those who remain fold under the pressure.
    Eating healthy foods and getting the correct exercise can only go so far. Accidents do happen and infections can happen, too. There is no replacement for good quality medical care, but I can see an alternative market for medical care developing. One can never tell how things may turn out given enough time and pressure.

    Stay healthy,

  2. I've been praying for your husband and hope that things are still on the road to recovery! I just read this article and I guess I hadn't picked up on the fact that you were not carrying insurance when you wrote about his hospital stay and such. We are a self-employed family that also would not be able to afford private insurance (especially with maternity coverage!) and found Samaritan Ministries. It is a Christian health care sharing ministries and has been a Godsend for us! If you are interested I'd be happy to share our experience. We pay $355/month for our family and we've had an emergency c-section paid for in full.

    It has been an amazing experience so far and we just pray that it will continue. We've been told that here is an exemption in the law that means will not be fined and can continue with SM as we have been. And with Obamacare looming it is amazing how fast SM has been growing. Many Christians don't want their money going to pay for things they don't agree with and would rather work together to support each other.

    Don't mean to be a commercial, but really it has helped our family so much. I'm a stay at home because of it (used to have to work just for the benefits) and couldn't be more grateful!

    1. Thank you for passing this on. We didn't know about SM and will definitely look into it.

      - Patrice

  3. I had to take a breather after reading this new piece at WND.

    First off, I'm sorry to hear that the meds don't seem to be helping the Boss's Husband. That was the worst news in this whole piece. I'm sorry that I didn't know that the situation seems to be worse than you let on in your blog. The only way out of a gauntlet is straight through, head down. You're in a rough gauntlet right now. I'm sad to hear that.

    Second. I'm too scared to say what I'm really thinking about ObamaCare. I'm keeping my mouth shut.

    Just Me

  4. Hi Patrice,
    Love your blog.
    Being a city girl, the farm life you write about is so facinating to me.
    I'm an Australian citizen where Medicare works very well. Our taxes pay for public hospitals etc. but private medical attention is available for those who want to pay extra for it. There is very little difference between the two. I wish you had the medical options we have here in Australia.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's health problems. I pray for you and your family. What saddens me is that you don't have insurance and that the current system priced you out of the market (we here in the U.S. do the pay by far the most for substandard care). The reported prices for insurance coming out of California on the Obamacare exchanges are promising. I hope the price in Idaho is affordable. Only time will tell if it's true, but I do know the current system is broken and needed to be reformed. Private payment for healthcare may have worked in the past but modern medical techniques are too expensive to pay out of pocket unless you're super wealthy (and you don't have the bargaining power of insurance or government). With Obamacare you might actually be able to afford insurance.

    1. Not so.

      The Healthcare For All Without the Affordable Care Act completely debunks that argument.

      Please read and learn.


  6. Patrice, once again in several ways your story hits mighty close to home. My prayers for Don.

    I too view obamacare as a looming threat.

    Now that the house of cards is collapsing around the hideously dishonest obama administration I think there is hope for the repeal of this monstrous portal into tyranny and horror.

    There is an alternative plan that is a free market, patient/doctor based plan that uses money already in the system.

    It's called the Healthcare For All Without the Affordable Care Act. It was put forward last fall by the National Canter for Policy Analysis and has, understandably, gotten very little notice.

    I think we should change that starting today.

    I'm including some links and I encourage everyone to join me in learning about this plan and then making sure our elected representatives learn about and commit to it. All of them.

    I believe this plan will find broad appeal if we join together and insist the media, our elected leaders and the country pay attention.

    It's a plan even liberals should understand and support, since it does what they were told obamacare would do but doesn't. As they figure out stampedes them off the cliff with the rest of us they'll think this sounds good by comparison.

    I believe there is every reason to think this can be made a driving issue in the 2014 elections. We need to make all candidates get behind this, and make it a clear simple message that failure to support the peoples' healthcare choice is not an option.

    Yes, there'll no doubt be a strong push-back, but we can live with that.

    We can't live with obamacare.

    I believe this is the lifesaving alternative.

    A. McSp

  7. The current system is broken because the DNC machine in the Senate overruled We The People, who know this disgusting rip-off will drive a train wreck into what was top-notch healthcare in this country. After they steal your right to choose your own healthcare from you, the next will be your right to privacy about anything, including such minutiae as your credit card transactions. Anything left of liberty under unreasonable search and seizure will be laughable. Stand up to these thugs NOW or give away your country for a free cell phone.