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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Californicating our Nation

Here's my latest WND column entitled Californicating our Nation.


  1. On a similar note -

    Here in Seattle we have an ex baseball player who bought a house lot and then built a mansion. He and his wife lived with a neighbor while this mansion was being built.

    A few years later he sued this neighbor (and won !) because a tree on the neighbor's property - a tree that had been there for more than 50 years - blocked part of the view from his new mansion.

    - Charlie

  2. You're right Patrice, Californication is a mental attitude. I lived in California for two years (there, I said it). I finally got my fill and moved away only to find that Californication had struck my home state. The rural county I live in has addopted the Agenda 21 standards for Planning and Zoning. We can no longer develop our own property without following a very restrictive process which is modeled (copied) after the U.N. Agenda 21 resolution. Move over, you may have quite a few new neighbors up there in Idaho.

  3. Patrice

    I'm an 80 year old native of California. Folks outside of California should realize that there are 2 Californias - blue and red. The urban (blue) part is populated by liberals who are largely imported from other states (including Idaho). Then there is the rural (red) parts populated by conservatives who despise liberals here in California and in other states.

    If/when a/when revolution or civil war starts it would likely start here between California blues and reds.

    Hangtown Frank

    1. Hello Frank,
      Remember when we used to call the people who moved to our county and then wanted to change everything "Flatlanders" and all the "Stamp Out Flatlanders" bumper stickers? They would move up to the rural areas and then complain that they did not have sidewalks and streetlights!
      They do the same thing when they move to other states. It took a very long time before I would even say we were FROM CA. I still do not like to say it, but at least we are not IN CA.
      By the way, Kootenai County in Idaho turns out to be a CA of North Idaho and we truly regret having chosen this county to live in.

  4. HaHaHa .... Interesting subject, I have 2 siblings whom live in Sacramento, CA. .... My father retired back here in SE Kansas (30 + years ago) but only 2 of us stayed ..... Them left in California never miss an opportunity to tell us how stupid & back woodsy we are (they're still looking for my horse instead of the car) ....
    For me I've gone out and tried to live the California dream?... But I just couldn't take the cold rude way I was met with ... I'll be honest and say most was good people but they just wasn't for small town friendships?
    Now they're filtering back here and wanting to change our way of life ... PLEASE STOP ... We've made it this far without destroying our state & NEEDING TO MOVE ourselves .... I too live on a small farm (our word-for home steading)... 10 ac. The economy has taken my job ... But with the big garden & God, we'll make it - tough times ahead ... and please NO CALIFORNICATIONS here

    Thanks ... "T"

  5. Great job Patrice.

    One might substitute the term 'Masshole' as well. There has been talk in the past few years of splitting the state of Maine into two separate states with the north part being called Maine and the south part being called North Massachusetts. They don't even technically border each other. The implanted yuppies in the south part are becoming increasingly ashamed of all of the "red-necked country bumpkins" that live to their north.

    Rural properties in the northern parts of New England are being gobbled up mostly by wealthy Bostonians and other people who locals in Maine refer to as "from away." As these people retire and move out to the "country" they bring their liberal politics with them and in so doing destroy the rural/small town quaintness that attracted them to that location in the first place. They are driving up the rural second/vacation home market to the point where the locals can't afford to stay.

    It used to be that Maine was the last bastion of freedom in the northeast and I was considering trying to move there and homestead with my wife and two young children. Not anymore. Now I'm dreaming about either Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. I'm just not very confident that I could convince my wife to move that far when her whole family lives here on Cape Cod. All I know is that I am slowly losing my mind the longer I live here.

    1. You couldn't have said it better! I live in a small town in rural Illinois, and I am getting tired of living with the Chicago politics ruling the entire state. I too want to move to Wyoming or Idaho to help fortify freedom in the beautiful mountain west. Hopefully the Californians don't move there! They were quick in taking over Colorado.

  6. What Hangtown Frank said is correct. The big cities and the rural areas are very different in attitude and politics.

    My husband and I are life-long residents of CA (we're in our mid's) and are comtemplating moving out of state to 'redder' rural locals. We're currently looking at Tennesee, but one of my concerns is how we'd be received. I bought Patrice's book on how to move to the country and am currently practicing fitting in here in the Sierra Foothills.

    I actually think we'll do fine since we already hang tightly onto our Bibles and guns.

    1. I'm from East Tennessee (Tennessee is almost like 3 distinctive states - East, Middle, and West) and if you are a God-fearing, conservative American, you should fit in just fine here. There are a lot of "prepper" types coming here from New York state, Florida, and California, buying larger acreage tracts and homesteading. (And by ALL means, bring along your Bibles and guns!!!)

