Friday, March 22, 2013

Without chaos, government has no future

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Without Chaos, Government Has No Future.


  1. Well and darn well said.
    The sad thing is all you have done is tell the truth about a situation that's as obvious as an Angus bull in the parlor. Yet nobody seems to be aware of the blood sucking monolith that is the federal government. The state and city governments aren't far behind. Wake up people. The United States is not the sum of the federal and various smaller governments. The United States is "we the people". At least it used to be.


  2. Excellent article, but I would add one thing to it. Government doesn't do ALL of this in a vacuum. In other words a lot of the laws and regulations that interfere with our free market is proposed by businesses themselves attempting to use government to create laws advantageous to them and painful to their competition. Grease the wheels with some campaign donations and viola, instant tyranny.

    For example, take a taxi cab regulation in some big cities where the city forces all operators of taxi cabs to bid on and pay for an extremely expensive "medallion" you cannot run a taxi without one of these. This regulation is proposed by BIG taxi companies who can afford the medallion, but effectively locks out the small guys who can't afford or get these medallions and therefore can't operate.

    This is just one simple example, but it happens in all industries and across the country from local to Federal government.

    The point is while government is rotten to the core they have some partners in crime helping them come up with this tyranny.

  3. I already fear the Government. Tyranny is already here.