Saturday, December 15, 2012

The devil finds work for idle hands

Here's this weekend's WND column which was originally titled "The devil finds work for idle hands" but was retitled Snooty Snarky Laborphobes.


  1. In light of your post yesterday .. and in general the decline in morality, I came across this group of essays that might spark an idea for a column ... you don't have to publish this comment .. just couldn't find your email addy.

    .The Rise of Government and the Decline of Morality

    Mrs. Mac ... North Idaho

    1. Thank you! I posted it because it's a good link for everyone to see.

      - Patrice

    2. Mrs. Mac, thank you so much for sharing this link. Excellent.

      brenda from ar

  2. Some of my best thinking about complex subjects gets done when doing hard physical labor.

    Hangtown Frank

  3. The government makes people not want to labor by making unemployment pay more than a job. Why else would unemployment be paid for what, 2 years now? 3? There are jobs that go begging for filling.

    And as for morality, I think if people would respect what isn't theirs, it would help this country a lot.

    Have a blessed week. ♥

  4. Several years ago when I proudly mentioned how many pounds of shelled nuts we had put into the freezer from our own trees, someone told me that the shelled nuts could be purchased much easier from a nearby orchard. Easier, yes. But not cheaper and without the satisifation of doing it ourselves. The same goes for the vegetables we grow and freeze or the herbs we grow and dry. The satisfaction is even greater than the savings.

    1. And how do they think the nearby orchard got them?
      They're .50 a pound here today.
      All the ones we sell we pick by hand, too.
      I prefer them fresh to any sort of canned or cooked. I'd be proud, too.

  5. My husband and I are both do-it-yourselfers AND have multiple college degrees that we have used to obtain employment. Those paychecks did not keep us from enjoying the hard work it took to maintain and improve our property, house, barn. We were NOT PAYING someone else to do those things and that enabled us to pay our house off early. If it was within our abilities we did it; if it was not, we went to the library and checked out a book on how to do it, then we did it.

    One weekend there was a horrific hail storm and baseball sized hail tore up the town I worked in, tearing the siding off homes and literally totaling vehicles. On Monday when I arrived at work the skylights that had been shattered during the storm were still uncovered and a gentle rain was pouring into the waiting room where patients were seated. No roofers were available to do it, because the whole town was torn up. I was miffed to say the least but not at the lack of people available to do something about the skylights.

    I jumped into my truck, drove home,put the extension ladder, hammer, nails, 1 x 3's and a huge roll of heavy clear plastic into my truck, drove back to work and covered it with the plastic. I was interrupted by my boss, who was on the ladder asking me why I was on the roof, did I think I was safe (it was a flat roof) and finished by asking me how did I know what to do.

    He was embarrassed that there was a woman on the roof, but not as much as I had been for him. He had plenty of money to hire this done, but at that time, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY could conjure up enough people to do what had to be done in a town of 20,000 with almost every house and business building damaged. He was surprised that I had everything at my house that I needed to temporarily cover the holes where the skylights had been. I told him, that I would be nuts to not have what I needed BEFORE I needed it. The other office ladies, with one exception, all were surprised that I would do something that a "man" should do, but they were happy that I stopped the rain from coming in.

    The fact that money could not fix the immediate problem did not change anyones attitude at my office, except mine. I always thought people just did what had to be done, even if it meant doing it in the rain and stepping outside of your mental safety zone. I was stunned to find out otherwise.


  6. We are in transition from city living to rural living, and are renting a house for at least a year until we buy so we can learn what we like, would want differently, etc. Meanwhile, we've been trying to cut expenses in ways we'd never considered before, for instance I've decided I don't need nor want a dishwasher. I think the savings of electricity and water - and water is scarce here - justifies not having one.

    A couple months ago the dishwasher in our rental had a minor problem that the landlord took a few weeks to get around to fixing. No big deal to me...but my 17yo stepson, who rarely cleans the kitchen (he doesn't have regular chores, don't get me started on THAT) was asked ONCE to wash dinner dishes. He suggested that we withhold rent until the dishwasher was fixed. I kept a straight face as I was both amused and disgusted, and explained to him the legal reasons one would withhold rent and how the lack of a dishwasher was not one of them.