Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blue collar workers, unite!

I got an out-of-the-blue email this week from a fellow named Joe Wurzelbacher. Never heard of him? Sure you have. He's popularly known as Joe the Plumber. I first mentioned him on this blog back in 2009.

Anyway, Joe gave me his phone number and invited me to call concerning his website Essentially he was interested in reprinting some of my earlier blog posts on his site. However we ended up having a delightful chat lasting over half an hour.

And the timing of his email and call was pretty ironic, because it just so happened that I was in the process of composing this weekend's WND column on the subject of blue collar America. And who better to represent that segment of society than Joe the Plumber?

Anyway, here's the column entitled Blue Collar Workers, Unite!, including some of Joe's answers to my questions.

And what's Joe like, at least over the phone? Extraordinarily nice. Down-to-earth. Practical. The kind of person you want as a next-door neighbor. I liked him a lot.


  1. This sure was a nice, heartwarming essay. Thank you for reminding us of the basic goodness of the average person amidst the chatter of the high profile, non-productive classes. And looking at your gardening pictures I must confess to being jealous of bare ground and greening grass. Still lots of snow here in the UP of Michigan.

  2. I was born and grew up on a farm in Illinois. I was going through some old photos that were taken back in the early 1900's of the farm and those around that area. Something suddenly dawned on me. Everything was wonderfully maintained and the structures looked new despite being over 50 years old. I compared that to what everything looked like when I was growing up back in the 50's. Most things were not maintained because we could not afford to. What was the big difference? The income tax. That's it. The whole cause of our downfall is the disaster that government has become. Think of what else you could do if you were taking home an extra 20-30% each year. You would actually be able to save money and not have to buy most things on time payments.

  3. I'm glad to here about you and Joe hitting it off so well, and very thankful he's still out there making himself heard.

    He's paid a price for the unexpected attentions of obama and his tools, and I'm absolutely certain obama has tried putting pressure on him to shut up and go away.

    I'm going to Goodwill and find myself a blue chambray work shirt this next week. I'll work that bad boy over with some customized alterations and start wearing it to the gig to play music.

    There is no harder working, more productive people than we Americans. Regardless of how things look or seem, God is in control and we know it, so we have the winning team.


  4. Great stuff Patrice. I appreciate recognition for all of us drudgers out here among the great unwashed. Most of us never had the advantage of going to Harvard or Stanford so we never learned how to become fine young communists nor how to hate the United States. We all came up learning how to cope with life made increasingly harder by a permanent class of elitists running an increasingly invasive and overbearing government. If people like us weren't around to drive the trucks, plow the fields and answer the phones every day and fork over the taxes all the elites and government bureaucrats would probably strangle on their own spit.


  5. We are sending our youngest off to trade school this summer to learn how to work on industrial diesel engines. He will always be able to find a job, and should be able to make a good living. I know many people will down upon him for not having a college degree, but the joke will be on them.

  6. Nice article for all the people who wear their names on their shirts and take their showers at night, not in the morning.

    Just Me