Saturday, April 6, 2013

The "It can't happen here" syndrome

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled "The 'It Can't Happen Here' Syndrome."


  1. And a very good article it is.

  2. yep, folks forget so easily that many things have happened before and they will more than likely happen again and again.

  3. We see this attitude all the time. It is more than a 'normalacy bias,' it is an expectation bias. Much of the western world has been raising their precious babes upon pedestals and therefore the next generation is functionally clueless on pretty much everything.

    I recall over the past year a young girl that drove into a pond or small lake. She had time to text her parents and call 911 but did not know what to do to survive. Sadly she paid for her ignorance.

    Where I live the same ignorant attitude is seen in arroyo's during heavy storms in the mountains. Children will be playing in them...why? The signs are clear, rain in higher elevation results in racing waters in the arroyo's yet...we lose a child nearly every year out west.

    The time is to turn off the televisions, turn off the phones and devices and teach our children again. Aesop's Fables were loaded with lessons, as well as Grimm's Fairy Tales. Childhood needs to rekindle the seemingly innocent tales and stories that were in truth preparatory lessons "just in case."

    By the way, Cyprus happened here and continues to happen. But we miss the notion because our accounts remain the same. Sadly the Fed with its printing reduced our accounts just the same.

    Excellent article as you made me seriously think!

  4. Normalcy Bias is always an interesting topic. Nice job.

    I found the Iris Chang quote particularly... hmmm...what's the right word...gripping.

    I don't know who Iris Chang is. I'm gonna go look it up.

    Just Me

  5. Great article. As to your quiz:

    1)What’s the current situation with Lindsay Lohan’s rehab?

    Don't know and don't care.

    2) Who won the latest “Dancing With the Stars”?

    Don't know, don't watch this garbage on TV, and don't care.

    3) Name five celebrities with “baby bumps.”

    Don't know and don't care.

    4) Explain how the Cypriot banking crisis could impact the European economy.

    Bank runs started over a week ago in many countries. Government "FDIC" type promises are worthless. Bank depositors are unsecured creditors of the bank and derivatives have seniority in bankruptcy liquidations. Think MF Global on a larger scale. This is a test case for the rest of Europe. At a minimum it means great deflation for many marginal European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, etc) and the austerity will put great pressure on several of these to leave the Euro and hyper-inflate their currencies to get out of the debt mess they have created for themselves. Finally, this also impacts the US and Japan as major bank failures in the EU could be a tipping point to push US and Japanese banks over the edge. It also has geopolitical implications that could lead to wars or even a nuclear world war as many of the creditors have nukes.

    No normalcy bias here but I have plenty of friends and relatives that are infected with it.

  6. People think things won't change yet they HAVE changed. I like to compare today with the earliest days of Christianity in pagan Rome.
    1) Little respect for human life - Check
    2) Abortion and infanticide accepted - Check
    3) Homosexuality accepted and practiced - Check
    4) Christians persecuted by the government - Check (with more to come)
    5) Two-tier economic system, the elite and the common folks - Check

    Yup, we've returned to the early days of the Church. Pray that the world will be transformed by the holiness of the Christians who survive.

  7. Time was all of America pretty much watched the same newcasts on TV, listened to the same reports on the radio, and read the same stories in the local paper. The media wasn't all corporate-owned and so it didn't always have the corporate spin. Today with 500 channels and digital radio and what have you can pretty much live in the world of the Kardashians and eat Doritos and have that be your highest level of current events. You can find the real story on the Internet, but even then you have to search for it.

    If and when the fit hits the shan (and I hope it doesn't) a frighteningly large percentage of the population will be caught completely unawares. They'll finally catch on when the zombie horde is kicking down their front door.