Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brainwashing is the job of parents, not schools

Here's my WND column for this weekend, entitled Brainwashing is the Job of Parents, Not Schools."

There haven't been a whole lotta comments left at the bottom of this column, so feel free to chime in with your two cents' worth!


  1. Hello from Missouri and a retired teacher from public school. Sorry anti-homeschool folks, I support homeschool for some major reasons. Students in public school must put up with ill-mannered students that distract them in the classrooms, halls, and cafeterias...and playgrounds. Without a major overhaul of dealing with this problem, I would chose to homeschool in this culture.

  2. Liberal progressive retired teacher, here. I'm all for homeschooling, if I had young children nowadays I'd homeschool them for sure. They'd get a better education than even the best teachers can give in a public setting with all the malarky teachers have to deal with in the way of poor behavior on the parts of their students and their students' parents. I NEVER tried to "brainwash" any student to agree with my political beliefs, although I did teach science, which many homeschooling parents would not like.

    I do get a bit annoyed at your "all progressives are evil" rants. Many of us are leading the exact same lifestyles you are, with different political outlooks. We love our kids, our friends, take responsibility for our lives, give back to our communities, and work our butts off, too. Just sayin'.

  3. in accordance with current “acceptable” standards, including moral relativism, diversity, revised history, socialism and full accessibility to reproductive health services.

    This is exactly why this country is in the trouble it is. Especially the 'revised history, socialism and reproductive health services' parts.
    God please help us.
    Very good column.

  4. patrice, read the letter from an educator in the newest issue of countryside magazine. i am certainly going to write a letter to the editor on that one!!
    the educator says all the home-schoolers who have been integrated into the private school where s/he is employed are undereducated and have a hard time integrating.
    i say that an option for regular school is often preceded by some difficulty in the family such as illness or job change or loss.
    i know who wins the national geography and spelling bees!!!
    also,in an aside, my girl is taking free courses from college professors at udacity and coursera on the computer. for the beginning grades there is the wonderful khan academy. if you have a computer you will love it.
    deb harvey

    1. I homeschool and I can attest that if my sixth grade son had to go to public school, he would be "undereducated". It is not because he is, but because I structured my curriculum completely different from the way public schools structure theirs. Much of the material I use integrates subjects, such as a geography unit I used also teaching history and science, as well as the writing part being used for English concepts. This year we focused on the Roman Empire, after having done a year of Greek history which included our science being focused on the human body and our literature included The Odyssey. When he was younger we did do a couple years of American History and we will hit it again in 8th grade as well as 11th and 12th grade. Our year included the fact that the Pilgrims tried socialism and it FAILED. Epic failure.

      Of course, he would appear to be undereducated. I'm sure the Latin he's learning would not count in the public school, nor would his understanding of the "Republic" system of government he studied this year.

      He also would know very little about modern cultural influences such as Hollywood stars, the latest poor example of hero sportgod and how to deal with angry, foul mouth, offspring of the sociopaths the government is intent on turning all our children into.


  5. Patrice it is your job as a parent to keep your kids clean, and this includes their minds.

    Wash them often, and rinse well.

    A. McSp

  6. So sad but true....unfortunately the path to our current education system has been slow and methodical. too many parents don't understand what is happening and can't appreciate the outcome because they have been educated (brainwashed) by that same education system and do not have the ability for rational thinking. They have learned to put their trust in sound bites from the news media and government. Their rational thinking muscle is dormant.... lots of pain and hard work would be required to activate that muscle. Most people just don't have the desire or feel the need to have to think for themselves. They just do what they are "supposed to do"..... according to the new media, Hollywood and government.

  7. You are spot on. The liberal progressive agenda is to shred the Constitution and force feed their ideas and beliefs. They started by packing the faucalty at universities and then went for the younger and younger minds of our children, even down to pre-school. They've destroyed our economy such that a responsible, caring, loving parent would need more than 40 hours of work to support their family, thus separating the parent and child and their influence. They have stacked the courts system with judges that create new law from the bench instead of interpting it. The Christian moral values and foundation of our great Country are being undermined from many separate, yet coordinated attacks by progressive liberals. There are many battles going on, I just hope it isn't too late for our Nation and hope the war hasn't been lost.
    I agree Mrs Lewis, the Federal Government has no business in education, it should be on a State and local level with primary influence and control by the parents. As a Country, let's not forget: Presidents select U.S. Supreme Court Justices, They inturpret the Constitution, and thereby controlling the direction of our Country. Elections and voting does have consequences!!! The Court is one Justice away from enabling a full pledge attack on the Constitution and "outlawing" the very Christian foundation of morals and values our Country was founded on. dbn

  8. The next civil war will be between those who want government to do everything for them and those who wish to be left alone.

    1. I propose that it will be fought by those who cherish freedom (of which we only have a memeory) and those who want full control over us.