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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A weary world rejoices

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled A Weary World Rejoices.


  1. Good point!
    This is what I call “The Earth School”……God can ONLY be a loving God and nothing less.

    I believe we are here to learn and make choices…and the only way to do that is to have adversity laid out before us so that we have that opportunity to learn.

    When we make the wrong choices, we find ourselves farther away from the light and this is the true essence of “hell”. When we learn better choices….we then gravitate towards the light to become “one” with it.

    As far as guns…..I don’t see any reason to allow access to a semi-automatic weapon that requires a 100 round gun clip to shoot a deer or to target practice. This needs to change.

    We live in a fear based society. The NRA says that being better armed will minimize the problem…..this is only more of the same and there will be more of the problem.

    Countries that are not fear based like Canada and have minimum amounts of guns have proven to have only a handful of murders each year. What do we have? I know there are more people here….but comparatively……we are in the tens of thousands of murders every year. A line needs to be drawn somewhere. BJ

    1. Sorry, but I've heard quite the opposite, and I live in an area where thankfully guns have kept violent crime to a minimum. There are countless incidents where an armed citizen has prevented tragedy. The mainstream media doesn't report it because it doesn't fit the agenda they push. Note that the recent massacres happened in gun free zones, and they have conveniently ignored it. And just because you don't have a reason for a particular tool that can be used for good or for ill doesn't mean you should bar someone else access to it. Keep in mind such bans don't prevent criminals from obtaining them. Guns are more than just for sport, its for protection, especially from an out of control government. Once you put that line somewhere, prepare for someone to come along and push it. Anti-gun groups have been doing this a long time, and with each inch you give them, they take a mile. Besides, there are other ways to kill plenty more people if one is determined. You don't need a gun for that. Those who execute these massacres usually plan carefully sometimes months in advance (ever heard of Anders Breivik?) and use more than just guns to do it. Its ridiculous that we have foreign countries like China telling us to disarm everyone (convenient for them because they one of the largest armies in the world). Its no one's business what type of guns I have or how many. You might want to pay more attention to the sick mentality of modern society rather than what tools criminals use to carry out their crimes. Like I heard someone say, cars kill far more people than guns, should we ban those too?


    2. WHOOO.....I never said anything about banning normal gun usage. I am a hunter and I know exactly what is needed to get my deer every year.....and it is not an AK47 WITH A HUNDRED ROUND DRUM CLIP!!!

      I never said it would stop crime.....but what it WILL do is slow down some of these egoic people that love the power of them. It may just keep these unnecessary assult rifles out of the hands of unstable people if they are not as easily accessible.

      Every action we can take starts with a first step. We need to start curbing this problem.....not throwing more guns at it like the NRA would have us do.

      By the way....they should be pretty happy with their connected lobbying distributers. Guns sales went up after Sandy Hook. We are so fear based and manipulated.

      And last but not having an armed school really what we want to teach our children about how to cope with adversity? This is fueling the fire. Where does it end? BJ

  2. Keeping in mind that the topic here is God and the comfort He offers -- I always feel pained when I see someone who defiantly renounces any possibility of His existence, such as the aetheist commenter on the article at WND.

    She's certainly free to feel that way. But I can't imagine going through life without the knowledge that God is there for me. I wish everyone could feel that peace.

    I particularly liked the exerpt from your book.

    Just Me