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Friday, March 15, 2013

Heartland patriots

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled Heartland Patriots: The Key to Bucking Tyranny.

And -- way cool -- WND put it up on the main page in their scrolling "carousel" -- wow!

I don't know who the family is in the photograph, but I told my editor that except for the Very Nice Clothes, it could be just about any family in north Idaho.


  1. Wow! You just captured 50 years of my frustration in one short article. The points you made pretty much echo the sentiments I grew up with from my Dad, grandfather and my uncles. Not to mention my Mother. Great stuff.

    Keep your powder dry Patrice. You may need it.


  2. Nice article!

    By the way, love the picture of the Robin. They started arriving around our place, in Idaho County, about three weeks ago, along with the Red Winged Blackbirds.

    Spring is trying to spring upon us!


  3. That's an excellent description of where the former America is and how we got there.

    James Rawles, a Christian survivalist author and former U.S. Army Intelligence officer coined the term 'American Redoubt'. It is a block of safe haven states which he recommends for surviving the tyranny which is now at our door step. Folks living outside this area (like I was) might want to vote with your feet and join us. For me it was like moving back to God-fearing America.
    Montana Guy

    1. Do you have a link to a site of these safe haven states? Please!!!?
      Any near Illinois?

    2. For the most part they are west of the Mississippi. His site Survivalblog.com is helpful if you are able to relocate or not

    3. go to survival blog . com and look at the left hand column for retreat areas click on that and look it over

    4. The link is: http://www.survivalblog.com/redoubt.html

      James Rawles ranks 19 states as potential safe haven states. His state rankings and very interesting criteria are here:

      Be Safe. Be Free.
      Montana Guy

  4. Very nice! Thinking it would make a great Christmas card photo!!!

  5. Patrice,Please help me understand, who are "they" and what do they hope to accomplish by making us all dependent on them?

  6. Patrice, excellent article! I wrote a similar one on my own blog...


    but mine is more of how the country dissolves into a police state using similar, but different tactics. I must confess I do not put the same positive spin on the end of my article as you do yours. I might be more cynical :)

  7. I 'picked up' a little pocketbook this weekend, simply because of the title - I've heard a lot of this of late. "Gun Control Means People Control". Author is Phoebe Courtney. Originally published in 1974, this one included a couple of extra chapters bringing it up to 1974. I know there are more than a few folks that are younger than this book that follow you, but it sure was an eye-opener for me, recalling what I could of the '70s. I'd returned from Vietnam in 1970, and quickly disassociated myself from society. The Gun Prohibitionists (what she calls them) have been at this game for over 40 years? You've touched it - explicitly, Patrice. This government has a rude awakening on the horizon, and it isn't just veterans, although they have already made it all but impossible for at least 122,000 veterans to EVER have a firearm. Thank you.

  8. There's going to be flat out zombie apocalypse in this nation when the food stamps get cut off.

  9. Regarding the photo of the gun-toting family above: grandma looks like she is pointing straight at little "Johnny's" head and the woman in purple looks like she is pointing at the man behind her.

    Come'on people, practice safe gun handling . . . ESPECIALLY if you are going to have your picture taken and plastered all over the internet!