Sunday, February 10, 2013

Psychological warfare

Here's my WND column for this weekend. I originally titled it "Psychological Warfare" but it was re-titled "Gun-rights supporter? Now you're crazy."


  1. Wow I told my husband this and he just shook his head, and he wonders why I want to homeschool out child. I mean I can donut especially since I am a fully credentialed teacher! :) I dislike this idea of testing behavior, seriously anyone can ask a ? In such a way a child will answer it the way those who are testing them want that child to answer. One of our friends children was in school and with a few other kids were drawing guns... Well the one child was grilled by principals and psychologists for 4 hours before parents were called (r u kidding me) and because his child did not rat out those who were withe her she got suspended and expelled! Then the next morning CPS showed up asking ?'s for 1.5 hours of the mother... Here is the sad thing, the parents removed and or hid all knives and weapons in the home even though this child grew up around those things before CPS came back for official look inside home visit, oh did I forget that these parents are retired sheriffs! Interesting isn't it! So sorry but those assessments are bias and can go oh so wrong!

  2. hi. a "confidential behavioral health assessment" will lead to abuses for many reasons, all bad, but one of them is that counselors will tag a percentage of kids with poor marks so that they can seem to be earning their salaries. the counselors may also come under pressure from principals if there is federal money to be gotten from these programs, and you know there will be under the guise of improving children's health.
    the son of a friend was kept in remedial reading class because the schoo; neede the numbers for federal money.
    my friend wanted her son out of the class but the teacher said he was her best reader and she didn't want to let him go.
    of course not!! he was best because he didn'rt belong there in the first place.
    today this boy is a successful architect. does that sound disabled to you?
    the are prevalent these "IEP's" which have been slipped in subtly. they are almost the same thing as the connecticut CBHA's.
    the serpent was the subtlest of all the animals.
    the Devil is behind all this stuff, has been for eons, and isn't going to quit now. it has worked for him for eons. why give up a working attack method?
    take care and PRAY!!
    deb harvey

  3. OK now you have seriously scared me. The thing is I believe your premise! I was talking with my neighbor a few days ago and we agreed that we were both glad that we are elderly because we are not likely to see the end of our country. We have little hope for our children however.

  4. My SIL in SD CA is a hugh proponent of "mental health services" and thinks CA has it right with the state and federal taxpayer funded services. OF course, she does, she was a paper pusher for the system and every "client (victim)" was job insurance. I believe she retired from this lucrative system before she was 60. She is also big on self diagnosis (having worked in the field), everything is a disorder, nothing is just life happening.
    Her adopted kids suffered tremendously under this. Everything they did was due to "mental illness" never once because they were boys full of testosterone that were meant to be moving, jumping, playing, laughing.

    I was called to the school by my oldest son's second grade teacher. It seems whenever the kids were free drawing, my son drew military scenes--tanks, planes, battleships. All very detailed. He preferred to use his pencil for shading, and avoided making his drawing "babyish" by using crayolas (his terminology). So his problems were twofold--he drew the wrong things, and he avoided coloring. I tried to explain that he also had a very involved retired Command Sergeant Major for a grandfather, who also grew up doing exactly what my son was doing but the teacher was convinced that my son was mentally disturbed. Same teacher said my son had sexually assaulted the girl in front of him in line for the slide because he flipped her ponytail. We left the district, unfortunately I didn't have the smarts yet to homeschool my kids. I do now, after the school district DIAGNOSED my youngest son as aspergers, signing him up for every "service" under the sun, and when we took him to a premier Children's hospital, they completely blew the diagnosis out of the water and said he was SHY and that it was genetic, as both his father and I were SHY as children. Another district employee did confide that said son was a gold mine and that's why every shy child was labeled as Aspergers. My son did have motor problems due to his premature birth, and those were real, yet, unaddressed despite his being transferred from receiving services (that we paid out of pocket for) to the school on an IEP for said disability.

    On the same note, when this same child was referred to a geneticist because he was six foot tall as a 12 year old, one of the first questions he as my son was if there were guns in the home. I intervened and said we didn't drive 150 miles one way to be asked about guns, especially in light of the seriousness of the medical condition that was suspected.

    It's scary. But I find it more frightening that TPTB are changing societal impressions through the indoctrination of school children. In a few more years, who will know or care about the loss of our freedoms and liberties?

