Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why boys are evil

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Why Boys Are Evil.


  1. Excellent. Thank you.


  2. Well Said!!

    Early in the reporting on this latest school shooting it was reported that the Principal and Psychologist at the elementary school had a connection to, and were pushing Adam Lanza's mother into having him declared mentally unstable.

    This connection is not even hinted at anymore and yet I think it is very important. The shooter may very well have chosen the school as the target because of the Feminist meddling and primarily went in after the administrators/teachers.

    It is quite possible that the feminist education system is doing more damage to our boys and causing these deaths and collateral damage by their actions than anything else. If the actual truth would come out.

  3. Well said Patrice. It is sad that our great Country has evolved to this point; lack of direction, lack of virtue, and lack of values.... in many places in society, but not all. Our founders were Christian, family men that, through God's Word led their families and instilled Christian virtue and values in their children, boys and girls. Where is the shame? Shame has been lost in our society. No shame, no conscious, no "family", no good. When our schools taught.... reading, 'ritting, and 'rithmatic....and parents taught values, we led the world in education. Now that we (the "public" system) teach liberal, progressive, secular "value system" in the public schools, instead of basic education, our children surplants the family with the nanny. Until the education system changes, home schooling is the only defense/offense against such a failing system. dbn

  4. I have to give you this one, Patrice!! Good article!

    FATHERS ARE MISSING massively in this society. You hit the nail on the head. It truely does all come back to love and stability for our young men with a good father role model for them to parrot after and look up to for guidance....otherwise...they are like feathers in the wind.

    Although....I do take issue with how some of these fathers act in front of their boys. I have been watching doomsday preppers. I noticed there was a boy watching as uncles, dad and friends were taking shots and flipping around a high powered rifle like it was a baton in a parade.

    This macho notion of "we can gun them down" or "we will kill to protect what's ours" is a little disturbing to me. This boy child did not look happy as he was obviously trying to sort out this whirlwind of fear and retaliation of his own kind.

    I think the mind set is critical and could be detrimantal if the other basics of love and caring are on the back burner....then it's just a crap shoot how they will turn out. BJ

  5. Oh Patrice, you have hit the nail on the head again! We spend so much time (and money) trying to medicate and psychoanalyze our children rather than invest that time into educating them and mentoring. I wish people could see this!

  6. The most obvious case of this that I noted as a public school teacher was a boy who transferred into our school when his mother washed her hands of him when he got into trouble continually in and outside of school. He moved in with his father and stepmother, both of whom believed in discipline, accompanying attention and love. In a couple of months he had improved his grades, was getting along well with teachers and classmates, and was absent-mindedly referring to his stepmother as "my mom". He was very proud of the fact that one or the other of them would sit down with him to help him go over his homework and congratulate him when he did a good job. He was aching for two parents who cared for him and showed it by providing discipline when needed. He even bragged when he was grounded for the first time!!

  7. Bravo Patrice!

    Sociologist have figured that young elephants that mature without the influence of a bull elephant in their lives will most likely turn out to be rouge elephants that go on rampages, destroying villages and crops. Yet these same sociologist can't determine that a young man needs to have a father figure in his life to help him grow up to be a well balanced man. Go figure!

  8. I agree with you that our young children, boys and girls, need the influence and direction from a strong, well balanced Father figure in their lives. But make no mistake, they also need the same from a strong and well balanced Mother figure in their lives. Both sexes need to know how to control themselves and that they are loved and cared for.

    My only issue with your article is that you seem to point a finger at the women in our children's lives. You state "And if every woman learned to value marriage and stop ejecting men from the lives of their children, then we’d have far, far fewer “violent” boys who never learn how to become the men they were supposed to be." I've known many women who have gotten divorced because their husbands were abusive to them and their children. These women didn't "eject" their husbands because of a disbelief in marriage, but because they valued their lives and their children's lives and wanted to ensure They were safe. Trust me - I know this from my own experience. And it was the best decision I made since my children were no longer berated and physically abused.

    However I was fortunate to find a wonderful, loving man 2 years later who is the kind of Father my children deserve. And between the Two of us we have managed to raise 5 children who work hard, are respectful and very loving. Oh, and my sons would never consider to hit or hurt a woman and are all engaged to wonderful young women.

    Don't condemn the women because sons turn out poorly, it takes both parents to make this work.

  9. The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. It takes Wisdom to choose to do right and to forego evil. When our country genuinely turns back to God, we will see an increase in Wisdom and a decrease in evil behavior. Fear of the Lord will certainly diminish many of the problems which precipitate evil behavior such as those listed by other comments given here.