  7. Yaaa!!!!!! Patrice, what a way to say it....straight and to the point!!


  8. I live in Northern Ca. No,that's not the Bay Area, the real Northern Ca. I can see Mt. Shasta from my kitchen window Ca. Several years ago, someone developed the property around our fairgrounds and built homes, people from the city moved in, then started complaining about the noise, smell, and traffic that took place during fairground events. What dorks they were. Some others bought property outside of town and expected peace and quiet, until one morning their neighbor (two generations) started cutting alfalfa at 2 a.m. Then their cows started bawling during calving season, the bailing of hay, spraying of the fields and so forth. The wanted it all stopped. The city folks moved to the country for peace and quiet. I have news for you, the country is not quiet. Please if you're thinking of moving to the the country, live there for several months before you decide it's the place to be.

    1. I use to go to Yreka every night (drove truck)- from sac .... Sometimes Eugene .... Beautyfull country up there (exp near that iron bull)...... But here in the edge of Missouri ..... It looks and "feels" like this for atleast 50+ years ..... (in town)
      And were 2 1/2 from town ....... I hear what your talking there .....
      The same happened near Madera, Ca when I was out there .... Allen foods had a tomato canning plant there (old plant).... They built houses to close and then asked the plant to quit smelling like stewed tomatoes ..... Or face big fine .... So Allen foods closed the plant 1 month later, leaving 3 shifts & local farmers to their own ...(moved it to Arkansas? If I remember)

  9. The Rev. Audette Fulbright recently moved to Wyoming from a blue east coast state. She wrote to the state legislators to try to convince them to vote against the proposed legislation that would allow school personnel with concealed carry permits to do so in schools.

    Our good representative, Hans Hunt wrote her back and said if she did not like the political atmosphere in Wyoming, she should leave. Hooray!!!

    This is what needs to happen when the fruits and nuts move in and begin to clamor for change. They need to be told to "leave".


    1. <>

      I had three windows open on my computer and I was baking cookies (had to bake the new chocolate chip cookies for my husband) and I meant to post this on another blog, not on Patrice's blog linking to her WND column about this same incident.


  10. I live in a semi-rural area of southern Ca (yes, it still exists, for now). I am not a CA native, we used to live in northern NV. We moved here because of work and family reasons. Now, those extended family members have moved to MT & ND. I want to move so bad I can't even describe it. I am so sick of the catering to those who come here illegally and refuse to learn English. I am also tired of being looked down upon because I refuse to learn Spanish. And, let's not even talk about how much of my hard earned paycheck is taken from me.

    We had considered CO, but with the way their politics are going, I'm thinking it would be no better than where we are. WY, MT, & ND are appealing, I would be closer to my daughter & grandchildren who are in MT. My son-in-law is working in oil field support. The biggest issue to overcome to make this happen, thanks to banks dumping foreclosed homes, we are now underwater in our mortgage. After reading what representative Hunt said to that liberal nut, WY just made my short list. Now, I just have to keep funding my get the h*** out of CA fund.

    1. I can relate to you 100%. I am from the Chicago controlled state of Illinois. The state legislature here constantly tries to limit our freedoms. Not a day goes by where I think about moving to Wyoming, where my guns and freedom are welcomed.

  11. I've been reading all the comments here. Maybe ya'll should give Texas a try. This state is not under water, in fact, we have 1200 people a day ( as of the count in Nov) moving here. Yes, I said a day. I just read that the housing market in the DFW area is no longer and buyers market, but is in fact a sellers market.

    We have jobs, and a strong economy. Please, do not believe all the hype about how bad it is here with min - wage jobs... simply not true. Our cost of living is lower then some of these other places.. and we have NO STATE INCOME TAXES, our car tags run about 69.00 a year. Now, if your me and you were from Kansas to begin with, that is a big deal considering mine used to be between 6-800.00 a year.

    Texas needs more "red" blooded American's because like many states today.. the liberals have made their states a cesspool and are looking to move in a make another state their pool of poo! Please consider Texas when your looking to move, we need more GOOD people. I know I"m glad we made that move. (This was not a commercial)

    After living in Corpus and having the Cali people sell their shacks and buy the mansions on ocean drive and then make demands on the town.. I understand what each person on here is saying.

    They were eventually told - enough is enough. But they're still trying.