    I know many families that have grave concerns for our society, but they are raising their children in such a fashion that it denies the impending doom. They want their children to have some fairy tale upbringing, making them perpetual children, because they know they are inheriting a crummy world. It makes me even sicker than when I see parents who truly do think everything is okay doing such. I'm not saying train children to be commandos. I'm just saying don't slack off on teaching them to be adults, a little each day. No one was ever upset that their parents gave them the tools to be an adult: how to cook, sew, clean (a house, a gun, a car), how to start a fire and put on out, how to shoot an animal and prepare it for eating, how to plant a garden and can the produce, how to change a flat tire and the oil in an engine before being allowed the privilege of driving. How to feed and diaper a baby.

    May God have mercy on our nation.


    1. This really struck a cord with me.

      When I moved from a private school to a public school in third grade, I had a teacher who could not control her class, so she zeroed in on me, the quiet one who did her work but was bored because she had done the same sort of work in second grade. She pulled every trick she could to get me in trouble and let the rest of the class in on it. I was constantly picked on at the playground (and this followed me to the daycare I had to go to after school), my desk was eventually set against the chalk board where everyone could see me and so that she could make sure I 'paid attention', and I was sent to the front office very often for the dumbest reasons and spent hours there crying over my work in a desk they had in the little office hall. The teacher would often wait until I was not looking at her during class and suddenly ask me a question to startle me, and if I didn't answer right away I got in trouble (yeah, I wasn't a very good little robot. I think this also scared me into never speaking up in class when the teacher prompts the students or ask questions all the way through college. I'm apparently a 'defect' ha ha). I had eventually developed selective mute-ism (there was no label for it at the time)and the principle yelled and threatened me with a paddle for not speaking on command (I was too scared to speak).

      I tried to get my parents' attention at first, but they did not believe me, sincerely thinking that it was just me misbehaving. As for being picked on, when I told them some of the boys who sat behind my desk that was already facing the chalk board kept saying my name until I told them to stop it, they told me to just ignore them. It didn't matter that I wasn't the one who started it, I was the only one that the teacher 'caught' and got in trouble. I was also sent to the 'time out' table during lunch numerous times to keep me from 'causing' trouble. I got to where I would lie to my parents to the point I would completely deny everything until the problem got to big for even them to ignore (and this continued through college as well).

      My parents finally woke up when she called them in for a parent-teacher conference and was told that I had ADD among other learning problems. Everything she told them was the complete opposite of my behavior at home. I was tested to see if I had it, and not only did I have no learning issues, I tested very high artistically (sadly this ability was squelched over the years from repeated fears from this experience when I ran into other bullies and when I simply became stressed as it reminded me of what I went through).

      I will NEVER put my kids through public (or even private) school now. As bad as it was when me and later my sister went through it, I understand that its a hundred times worse now. Don't even get me started on the crap that they pass for sex ed! I already knew all the biological aspects of it by the time I was in second grade and understood through my mom that I should wait until I was married. She did and so did her mother! And as flawed as they were as human beings, that part of their life was never a mess. No need to figure out how to put on a condom or consistently pop a pill at the same time everyday. I recently had a fight with a cousin over this. I'm 30 and she's 27. She thinks I'm just making 'excuses' when she doesn't take into account that I've inherited a condition that can be POTENTIALLY (not guaranteed) triggered by those pills (her response? "Oh, you hear horror stories about people dying from drinking orange juice." Yeah, probably because they had a CONDITION! I guess it would have been futile to tell her my sis and I know many people who got pregnant while on the pill). I don't like playing Russian Roulette with my health any more than I have to, and I definitely don't want to do it with my children's education. They shouldn't have to suffer what I've suffered.


    2. I'm very sorry this happened to you, Lily.

      Too many people have the same fears I had and think that they can't homeschool. Well, actually I was afraid that someone was just going to come and take my kids away if I were to try it. I got over that fear and it's been one of the best things I could have done for my son.

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is applicable to homeschooling. You know what you are getting for a teacher and that you can teach your child at their rate of learning with whatever method works for the two of you.

      Best wishes for future happiness and success to you in all you endeavor.


  5. This concept and worry has been around a l o n g time. Even in the 80's during my military service, a trip to the shrink/counselor would mean a temporary revocation of one's security clearance. This meant perfectly good people could longer do their jobs and were assigned menial jobs in the unit till some shrink stamped your records as "cured". Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

    After that happened to two people I knew of, it stopped happening at all because people stopped going to base counselors whenever they had an issue to get off their chest.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska