Saturday, March 30, 2013

"A good and just god does not punish"

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "A good and just god does not punish."

I sure didn't expect it to be a barn-burner, but it's gotten a lot of comments. Go figure.


  1. I read your article and the comments. I think the 1st one made the most sense to me. In my younger years I too questioned whether a God that loved you would punish you. I was told that I should relace the word punish with discipline and it might make more sense to me. We all require discipline in our lives. Sometimes it is self-dicipline and sometimes it is from someone who loves and cares about us as a Father would. The definition of discipline includes "Punishment intended to correct or train." I beleive that's exactly what you were referring to, but some folks just don't want to acknowledge this is what it's all about.

  2. Not a barn-burner? The metaphorical farm edifice at my end of cyberspace is in virtual blue blazes right now.

    I could lay down a long litany of comments on this subject, but here's the short version:

    Loved your article!

    Just Me.

  3. I questioned this in my late teens... and I came to the same conclusion as yourself. Also, GOD must discipline and punish at times... or else evil would continue to exist like it does now in so many places. GOD does this because he LOVES US and he must protect those he loves and who love others.