Saturday, May 18, 2013

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood terrorist

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Terrorist.


  1. Sounds like somebody needs a lesson in DUH 101.

    People who teach their children at home don't want to force everyone to do as they do, they simply prefer to choose what they think is best for THEIR OWN children.

    We would be schooling our daughter at home except we were lucky enough to find a Christian school nearby.

    - Charlie

  2. The "problem" with home schoolers is that they are proof of the failure of the "professional" government run school system. Just look at the results of the national spelling, geography bees. I can understand why public school students don't win spelling bes - "text/twitter? spelling is not allowed ;^)
    JW M

  3. Very good article Patrice. Whether people want to or not the time to make choices is at hand. Do you shrug and sigh and go along with this liberal bull crap or do you stand up and fight for your nation,culture and American way of life? We all have choices.Some are just much easier than others. Decision time is as close as the next commercial break for American Idol....

    had enuff

  4. I'd read it but I'm too askeert. Plumb terrified.


    Excellent work, again, Patrice. It's hard to find words for what's happening and about to happen to America at the hands of an out of control government. Only through Scripture can one really make sense of it.


  5. "Conspiracy laden?" We ALL need to open our eyes.

  6. Once again Patrice you have "nailed" it. Our government is basically out of control. Finally! The liberal press is somewhat awakened and discovering that "truly, the Emperor has no clothes" Yeah, you all know who I am talking about. Unfortunately, it may be for naught. This group of thugs will do their things, lie, divert attention, and whatever else is needed to stay in power.

    I am truly afraid the corruption is so wide and deep that instead of "draining the swamp" as one of them stated, we will need to extinguish and replace. I don't think they will have enough bullets to stop us all. There ARE many patriots still with us whether they have retired from service or not. They will come to the aid when asked. I think the time is soon!

  7. It's pretty clear that in the cultural war the other side has won. If you are liberty-minded or traditional in any way your view of the future is increasingly fatalistic. In the face of defeat increasing numbers of us are simply opting out. The mindset is that the nation cannot be saved and the best one can do is learning to take care of yourself as best you can.

    And now we are the enemy! It's like dealing with an ex-girlfriend who cheated on you and dumped you but won't let you move on.