    1. It's half and half in Texas. Lived here all my life and have seen a lot of negative changes, but there are still many who are putting up a fight. We certainly need more "red" blooded Americans to turn the tide and keep our economy from going into the dirt.

      Thank God for no state income taxes!


  12. I really do think of liberalism as a plague upon mankind! As you eloquently point out in the article they destroy all the places they infest just like a virus. I want them to stay away from me and keep their laws, social "safety" nets, and spread the wealth taxes in their own states.

    I have already conceded both the East and West coasts to them in this country! How much more do they want? Just stay there. You can keep the prime coastal properties and all the scenic beauty that goes with it.

    I will take all this middle America land and do just fine here as long as you keep you idiotic policies and laws off of my back.

  13. The whole thing is unfortunate.

    We who were blessed to be born and raised there mourn in our exile from our beloved California, while at the same time find ourselves rejected and fair game for being openly mocked and scorned in our new home states.

    We've settled in a rural area, where we bought an existing place and started a small business and have a good reputation. All these years later, though, I'm still careful what I say and don't go to town very often.

    California has lost many red blooded conservatives who've been unfairly painted with the same brush as their trouble making liberal counterparts.

    It adds insult to injury.

    We found a nice community we liked, but after making our choice and moving we found agenda 21 had beaten us to it.


  14. I am a Native Californian BUT I do not live in Cali. I was moved out of there when I was 15. Thank God my parents had the brains to get out of Oakland when I was 10 and move to the Sierra Nevada foot hills. I lived in a tiny town called Copperopolis and then Jamestown. I learned about gold panning, canning, milking goats and such. I now live in Arkansas, have a small farm and Guns!!! You could not pay me enough money to move back to Cali!!! The only thing I miss is being able to go to the creek for extra money!

    1. Christine, hubby and I recently moved from Sacramento to East Sonora, and it's wonderful here! We are comtemplating moving to Central Tennessee, but that's a year or so away.

      Hubby loves Copperopolis, but you might not recognize it any more due to the mcmansions that popped up.

  15. I'm a 49 year old native Southern Californian, and an eyewitness to the destruction of paradise. What are my kids going to inherit? *sigh*. Anyway, my observation is that really long term Californians, even in the blue coastal zones, tend to be quite conservative.

    I don't have data to support this... but my gut feeling is that in California, it's mainly the white conservatives who set their faces like flint and defiantly stay in the state. White liberals flee their self created hell, and proceed to ruin Colorado, Idaho, etc. (No real distinction can be made among nonwhites, since they are just about universally liberal -- except for a small but growing cohort of Hispanic Evangelicals, who are increasingly going GOP..)

    I've prayed to the Lord to relocate me somewhere else. I don't like what I see coming down the pike. Appalachia is looking really good right now, and I have some distant relatives there...

  16. What is happening in Detroit right now will be California and Illinois in 7-10 years. It will be happening to America in 15-20 years.

  17. Right on the mark Patrice. I was born and raised in SoCal and left in 1975 when I realized that it was going to hell rapidly and the residents wouldn't try and stop it for fear of offending certain groups of people. I went to Colorado and watched the same thing happen to the political climate there between 1975 and 1985. I then moved to Washington State and darned if the lefties haven't followed me here to the Puget Sound. Seems I can't get out of the frying pan and manage to stay just ahead of the fire.
    Bottom line here is money. When the likes of Fonda and Turner decide to get out of Dodge, they bring lots of money with them and drive up prices while pricing natives out of their own market.
    But, to get back to SoCal for one more point if I may...
    I used to go fishing with my grandfather on the San Gabriel River. In 1992, when he was 91 years old, I took him back up while on a visit. Patrice, you wouldn't believe the absolute filth. Piles of used disposable diapers and bear cans littered the once clean river bank and there was broken glass everywhere. I was heartbroken. It's not just the politics anymore, it's a whole societal condition and it's also too far gone to fix at this point. Keep up the good work.

  18. REALLY? I've been reading your blog for years and have to say that this SoCal native is a bit disappointed in the generalizations that are being flung about. Our country is already divided enough down party lines. To add fuel to the fire by painting a broad swath of ugly across the faces of those of us who have chosen to stay and fight the liberal left is just wrong. Who do you think led the fight against same sex marriage via Prop 8? It was us, the conservative, God fearing, Californians. That's right, we did, 7 million of us, and we continue that fight for the greater good of this country. Not once in this fight has anyone said "lets keep this to ourselves and let the rest of the state's fend for themselves". I guess some of us believe in being His hands and feet. It's sad to think I'm fighting for people who wouldn't open their "doors" for me.